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  1. Does anyone make a stereo version like shown in the review below, with the stereo front end board (eval unit) + Hypex1200 SMPS, all inside one case ? https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-purifi-1et400a-amplifier.7984/ I could buy these few parts (stereo eval board + Hypex1200 SMPS + case) and DIY it but I would prefer something built and certified to Australian safety standards, if that option existed. Any plans @Gieseler Audio ?
  2. G'day all, Are there are any Aussie based companies making Purifi 1ET400A based amps? Cheers
  3. Agreed but this problem completely disappears with the 2 PC solution (server and endpoint, isolated by ethernet). I have the powerful server one side of the house, and low powered endpoint on the other side of the house (listening room), galvanically isolated by Cat 6 UTP cable between them. And this is with HQPlayer doing everything 'on the fly', including convolution for digital room EQ Roon controlling the music with an iPad.
  4. Regarding my parameters comment, I didn't mean other parameters are more important to me. I mean, objectively in digital filtering there are other parameters that can affect sound quality, other than just number of taps... amount of stop-band attenuation is another, lengthen (steepness) of the filter is another (i..e length of pre-ringing and length of post-ringing).... and there are other parameters that can affect sound quality. HQPlayer's developer: Regarding my favourite HQPlayer filter, poly-sinc-ext2 is my own favourite ! ext2 also attenuates >240 dB by Nyquist
  5. Sounds really good. Some positive subjective reviews of people comparing with M-Scaler and preferring this new filter (with Chord DACs). Despite that though I still prefer other HQP filters. The number of taps is one one of the important parameters in digital filtering but it's not the only one, there are others. If your laptop struggled and it was directly connected to your USB DAC (with USB cable) that may not be an ideal setup for evaluation. HQPlayer recommends having the powerful PC (noisy server) isolated from the DAC. A 2 PC solution achieves this with ethernet isolation. I have my server on the other side of the house. Then just have a lightweight Intel Atom as the 'endpoint' inside the listening room. Even Rob Watts galvanically isolated the BNC outputs of his M-Scaler, for the same reason... reduce RF getting through to the DAC. Plus something which makes a bigger difference than number of taps (for me) is HQPlayer also handling convolution for digital room EQ. So I have HQPlayer doing all DSP, more than just upsampling.
  6. Item: ASUS RT-AC86U router Price Range: Depends on age, warranty remaining etc Item Condition: New or Used
  7. I would try to keep to keep the TOSlink cable under 1m if possible (30cm or 50cm if possible). Use a powered USB hub in between 2m and 3m USB certified cables.
  8. At the link that @Snoopy8 shared above: https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/dirac-live-2-digital-room-correction-software-walkthrough-r884/
  9. Item: RME FireFace UC or UCX multichannel interface Price Range: Depends on model and age Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:
  10. Further information: Details here: https://drop.com/buy/centrance-reserve-series-speaker-cables https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/centrance-reserve-series-banana-plug-speaker-cables - Pair of 2.5 meter length cables - Gold-plated terminals topped off with a gunmetal finish - Three-layer core protection - A braided outer shield for added durability, and banana plugs Price includes free postage around Australia (but please note Australia Post are experiencing some postage delays in some areas around Australia due to COVID-19 impacts) Photos:
  11. For use with HQPlayer (even Roon) you need the Antipodes to run HQPlayer NAA (endpoint). I don't know if your model Antipodes can run NAA. HQPlayer Desktop is free to try and fully featured so I would just get it up and running and give it a crack. For the free trial the app closes after 30mins but you can just re-open the app and continue. If the Antipodes can't run NAA, then just directly connect your Mac Mini to your Qutest (USB cable) to demo HQPlayer.
  12. Item: Focusrite 18i20 USB audio interface Price Range: Depends on age, original invoice available for warranty etc Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Prefer Gen3
  13. What's the reason you went with the 33k taps and not 66k taps in Audiolense? CPU loading too high at 66k taps?
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