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  1. Tidal can be accessed via the McontrolHD app, playing to Bridge 2. McontrolHD can also access Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, and vtuner, for internet radio.
  2. Great price for this excellent DAC. I bought one recently and would recommend them highly against any DAC/ Streamer anywhere near the price. On balance, this is the best piece of Hi-Fi kit that I have ever bought.
  3. Price too good to resist for a dac of this quality. PM sent with intent to purchase.
  4. Item: PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier Location: Canberra Price: $3,900 firm Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Accused of stockpiling amps Payment Method: Pickup-cash, Bank transfer Extra Info: Welcome to audition in sunny Canberra. Amp is in very good condition, with low hours on the KT88 tubes, due to time constraints. One owner, bought from Len Wallis Audio.Great amp for this price, with a very good headphone amp. Have original double box, will ship at buyers expense. http://www.primaluna-usa.com/dialogue-premium-hp-integrated Pictures:
  5. Two other assets of the Oppo 105 are the ability to run a Roku stick in the front HDMI MHL input for internet radio ( TuneIn etc ), and the BBC Iplayer app, using a VPN of course.
  6. I concur with you Sime after my recent comparisons, including the Masters and Hi-Fi versions of the most recent The War On Drugs album A Deeper Understanding. However, my limitation at present, for a fair comparison, is only having the partial unfold from Tidal on Windows 10 to an Oppo 105.My next upgrade to PS Audio Directstream Junior should prove to be beneficial with the full decoding of MQA and Roon.
  7. Is this a US list of Tidal MQA albums ? For example, I have found, as an Australian resident, that the MQA Steely Dan albums are geoblocked by Tidal on copyright grounds.
  8. Regarding discounting, Amazon is coming to town, let us see what they can knock out A/V products for in Australia. Given their worldwide track record, they will crash into a market without fear of loss.
  9. I agree that $2,200AUD is way too steep given the absence of any apps. Currently, I use my 105 mainly as a streamer for Tidal Masters through the async input, Tidal Hi - Fi with the media control IOS app, hi-res files from the local network, and most importantly, BBC IPlayer. It has also proved handy for internet radio via a Roku stick, Amazon Prime via laptop, DSD files via USB, Netflix USA, before the blocking, etc etc. Given the absence of MQA support and no apps to date, I can't justify a purchase just for UHD and a better DAC.
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