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  1. @caminperth I kind of got the hump with tubes dying, and the hassle of replacing them. I put the stock tubes back in. The drop in sound quality was discernible, but after a few days I stopped noticing. The stock tubes are still there! Decided to spend money on other things. That’s life, I guess 😎
  2. Just connected the speakers and turned on the amp. No issues to speak of. Haven’t got my turntable or DAC set up yet, but so far so good. @sloper this is indeed the stuff of nightmares. Think I’d rather drop my baby than my amp lol 😬 At least babies kinda repair themselves....
  3. Dropped it from about chest height, somewhat guiding it down (but not really). Luckily it was onto carpet. I’ll take a pic when I get home
  4. So I had a little accident the other day. Forgot how much my Line Magnetic LM518 weighed, and as I was midway through pulling it off a shelf... the forces of gravity took over. My hi-fi life flashed before me, as 35kg of expensive gadget hurtled irretrievably downward. Fortunately, I’d installed the tube cage before moving, as it ended upside down, with a bent cage, but tubes seemingly intact. I haven’t had the nerve to fire it up since. But I’m thinking of testing it tonight. I know that I have to have my speakers connected before turning the amp on, so my question is- should it be safe to power up? Are there any specific dangers, if any of the wiring is damaged? Has as anyone been in this predicament before? TIA
  5. Looks like the turntable and amp might be snapped up. Aiming to deliver to another SNAer on Friday. Will mark as sold when we’re done. Thanks for the interest though, henning.
  6. Item: AT-LP120 turntable and Cambridge 551P phono stage Location: New Gisborne 3438 Price: $250 and $100 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Audio Technica’s USB-enabled turntable that has an eerie resemblance to a Technics 1200. Not as good as a 1200, but hey, you won’t be getting a 1200 for $250 neither! Moving it on as I’ve upgraded. Turntable is in excellent condition, aside from the dust cover, which is a bit scratchy. Has original cartridge and stylus. Throwing in a cork slipmat for good measure. Also selling a Cambridge Audio MM phono preamp. Selling both for half of retail, coz I’m nice like that 😬 Prefer not to post, so preference given to those who can pick up, or I could maybe deliver to north side of Melbourne. Excellent beginners or second system for 350 clams! Pictures:
  7. How does this look to you? The whole mounting base is a tight fit, but I only need to drill for the centre portion of it
  8. That’s the kind of advice I was after! Thanks Full Range 👌
  9. Never done this before, hence a certain amount of trepidation... So I’ve got a new plinth, with a circular cutout on which to mount a 9 inch tonearm. I’ve got a new Jelco arm to put on, so I know exactly where to put the hole for the mounting (I think). Before I go destroying things, I want to make sure I’m using the right tool. So I need to make a 30mm hole, nice and straight down. If it makes any difference, the plinth is ebony, with a piano gloss finish. Do I need to find someone with a drill press? TIA!
  10. Went with TD19’s turntable. Looks in immaculate condition, and obviously comes from a good home! Will post some pics when I get it all set up...
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