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  1. I'm sensing you went the full monty with a pair of G-bangers... I'm jealous
  2. @Bengineer possibly includes foam pads? And still under 12 months Oz warranty?
  3. Further information: Price includes postage around Australia. See these links below : http://www.pi2design.com/502dac.html http://www.pi2design.com/uploads/4/8/5/3/48531975/502dac_hw_ref_manual_p4_2.pdf http://www.pi2design.com/uploads/4/8/5/3/48531975/visio-502dac_datasheet_p4.pdf I've included a microSD card running RoPieeeXL but you can load any OS you like: https://ropieee.org/xl/ The balanced output is 1/4" AES/EBU . Cables and adapters are not included in this sale.
  4. Further information: See here: https://www.hifiberry.com/docs/data-sheets/datasheet-dac-pro/ Also see photos below - I've lost a couple of the small screws at the bottom of the case - doesn't affect functionality at all. I'll include microSD card that's running RoPieee XL but you can install any OS you like: https://ropieee.org/xl/
  5. Hi @Yetiman I have a spare 20-inch Lifatec glass TOSlink cable not being used. Will send you a PM shortly. Photo below. Purchased new they are US$99 + postage
  6. For passive LS50s on a desk I used these great Aussie made stands that feature isolation in their design: https://www.ionforgeonline.com/Pro-Series-Desktop-Speaker-Stands Elevation angles can be adjusted to make sure you can point the concentric drivers at your ears. Maybe put a WTB for those stands. I've seen a couple pop up on SNA. Very popular overseas, especially pro audio world (for nearfield work), Currently on Black Friday sale I see !
  7. Reason I asked about budget - instead of getting a power amp or preamp to feed your passives, maybe sell the passives and feed Mojo directly into a pair of analogue active speakers, since you already know how that sounds . You can get incredible analogue active monitors for under $1500 and even under $1000 brand new. They might even top your AVI DM10s !
  8. The Sonos Connect Amp digitises it's RCA inputs. So no matter what DAC you hook up to it (even a Chord DAVE), it will be digitised and then go through the Sonos internal DAC (so you'll always have double D-to-A conversion). https://en.community.sonos.com/setting-up-sonos-228990/sonos-amp-line-in-with-hi-res-audio-6837595
  9. The new KEF LS50W II should hit stores for demo soon hopefully. You should definitely have a listen You can sell your DAC and pre, as each driver of these speakers have their own DAC and own amplifier: If you're using a Windows laptop, you just need a nice USB-to-optical converter like this: https://www.minidsp.com/products/usb-audio-interface/usbstreamer-box The LS50 W II is quite future proof with lots of ethernet streaming inputs (Airplay 2, Chromecast Built-in, Spotfiy Connect, Tidal Connect) and bluetooth input. Each speaker also
  10. Don't forget the Kii3's ! (Powerball pending): https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/61064-kef-ls50-wireless-ii/
  11. Hey Briz, I don't see 10.15 mentioned as supported? Ping Mr. Weiss at weiss@weiss.ch to double check
  12. Further information: I have a few of these DC power cables with different plugs that were used with various gadgets that I've since sold. Price includes postage anywhere in Australia. See here: https://www.ghentaudio.com/part/dc02.html
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