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  1. Bassline Junkie

    Bookshelf speakers for Line Magnetic tube amp?

    Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge, everyone. I’ve decided to go with the Spendor s3E. Will report back once I’ve had a good listen!
  2. Bassline Junkie

    Bookshelf speakers for Line Magnetic tube amp?

    Good idea, I might just do that. Probably should’ve posted this in the ‘purchasing advice’ section, too. Haven’t been on the forum for a while, a bit rusty!
  3. Bassline Junkie

    Bookshelf speakers for Line Magnetic tube amp?

    I probably would’ve had a crack at those, but wrong side of the country IIRC
  4. Hi all, just looking for some recommendations for bookshelf speakers to run with my LM518 amplifier. I have been using Usher floorstanders, which I like very much. Due to non-hifi circumstances, I now have to move to a pair of smaller speakers, which will be sitting on a tall cabinet. The amp is 22wpc, so I guess I’d need something reasonably efficient? I’d also rather something with a largish cabinet, to make the transition from floorstanders a little less traumatic! Budget is around $1000, new or second hand. Had a quick listen to some Focal Chorus 706s yesterday, and didn’t mind them. Planning on checking out Dynaudio Emit M10s and Klipsch RP160s. I listen mainly to jazz, soulful electronica, and African music, if that makes any difference. Anyone got a pair of speakers that they reckon I should track down and listen to? TIA!
  5. Item: pair of Usher V-602 floorstanding speakers Location: New Gisborne, Vic Price: $500 Item Condition: Few bumps and scratches. Only cosmetic blemishes- they work perfectly Reason for selling: 3 year old thinks they're his personal playthings Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought these of a fellow SNAer about 3 years back. Love the sound of them- have been running them with a Line Magnetic 518. Cant push the volume past 10 o'clock without risking a visit from the local constabulary, so they should be fine with tube amps with output in double figures. Sound is on the warmer side, if that's your thing (it's certainly mine). Bass goes pretty low- I had a subbie for a bit, but got rid of it in the end. Moving these on as my son seems to think they are some sort of playground equipment. So before he does any real damage, I'm moving to bookshelf speakers, out of harms way. As such, I'd be open to offers of some kind of swap deal. The speakers have a few small bumps and scratches (tweeters, woofers and terminals all perfect), and I've lost the black grills along the way, so I've priced these accordingly. Oh, and they're built like tanks, 36 kg's a piece apparently. So it'd have to be pick-up only (or I could maybe deliver to the northish side of Melbourne. Cheers all! Pictures:
  6. Line Magnetic make a phono stage? Didn't realize that. Looks like I need to start saving again...
  7. Bassline Junkie

    Shuguang Replica WE845 tubes - anyone used them?

    Line Magnetic LM518ia. Had no problem with the stock tubes. But I've had problems with both kinds of upgrade tubes. Never both at once, so just bad tubes I guess. The WE845s held bias just fine, never had any odd noises from them or red plating. Then one day one of them just decided to pack it in- no fireworks or anything, just went gently into that good night...
  8. Bassline Junkie

    Shuguang Replica WE845 tubes - anyone used them?

    Most things I've read about these have been positive. Sound like they are good value for money.
  9. Bassline Junkie

    Shuguang Replica WE845 tubes - anyone used them?

    Goddamnit, one of the Shuguang WE845s just stopped working, out of the blue. Only a few months on them, and wasn't due to a power surge or anything out of the ordinary (as far as I'm aware). Gotta throw the stock tubes back in now ;(
  10. Bassline Junkie

    SOLD: FS: Line Magnetic LM-502CA Dac Photos up

    This is a spectacular DAC for the money. With those tubes rolled in, I bet it sounds absolutely gorgeous. They'll have to pry my LM502 from my cold, dead hands! Many hours of musical enjoyment for whoever grabs this. GLWS
  11. Bassline Junkie

    Help me find some NOS CBS Hytron 12AU7s

    Maybe send them a message. Some of these eBay sellers have multiples of tubes, but list them as singles (to make them seem rare perhaps?)
  12. Bassline Junkie

    Help me find some NOS CBS Hytron 12AU7s

    Maybe these guys? http://www.ebay.com/itm/122139969294?rmvSB=true
  13. Bassline Junkie

    Shuguang Replica WE845 tubes - anyone used them?

    So I got around to comparing the Shuguang WE854s to the stock tubes of my amp (Psvane hi-fi series 845, I'm led to believe. The most noticeable area of difference is in the high end. The WE845s really give you a lot more information up the top. Cymbals shimmer beautifully, they sound a lot more real, and the decay is something to behold. I would say that overall, the WE845s give a more vivid presentation of the music. Like it is more 3D, more lifelike. This is also the vibe I got with the Psvane 845T-IIs. Yes, they're both fairly expensive, but the good thing is, they sound expensive too! It's like they are relaying more information to your ears, bringing you a finer recreation of the recorded music. This would be my overall impression, rather than anything like 'slam' or high/low extension. It would be good if someone would be able to compare the Shuguang WE845s and the PSvane 845T-IIs with the high end 845s- i.e. the Psvane WE845s, Elrogs, KRs...
  14. Bassline Junkie

    Show us your tubes

  15. Bassline Junkie

    Shuguang Replica WE845 tubes - anyone used them?

    I'm using them in a Line Magnetic LM518 integrated amp. It has the 845s, a pair of EL34s, a pair of 12AX7s and a GZ34 rectifier. I guess every different amp will yield a slightly different result with tube rolling, so I can only speak from my perspective. But I would say that both the Psvanes and the Shuguangs gave a very real improvement in sound quality. But I would have to give the Shuguangs the upper hand on reliability, from personal experience, only.