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  1. Can I ask what you're upgrading to? D70?
  2. We'll he has just devalued this collection. Had a funny feeling about this.
  3. Just found out that someone if the Philippines buys these, does the mods and flips them for double claiming they're a rare gold limited addition [emoji35]
  4. Why try to make something that was never released by Sansui?
  5. Anyone seen one of these before....??
  6. Just wondering if anyone has bought and heard this little DAC and what do they think of it's SQ? https://geshelli.com/enog2-pro
  7. S.M.S.L SU-8 - Has to be the Version 2
  8. Samsung just released their new 8K TV's so will wait until the 4K comes down in price
  9. Hi All, I was at JB the other day and seen some wonderful TV's on display. The salesman asked can i help you?, I said to him i'm just looking and maybe an upgrade soon but i mentioned that i'm waiting for both of my Panasonic TV's to die. He laughed and made me think all these new lovely TV's on display won't last 10 years. Both my Pana's just won't die..... Not even from a lighting strike... well that's a bit over the top but i just can't see the point of upgrading both perfectly working TV's. One was built from 2009 (37" LCD) & the other from 2011 (50" V10 Plasma). I'm worried when they need to be replaced that the new TV's will only last 4 years if i'm lucky. P.s I have 3 x Sonic 40" LED (E40W13AU) from employees with faults at my work. I've repaired one, the other had a faulty LED strip..(Bin) and the last one has a faulty main board. There not even 4 years old. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND!!!!!!
  10. I can't get anymore reflections than this Huxi. If the reflections aren't up to your standards then go have a look at the reflections in the mirror [emoji3] [emoji6]
  11. Same goes for every brand releasing cheap unreliable gear in the 80's including Marantz.
  12. Oh and check out what the matching pre-amp cost back in 1992 [emoji38] $16,000 in today's dollars WOW https://audio-database.com/SANSUI/amp/c-2302vintage-e.html
  13. @Darren69 Here's one of their top monsters from around 1990, @Cafad 😜 https://audio-database.com/SANSUI/amp/b-2302vintage-e.html
  14. Sure they did but mainly integrated. Power amps B2101, B2102, BA-F1, BA5000, BA3000, B2301, B2302 etc Some Mono Blocks (Tube only) HF-L60, Q3535, BA202, BA303 etc
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