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  1. Noted, but I meant to ask about your point about MQA's goal to "Distribute lossless music using less bandwidth." From the link I showed it looks like MQA uses higher bandwidth? Unless I'm missing something about your last reply - apologies in advance.
  2. Hi Dave, is this really true though. Not according to Jussi, the HQ Player Developer: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/blogs/entry/466-some-analysis-and-comparison-of-mqa-encoded-flac-vs-normal-optimized-hires-flac/

    Hi @jack111 Was this purchased in Australia? And you still have the original invoice? This is a great DAC at an incredible price. Somebody please snap this up ! :-)
  4. WTB: Audiobyte Hyrda Z

    Bump, still looking
  5. Item: iFi Audio - micro iDAC2 - USB DAC and Headphone Amp - up to DSD256 and PCM384kHz supported Location: Sydney Price: $300 with free postage around Aus Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded DAC. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: - All features and specs here: https://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/micro-idac2/ - Full user manual here: http://ifi-audio.com/wp-content/uploads/data/manual/micro iDAC2-Manual.pdf - See photos. This is a fully USB 5V bus powered DAC (there's no input for external DC power in). - The only input is USB. The outputs are RCA and Headphone Amp output. It also has a SPDIF digital coax RCA output so can act as a USB to Digital Coax converter up to PCM192kHz and DSD64 via DoP (see photos and manual and website above). - Comes with USB cable and RCA cable. See photos. Pictures:
  6. Good quality NAS

    Yep I'd read that when I first bought my DS918+ which is why I was surprised at how much simpler @Cazzesman's experience was. All that matters is it's working I guess ? Cheers
  7. Thread bump, still available. Please check my seller feedback and buy with confidence.
  8. Good quality NAS

    Hi Cazzesman Can you share a little more on this part? I always wanted to know how I would transfer existing (and good condition) HDD's to a new NAS - assuming it's from Synology to Synology. You didn't have to do anything at all? As in, you just put the old drives in the new NAS and boot-up and it was off and running - it self/auto setup? Cheers!
  9. WTB: Audiobyte Hyrda Z

    Bump, still looking