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  1. Hi mate, I know this is an old thread but I have a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Gen3 USB interface I'll be listing for sale soon, if you're still looking. 10 channel balanced analogue inputs and outputs and very good microphone input, for your speaker/room measurements with suitable mic. Still within 3 year Focusrite warranty.
  2. I have a Focusrite USB interface I'll be listing for sale, if you're still looking. 10 channels analogue outputs and very good microphone input for doing the speaker/room measurements. Still under 3 year Focusrite warranty, with original invoice.
  3. Still looking. Can consider other model Mark & Daniel bookshelf speakers too, not only Maximus. Send me a private message to discuss.
  4. Item: Elac Carina Bookshelf Speakers BS243.4 - white pair Price Range: Depends on age, condition, original boxing etc Item Condition: Used Extra Info:
  5. G'day. Sent a private message with some queries.
  6. Item: Mark & Daniel Maximus mini monitor Price Range: Depends on model, age, condition Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Prefer white colour
  7. Hi J, mostly interested the simulation step response after generating correction filter. Your tweeter impulse looks similar to mine (I use ESS Heil AMT) in that it looks like it's wired in negative polarity with that negative dip coming before the positive peak. Did you deliberately wire it that way? I don't think it's an issue for Audiolense correction anyway because the time alignment delays are calculated from the positive peaks anyway. I tried swapping my + and - around for tweeters, to get a more normal looking impulse (no negative dip before p
  8. Nice. Is that 'Chromecast Built-in' in your speakers' streamer? Which speakers?
  9. Correct - it's the Bridge II card itself that does the MQA unfolding (up to the Bridge II's maximum PCM192kHz like you see in your signal path). There's no MQA code on the DirectStream DAC's FPGA at all, so there's no unfold/decode on any other inputs.
  10. I saw @wklie post this on Roon forum:
  11. Great to see another Audiolense + DIY DSP active speaker user here. Really great looking system and measurements you have. Can I ask what the big notch is in your target curve around 35 Hz? I can see that notch there in your measurement too. Is it because you deliberately don't want Audiolense to boost anything there? Excites the room too much? Do you have your step response simulation also?
  12. No I2S input with Mytek DAC (see below). Only one (that I know of) that ticks all OP's boxes is the Stellar DAC.
  13. Thanks, it's all a bit clearer now. You want a DAC with I2S input and analogue input and both fixed and variable output. Unless someone can think of one (I don't know any DAC that ticks all those boxes) I think your switching device idea will be the best way to do this. But that switcher you linked has only balanced XLR inputs and outputs - which phono pre with XLR outputs were you think of using?
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