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  1. Upsampling question

    The technical mechanisms are discussed in the earlier links and by MLXXX above. Whether or not it results in improved sound quality, you just have to listen and try, on a case by case basis. I've used and enjoyed it with some DACs. But I've also preferred to disable software upsampling and let the DAC do everything with some other DACs. There's no hard and fast rule unfortunately.
  2. Upsampling question

    Hi The Roon CTO explains it really well here: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/looking-for-your-opinion/35371/10 and https://community.roonlabs.com/t/looking-for-your-opinion/35371/17 Hope that helps (as a starting point anyway).
  3. Do grey screens give better daytime performance than white?
  4. Thanks Al. Definitely will have direct light blocked because I've seen what direct light can do with washing out the picture during day time. Looks horrible. I know those black screens are expensive - are they grey screens a good 'in between' for daylight viewing? The problem with flat screen panel is I've seen sport on 100 inches and anything less now looks bad :-) I guess if I wait 3 years we will probably have a 100 inch flat panel screen within the $5k budget. Still, if anyone can give a recommendation of projector and screen for $5k, happy to look into it.
  5. Thanks Quark! This isn’t for a dedicated room. It’s for an open space living room with the fixed projector screen to be in there. Seating is ~ 4-5m from the wall and the projector can be an distance less than that (doesn’t need to be above seating position), ceiling mounted. I should add daytime viewing is mostly for sport in full HD - maybe 4K if content moves in that direction over the next 2-3 years. Daytime viewing would never really be for movies. I really want 100 inches minimum if the $5k budget allows. Fixed screen is preferred. Appreciate any advice / recommendations
  6. Hi all Just looking for advice / recommendations for fixed screens that perform well in daylight viewing, but also good for night viewing too. Is there a high quality recommendation within a budget <$2k for the screen? And does it need a specific type of projector? Projector budget < $3k. Or to put it better, budget is $5k for projector and screen. Size of 100 inches (or larger if budget allows). I'm not too fussed on 4K right now, but really good quality full HD 1080 is a must for the projector. 4K is a bonus for future proofing. I don't really know much about either, so I'm happy to get advice from your experiences and knowledge out there. Cheers!
  7. Thread bump. Still available for $200 free shipping. Happy to do cheaper for a Melbourne pickup too. Cheers
  8. Thread bump, still available with free shipping
  9. Very cool video. The naughty Pioneer I mentioned above makes an appearance.
  10. Pioneer have been doing this for a long while: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1033/3157/files/SC-LX901_MHB_160803_HR.pdf 850W all channels driven. But like the posts above, I prefer to look at max consumption figures, to get an idea of their power supply section - before listening of course! Edit: link fixed
  11. Dropped the price. Happy to post it for free, so $200 total.
  12. Good quality NAS

    Advanced replacement received from Seagate. Currently doing the repair! Not at all fussed with the time taken for the repair process. It's a background process anyway. Later this week I'll post my bad unit to them, in the same packaging the replacement came in. All in all, not a terrible process. It was a worry that their flagship drive failed so early but sh!t happens I guess and I've paid for the 5 years warranty. It reinforces the need to still have offline proper backups too, even with the best NAS drives out there.
  13. Pending payment on pickup this week. Will update this listing if sold.