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  1. Just curious if anyone knows a few great hifi shops - vintage hifi shops to visit in Ho Chin Min City, Vietnam while I'm there next year?
  2. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/yamaha-targets-audiophiles-upscale-hi-fi-series
  3. What was he saying?? F you..... ???
  4. Is it three times better than a Limited, NRA or MR in the SQ's, probably not Jeff but the extra built quality is amazing. You could buy all three amps mentioned above for that price [emoji848]
  5. I inspired you, how? Was it from starting the Sansui HiFi forum [emoji44] sorry..... Btw, don't blame me for running out of room [emoji3] I'm in the same boat as yourself [emoji2955]
  6. We'll I know someone else that has written a response in this post also has a problem?? Come on, you know who you are? [emoji2960]
  7. Second bottom far left shelf there's a free spot for one more Sansui [emoji38] I love pictures like this, it just makes me happy that I'm not the only one that has problems [emoji44][emoji38] Nice collection
  8. Hi All, I have the option to purchase the following tables. Pioneer PL-570 or Thorens TD126MK3 Issues, the Pioneer needs new veneer and the Thorens needs a Tonearm. Both also require cart / stylus. Price, the Pioneer two green ones & the Thorens double that. Any help would be much appreciated to help me decide which would be worth to invest or look else where?
  9. I'm interested in what desktop PC based setups members are using with their 2 channel systems?
  10. Tell us what you have or built & show us your Audiophile PC?
  11. Bit of history; SS-2 headphones used with ABBA's recording of the dancing queen.
  12. What a beautiful combo Jeff. The Total of Sansui! I'd be very interested in the comparison with the NRA [emoji848]?
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