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  1. Love mine too. There's no other DAC with the features this DAC offers for it's price range.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. There's not a huge difference between the two but to me the Limited has more lower end body to it. The NRA has a more forward in the mid band, a little cleaner overall presentation. Accoustics and vocals I prefer the NRA, everything else the Limited.
  3. Black faced Sansui's..... I do 😉
  4. The front design looks very similar to the Avalon accoustics speakers with eliminating reflections.
  5. I'm after a new backlit keyboard with mouse pad and was wondering what members are using for their HTPC's? I'm currently using a Logitech diNovo but it's looking tired. I was thinking of a Logitech K830.
  6. During this pandemic I've had more time to get things done around the house including sorting out some speaker crossovers issues. These diy speakers were built by my old-school teacher and somehow they ended up in my hands. Originally they were setup with active crossovers but were changed back to a passive setup. Unfortunately, the crossovers were slapped together but still sounded great. Me being me I had to sort it out. I also decided to upgrade with better spec components still using the hand wound inductors. Performed a freq sweep and even though they look pretty good they needed tweeking
  7. Update..... I have just hand built new updated crossovers but they're in their testing phase so hope to have the speakers completed and finished in the next couple of months for this Sansui GTG. Might even have another contender 🤔
  8. Welcome to SNA @SaigonSky 👍 Vietnam is a beautiful country. I was there late last year visiting Saigon & Nha Trang. Had a wonderful time and will be returning very soon. Geeez I miss Pho (Soup) 😋 Love your Sansui gear! There's a few of us on here that are Sansui tragics so you will fit right in 😉
  9. I have a Matrix Mini i DAC hardly used I'd be willing to sell. Comes as it did from factory, box, remote, manuals etc. In mint condition. Message me if interested. Thanks
  10. I have a few options ATM. Continue to offer options & what you may have or wanting to sell. Thanks to everyone who has commented.
  11. Yep Got brighter 😉 I might just throw some Deep Purple on.....
  12. DIY 4 way with passive radiators. Incorporating Seas, Alpair & SB Acoustics. The speaker cabinet resonance is dead and well built, one of the best I've seen as a diy. They sound fantastic. Frequency response 26Hz - 25KHz.
  13. Weather was average yesterday so few tunes. Lovin' these speakers with the NRA, great combo. Repainted the speaker trolleys and next is to repaint the cabinets.
  14. I'm after a similar set like these. Size: around 1000m H X 400mm L etc Finish: Gloss black or dark walnut. I'm not after a square box.
  15. Item: Looking for high end floor standing speakers. Price Range: $1000 - $6000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'd like to find a set of high end floor standing speakers second hand in great condition, preferred local brands - Australian companies. Let me know what you have?
  16. Are those Alpair full range drivers 🤔? They look very familiar.
  17. Temporary added the super tweeters. Need to do a freq sweep to see what's going on if there's any dips etc. I know the tweeter rolls off rapidly around 10 - 12KHz so this is where the super tweeters will be crossing in. Once the crossover are finalized, they will be stripped to redo the things I mentioned above including getting @Grizzly to make the outriggers.
  18. @evil c What is that you want the most improvement that the Chord Qutest doesn't do well? I've got the RME ADI DAC V2 and I'm lovin' it ATM. It's similar to the price range of the Chord but with more features.
  19. You have to show how revealing your system is to others with a wide soundstage, 3D imaging & perfected tonal balance. What songs or albums do you play on your system to give it the wow factor?
  20. Finally....... my package has arrived....thanks Toll 🙄 Temporary fitted the new SB Acoustics super tweeters. Now into the testing phase to get everything right before they will be dismantled for a refit, ie new paint, upgraded crossovers, wiring etc. Testing frequently response, phase shift etc.
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