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  1. TMM, thanks! I had no power to my Yamaha RX-V757, exactly the same as the symptoms Amadeus was having here, on Saturday night. So no big sound for home movie night :-( Through the power of google and this forum, I found your video later that night. A trip to Jaycar Electronics for a $0.55 630V 22nF capacitor, and 10 minutes with a soldering iron and a screwdriver later, and come Sunday lunch the receiver was back in business. I tested it out with a couple of CDs, and then Star Wars Ep 2 cranked up for the kids (OK, and for me) - good as new! Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, I've already found online here a solution to a problem problem my receiver had over the weekend. So I had to create this account in order to thank the member who posted their very useful reply to another user who had a very similar problem. I have mostly Yamaha A/V audio, and when on Saturday there was no power to my aging receiver I was very sad. One day later and thanks to the advice here (plus a $0.55 capacitor and a soldering iron) it's back in operation! See you round!
  3. Hi Gizmomelb, I seem to be having a similar problem to Stobe and was wondering if you have any suggestions. With my AVerTV DVB-T 761 installed, my system will freeze after some random time. However, I have noticed that if I do "video intensive" operations like viewing Flash animations, scrolling Powerpoint presentations, playing various games (eg. Neverwinter Nights), the PC will freeze within minutes. Freezing occurs regardless of whether the AverMedia software is running or not. I guess the autostart remote control stuff is running in any case. The TV card runs nicely when it does run. If I remove the card, the PC is very stable, even without removing any software, drivers or changing config. I have tried various versions of my graphics cards driver, since I first suspected this was the cause (X-Micro Impact 440, a GeForce MX440 64MB card). No luck. Version 1.30 or version made no diff. Removing the TV card was the (temporary) solution. I did notice a comment about adjacent cards, etc.. I have a Realtek 8129 NIC next to the TV card - do you this this could be interfering with the card? I have Athlon XP1800+, ECS K7S5A motherboard (SiS 735 chipset), WinXP Pro SP2, 256MB RAM. Any help _greatly_ appreciated! Thanks, darthpez Footnote: Of course, 5 minutes after posting this (my first) my PC decides to have its first freeze without the TV card installed.... Aaargh. So now I guess I go hunting a problem with my PSU or mobo....
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