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  1. I'm on NBN50 (~46 Mbps connection evening during evening peak hour) and have Tidal issues only in the evenings too. If you can, let support@tidal.com know it's an evening issue for you too. The more people that report it, hopefully they can look into it, if it's (maybe) a regional thing.
  2. Makes very good sense (and I'm a Roon lifetime user).
  3. It resamples to 96kHz but hard to guess exactly what they are doing... DEQX may have a very different philosophy to Rob when it comes to ideal transient response... If they had the same DSP philosophy as Rob, 96kHz = 1/8th M-Scaler
  4. PCM705/768 output = 1M PCM353/384 output = Half M PCM176/192 output = Quarter M (your case...) From Rob Watts over on Head-Fi:
  5. If you go down this path, first thing you need to do is load the correct firmware when your receive it. They have different firmwares because the thing can do multiple different things. The firmware you want to load for stereo TOSlink to USB is the folder named "Stereo" below.
  6. So your M-Scaler is up-sampling RBCD? Or you're up-sampling RBCD to PCM176kHz and then feeding PCM176 to your M-Scaler ? M-Scaler outputting 176k is 0.25*M-Scaler (~250k taps). I believe your DEQX will re-sample that to 96kHz...
  7. Dunno... you could jump on miniDSP's forum and ask them? As per my screenshot above it is plug and play on macOS and Linux and they have a Windows ASIO/WDM driver... So my guess is it will work as TOSlink to USB for anything... I can't imagine it being limited to specific apps... You can also ask miniDSP if they have a money back guarantee, to make purchasing a bit less risky.
  8. I use it everyday for TOSlink to USB... I feed HQPlayer Embedded Server via a TOSlink source... Any TOSlink source -> USBstreamer -> HQPe Server...
  9. https://www.minidsp.com/products/usb-audio-interface/usbstreamer-box
  10. Cheers, seen that thread and others about this issue, but it seems the best solution is buy a TV that allows you to adjust (if current TV doesn't allow). I've seen similar issues with other DSP speakers too. I might need to get a new TV if I get Phantoms, or other DSP speakers.
  11. Other question I had @Snoopy8, if you feed TV optical audio into the Devialet Dialogue box, is there any noticeable lip-sync issue? i.e. any lag between TV picture and TV audio coming from Phantoms?
  12. G'day @Snoopy8 I might be wrong but seem to remember seeing a post somewhere about you using Dirac Live now with your Phantoms? Do I have that right? If so, what hardware are you using to feed your Phantoms, if you don't mind me asking? Cheers
  13. Hey mate, can you share a bit more on this? Or even a link where Dirac have shared some info on it. Just want to have a bit more background info about what they've already put out, before I email them some questions. Cheers
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