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  1. Hi Zaphod, by external noise issues, do you mean non-HiFi noise inside the home, like the fridge, lights/dimmers etc. Or external issues means outside the home? If the latter, how does a dedicate line help deal with noise outside the home? Cheers in advance
  2. I've tried to find space for the Node2 in the $2k budget, but it takes too large a chunk and takes away from speakers and amp budget, or it tips the budget over $2k. For a $2.5k+ budget, I wouldn't hesitate to fit it in there though.
  3. Here’s another one (Andrew Jones Elac Debut line is superb value so sticking with his speakers): Elac Debut B6 bookshelves - $529 Stands - $120 MARANTZ PM5005 Black Stereo Amplifier - $639 Audioqueat Beetle DAC (USB/BT/optical) - $349 Chromecast Audio streamer (optical output) - $59 Total above = $1700 Add an Apple Airport Express (optical output) if you need AirPlay - $149 Add cables from JayCar or Altronics https://www.apollohifi.com.au/elac-debut-b6-bookshelf-speaker.html https://www.minidisc.com.au/audioquest-beetle-dac
  4. ELAC Debut F5 Floorstanding Speakers - $1169 MARANTZ PM5005 Black Stereo Amplifier - $639 Chromecast Audio streamer/DAC (analogue out) - $59 FIIO BTR1 BLUETOOTH APTX DAC - $75 Includes BT (AptX) requirement for @Marc Above total = $1942 Add cables from Jaycar or Altronics https://www.apollohifi.com.au/elac-debut-f5-floorstanding-speaker.html https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/fiio-btr1-bluetooth-dac https://www.audiotrends.com.au/marantz-pm5005-black.html https://www.jbhifi.com.au/google/google-chromecast-audio/937282/
  5. Anyone heard the new Pro iDSD DAC/amp driving headphones directly? https://ifi-audio.com/products/pro-idsd/ I need to make my way into a shop for a listen when I get a chance, but happy to read any impressions in the mean time. Cheers
  6. Hey Dan, that links states "Built in Roon Ready" and Andrew of dCS confirmed that on the Roon forum yesterday. The Vega G2 DAC is Roon Ready too. https://us.auralic.com/products/vega-g2 The Lumin DACs are definitely Roon Ready too, so I'd add those to your audition list too. Cheers
  7. Music2496

    NBN recommendation

    Cheers for all the info. Have a good plan now to ditch the Telstra box (ASUS RT-86U router + Cisco SPA112 ATA + standalone VoIP service).
  8. Music2496

    NBN recommendation

    Nice. Can you recommend a few that have a good reputation, to look into? Telecube look good, according do Whirlpool reviews
  9. Music2496

    NBN recommendation

    Ha, no lots of help actually. Greatly appreciated. When I got NBN I happily ditched the ISP's router for my own router and didn't bother to have a home phone VoIP plan. I could then configure my router as I wanted (which the Telstra router doesn't allow). So this whole issue is only because the folks want to keep using their home phone (even with their $30 unlimited calls & texts mobile plans which everyone has these days). Edit: @davewantsmoore I just found out their Telstra VoIP plan is pay as you go, not a plan. So I could use a Cisco SPA112 ATA for their existing handsets, with a standalone VoIP service. I need to look at standalone VoIP services that allow BYO ATA's and give a local number.
  10. Music2496

    NBN recommendation

    This was probably the root of my misunderstanding. I thought I could even plug a laptop into the NCD and have internet access with any ISP login details required (not advisable of course, always better to go through a router). When I had FTTH in Hobart I was able to do this (a quick 5 min test before setting up my router). Is it different with FTTC? Also probably related to my misunderstanding, due to the above. While I never tried it in Hobart, if my laptop directly plugged into the NCD was working fine (internet access), I assume if I had an unmanaged switched plugged into there, then two separate laptops plugged into the unmanaged switch would work? So two 'gateways to the internet' would work? Late last night I've seen many posts on the Telstra forum about people wanting to use their own routers while keeping Telstra VoIP access and Telstra aren't helpful in advice and support. Before purchasing a new router for them, I'll take my Asus router and test it out myself, next time I visit them.
  11. Music2496

    NBN recommendation

    Why would anything need to be re-configured on the Telstra router, for the way I suggested? If VoIP is already working with the Telstra router (which it is) and nothing else is going to be physically connected to the Telstra router, then nothing needs to be re-configured? The only config that can be done on the Telstra router is changing between router mode and bridged mode (the latter loses VoIP). Nothing else can be changed but I don't see why anything else would need to be changed? I'd just need to turn off WiFi on the Telstra router. Nothing else will ever be physically connected to it - just the phone. In my suggested config, the Telstra router itself hasn't got a clue and doesn't care whether it's connected directly to the NCD WAN port or an unmanaged switch in between right? The Telstra router would literally only ever have the VoIP phone connected to it and nothing else. How does that complicate things for everything else that would be connected to the Asus router (which is connected to the NCD via 5-port unmanaged switch).
  12. Music2496

    NBN recommendation

    Another option @davewantsmoore If Telstra come back and say their VoIP service only works through their Telstra Smart Modem, should the following solution work? Connect a small 5-port unmanaged switch to the NCD box WAN port. Then connect both the Telstra Smart Modem and the Asus router to this unmanaged switch. Nothing else is on this unmanaged switch. Only the VoIP phone connects to Telstra Start Modem - nothing else. All other devices in the house connect through the Asus router. Any problems with essentially two separate routers connected to the NCD? There'll be no 'cross talk' of devices across the routers in this setup, since only the home phone connects to the Telstra router and nothing else.
  13. Music2496

    NBN recommendation

    Noted, I'll get the folks to contact Telstra. You take no responsibility for the following, but do you have a gut feel for what should work, with the Asus router? In terms of the ISP's own VoIP system? I have no doubt the Asus router will be fine for internet access, so it's just the home phone situation that's a question mark.
  14. Music2496

    NBN recommendation

    Hi @davewantsmoore My folks just got their NBN connection working with Telstra today - FTTC. Their 7+ year old very basic cordless home phone plugs into the Telstra 'Smart Modem' and home phone calls are working. Is this using Telstra's VOIP system by default? Just wondering if I swap out Telstra's 'Smart Modem' for an Asus NBN ready router , the RT-AC86U which allows for DNS config and other configurations that Telstra firmware has disabled on their Smart Modems - how will phone calls then work? Or do the folks need to stay on the Telstra Smart Modem in order for phone calls to work? Cheers in advance
  15. Let us know which one of those wins (bass) ! 😉