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  1. I've owned a number of AT moving coils. They are fantastic performers and certainly represent good value in the crazy world of moving coils. In terms of the Oc9 range, I can only talk of the previous generation, as I know that AT have recently done a huge shake-up of the entire catalogue, but the Oc9-III was a fantastic cartridge, it outperformed many more expensive carts I've used. The Micro-Line version is also well praised ( I believe it's called the ML-II or something). In the '33' range, the PTG-II is the performer that seems to make a lot of people happy - as an all
  2. In fact now that I said that, the red 'butt' on the cartridge makes me think it was a Benz ACE red (potentially).
  3. Hey Arthur, do you have any of the specifications? That will help you identify the cart. Keep in mind too that many Benz Cartridges look like this when you remove the 'outer housing' - for example the ACE and Wood series look very similar when naked (very similar indeed to a glider). Fish
  4. Hey All, Been off the radar for a while! Moved countries, changed jobs etc (been busy!). I've been recently working on an exciting phono-related start-up, which is looking to develop a product to assist people with making better decisions when buying cartridges. To help steer this in the right direction, I am looking to get some opinions from you fine folk. If you are at all interested in answering a short (less than 5mins) anonymous/informal survey about your experience with phono cartridges please simply reply 'yep' and I'll PM you a link. I had a lot of fun p
  5. Good people of SNA, Does anyone know of a good vintage amp repair-person/ master of restoration in the NSW/VIC/QLD/ACT realm? (Nothing against SA, TAS, WA and NT, but delivery becomes restrictive.) I'm looking at picking up a vintage Sansui (AU-20000) and I wanted to scope out the support network for such a beast before committing to a purchase. If someone knows a Sansui specialist I will give 10 virtual kisses to you through the inter-web as consideration for your referral. Cheers, Fish
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