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  1. Still looking for a set of either 35th or 40th anniversary SHL5's?
  2. Price drop. The individual Seas speakers themselves cost more for what I'm asking.
  3. Each foot weights 500 grams and is made of solid copper. The domestic range of Sansui's are amazing. Just to help the op out. https://audio-database.com/SANSUI/amp/au-alpha907nra-e.html GLWTS
  4. Selling my 2 ways Seas Speakers. They incorporate the following high end drivers. http://www.seas.no/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=360:e0022-08s-w22ex001&catid=49:excel-woofers&Itemid=359 http://www.seas.no/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=367:e0011-06-t25cf002&catid=50:excel-tweeters&Itemid=360 Fantastic sounding quality, accuracy, wide sound stage and imaging. These would compare up to $5000 speakers. The cabinets have been professionally made with internal bracing. The crossovers have high end aud
  5. Item: Harbeth SHL5 35th or 40th SHL5 Super Anniversary Speakers. Price Range: Neg Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Missing the British sound. Pm me if you have a set you're willing to sell.
  6. I've read that the Sansui G33000 was loaded and tested to it's maximum output @ 330W. Look at what theyre pulling in value NOW, 6 years later the prices are rediculious.
  7. Change of sound direction. New speakers running on the NRA. Top Seas drivers and crossovers. These are the top of the line with solid copper phase plugs on the woofers and coper rings on the tweeters. They sound fantastic and I'm looking forward in hearing them with the others.
  8. For sale a set of custom speakers I bought from evil c but made by audio guru Doug Tipping for his own personal use. Doug is a long member of Melbourne HiFi Audio club. He was my school teacher back when he was teaching at Boxhill Tafe. Doug has extensive experience in crossover / speaker design and he has utilise one of the best 8"woofers available in the Seas Aluminium. Midrange is Alpair Gold Alumium drivers and Aura titanium Tweeters. They employ passive radiator drivers below the woofers, and drive down very low to around 25hz, amazing bass punch and silky mids and highs.
  9. Beautiful amplifier and I couldn't part with mine. One of Sansui's last master pieces. GLWTS
  10. Best DAC for it's price range. The features are bl##dy awesome.
  11. Still on the lookout for a pair of these if anyone selling to please contact me.
  12. Item: WTB: VAF Floor Standing Speakers Price Range: Neg Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for VAF Floor Standing Speakers.
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