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  1. Which Beats model didn’t you like (compared to Apple Airpods Pro)? These?
  2. 10 is still very very new, but that’s good that it’s running 9.
  3. For those already with the LG V30 Plus, is it currently running Android 9 OS? And is it confirmed to be getting an update to Android 10 at some point next year? Or no word yet? Cheers
  4. Nice purchase. Did you demo the Chord Mojo with your HD800S headphones?
  5. Mojo will drive the HD600 (Sensitivity 100 dB/mW) to ear splitting levels with ease (and low distortion).
  6. Definitely. Could be a regional thing and they will only know if people here report it. support@tidal.com
  7. The Focal range (entire lineup) plus Chord DAC/Amps are a super combination. Such a dynamic sound. Mojo easily drives the entire Focal lineup which all have over 100 dB/mW sensitivity.
  8. Can you post some screenshots of your App Switcher screen? You're in DLNA mode? For you it needs to show 'Active' for MPD / DLNA mode.
  9. No worries at all. They've locked it down the way Apple iTunes has been locked down for years. To sign up for a US account you need a US credit card with US billing address. A VPN won't help, just like it's never helped with iTunes US store. But hopefully we won't have to wait too long. Send Amazon Music AU a request like a couple of us have done. Doesn't hurt.
  10. @hlov are you 100% sure that's the new HD plan? And not just the regular Amazon Music plan (which is available in Oz). I don't see any of the HD or ultraHD symbols in your screenshot. There should be a few ultraHD Miles Davis albums. Can you have a look for the symbols. Try on the Desktop app if you can.
  11. You have incredible luck. Be sure to grab a Powerball ticket tomorrow! Just double checking - an Australian credit card AND it's Australian billing address worked for you? Doesn't work for me. And I tried it on my Telstra SIM iPad too.
  12. So it accepted your Australian credit card as payment for the 90 day trial?
  13. Can you share how? Others with a VPN can try your method too and report back.
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