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  1. I'll take the simple minds sacd. I can pick up and pay cash. I live in the adjacent suburb.
  2. Huh?? i never said I was worried about second hand? Just wanted to establish parts still available. You answered that question and I was very serious about buying it. I liked this player as it was purpose built for SACD. I only want to play SACD on it. Your continual sarcasm and attitude is hard to understand? I always enquire about purchases prior to finalising a sale. Sorry if questions annoy you.
  3. Yes, I agree with you Al. For SACD very nice. Too bright for redbook CDs however, but I have a CD player for redbook CDs already. These players were built for playing SACDs primarily and no compromise was made to SACD playback to improve redbook cd playback.
  4. Al, those lasers are the cheap Chinese copies. Tchye actually provided the answer I was looking for regarding original Sony laser replacements. The Chinese copies are inferior and plagued with problems due to their low quality. Tchye has advised the original lasers can be still obtained from Sony Australia.
  5. The cd player I had was made in Japan and was a Denon. It lasted 15 years and was well looked after. The laser became worn out and needed to be replaced. Unfortunately the laser was a Sony laser that was discontinued and could not be replaced because it was no longer available. The Sony model you have is from the early 2000s. When did you get it, and how much has it been used? I was thinking that since it is probably around 10 years old, it may need a new laser sometime in the near future? I only wanted to make sure I could get one if needed. I already stream some music but still prefer playing SACDs to streaming. I have heard your player once before and I liked it. I like vintage gear but I know that some vintage gear is not serviceable if critical parts are not available. If Sony still can supply these lasers then that is great and there is no issue/problem.
  6. Thanks for your reply tchye. i don't expect all vintage audio equipment to run without fault forever and not need some servicing. If I was to buy any player in future, I would also buy the replacement laser for it as well. The laser doesn't last forever and eventually needs to be replaced. A CD player I previously owned from new had a laser fail and that laser could not be replaced, so it then became worthless. I just didn't want to be in that position again where parts are impossible to get. I will check with Sony to see if they have some surplus stock available. This is good news if they do, because I do like this player, but I need to just make sure critical parts like the laser are still available.
  7. Thanks George. It looks like the same problem I had with a previous CD player I had that required a laser replacement. These ones listed on ebay are cheap Chinese copies, as Sony no longer manufactures these lasers anymore. Apparently the Chinese copies have reading issues. I ended up replacing my last CD player because of this reason, which also had an obsolete Sony laser in it. This Sony player looks like a nice player, but I don't know what I'd do when one day it needs a new laser. It's a real shame that Sony stop making the lasers for some great CD players. I prefer some of the older players to the new ones.
  8. I've heard that the life of the laser is only about four years before needing replacement. I'm hoping this is not typically the case? Do you know if the dual laser assembly can still be obtained if a replacement is needed?
  9. I noticed your original post mentioned the service work included a laser alignment. Was there a problem reading discs prior to the service?
  10. Just stumbled across SNA a couple of days ago while looking out for some home theatre gear. Hello to everyone out there and I look forward to keeping up to date with hifi trends and evaluations. I currently have a Yamaha RX-V4600 running with 8ch multi analogue inputs from my Panasonic Blu Ray Player to get True HD and Master HD. This is driving a set of Polk LS50 fronts, CS350 centre, 4 x M3 MKII satellites and a Velodyne VLF810 sub. I've been keeping an eye out for a Yamaha RX-Z9 to replace the RX-V4600, but haven't come across one yet. I'd be interested to hear if there would be much audible difference between the 2 receivers. Both are outputting similar power and similar THD. I wonder if it is worth making the upgrade?
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