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  1. I am a huge fan of the lounge. Arguably the best hifi purchase I've made. Big impact on my over all sound.
  2. Yes...as unpopular as it is to admit in the hifi would, i love tone controls. Not all records are created equal. Tone controls can help this issue massively.
  3. Its a 1971 fender twin. Its sounds glorious. Silver face fenders tend to get a bad rap from time to time. But i wouldnt swap mine for anything.
  4. I love my system. It aint the most expensive system on here, but i think it looks and sounds amazing. Pro ject Xperience SB Yamaha A-s1100 Ortofon 2m Bronze cart Lounge Audio MKIII phono stage Ascension Summoner Speakers
  5. Dang! Nice space! What are you currently spinning? Lol
  6. Hi pandorock. Tell us more about yourself. Maybe a gear rundown and musical tastes. Hope you enjoy the forum mate
  7. Expedits for me. Cheap. Tough. Effective
  8. Yes I was always confident the Summoners were great speakers. They just needed the right amp to drive them. And although it took its time to break in, the yammy made them sing. I couldn't recommend both highly enough.
  9. I just turn the speaker selector to off and the vu meters off when not in use. And if im going away, or not listening for a while I'll turn it all off properly. The only real bass issues i had was my room is massive and it was getting a bit lost at a distance. But the Lounge Phono made a huge impact on that.
  10. Ha!! Yep, a very familiar tale. I'd never even heard of burn in time on audio equipment. Well, I know valve guitar amps improve over time, and continue to through out their lives, but a solid state hifi amp burning in was a foriegn concept. I still cant believe people right burn in time as bull$hit. I see someone referred to it as folklore in that thread. Bizarre. Yeah, the disappointment I had after playing that amp for the first time made me sweat. I was distraught. But it blossomed into a thing of absolute beauty with some hours under the hood.
  11. I absolutely adore it mate. It honestly took about 200 hours of burn in time to mellow out and beef up too. I actually contacted Yamaha, because it would always take about 90 mins to sound good after turning it on. They basically said leave it on. Which is what ive done pretty much constantly since December 2016 (give or take). Something else that helped enormously was upgrading phono stage. Got my self a Lounge LCR mkIII. Massive ugrade. Also at the start of this year I upgraded my existing Summoner Speakers to the largest Summoner model, and ditched the ribbon tweeter for a cheaper dome tweeter. Im probably a bit sensitive to brightness in audio. I love warm lish and mellow. And thats what i have now. But yes. I love this amp. Im pretty much done with gear chasing now. I dont hear any weakness in my system. And the yammy is the soul powering it all.
  12. Ha! Yeah. Its a handful, as you know. But the best fun ever!
  13. A fellow South Gippy boy eh? Nice. Im looking forward to the brewery opening over your way.
  14. I designed it and had it printed myself. I have a small group of mates that are into records and music as well. We call ourselves The Needle Droppers. My shed is HQ.
  15. Thought I might give an update on the gear side of my Wolf&Buzzard Ale House. Ive been lucky enough to completely overhaul (and improve) my system over the last 3 years. Amp wise I'm running a Yamaha AS1100, which ive had for about 18 months. I absolutely love this amp. Its got great looks and of course, sounds amazing. My phono stage is a Lounge Audio LCR MKIII, which i found to be a huge upgrade from the Graham Slee Communicator. I upgraded my turntable to a Pro Ject Xprerience SB with an Ortofin Bronze cart (massive upgrade from the red). And finally i upgraded my existing summoner speakers with a new pair of Summoner 1293SQTL. They are the largest model of the Summoner range. I downgraded from the ribbon tweeter, to a dome tweeter on this pair, as i found the ribnons touch to bright on my old ones. And I am in love with the results. Not much else has changed in my backyard 'pub' though. Its still my favourite place in the world to be. However I dont get in there quite as much as i used to due to another couple of additions in the last two years...twin girls named Lizzie and Evie, which of course, has upgraded my life immeasurably!!! Enjoy.
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