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  1. Powerfull, dynamic, open & airy 3D sound stage. It will surprise you how good it sounds. Haven't switched it on for a while though. Regarding this thread. I'm in the process of a speaker rebuild and that's why no updates. Redo cabinets, repaint etc Adding front grills Adding outriggers Updating internal wiring Updating / rebuilding speaker xovers with closer tolerances. Adding SB acoustics super tweeters Once all this is completed, I hope to get this review done soon with a few other members with their opinions.
  2. They make some of the best laptops. Originally, I was going to purchase the Duo display (pictured) but it would of been an overkill for what I needed it for.
  3. Great laptop and brand. Full aluminium body as well. My first backlit keyboard.
  4. This sale has been cancelled due to the current situation in Victoria.
  5. I don't think driving across town to pick a amplifier up is allowed Marc. 5km radius from where you live. Most retail businesses will operate online and only allow delivery services. Audiotrends are only doing online orders only. Good time to have shares in Aust post.
  6. Have you thought about importing one as it might be a bit hard to find one here in Oz.
  7. Thanks but I'm looking for something different.
  8. Item: Vintage Turntable Price Range: Neg Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a vintage turntable project or complete table. I was thinking of a Garrard 401, Thorens etc. Let me know what you have.
  9. Hi Simon, Depending on condition, if it's been serviced or restored, the AU-6500 would fetch between $400 unrestored to a fully restored around $550 - $650. I've had 3 at one stage. Great little amp. Very punchy bottom end. Cheers Mark
  10. I ended up buying an Asus Zenbook UX431 with the latest i5 chip (10210U), 512GB SSD, 8G Ram, FHD 14", Backlit keyboard etc. It's replacing a 10 year-old Asus N10E.
  11. I'm a big fan of Asus. I'm looking at their zenbook range and even their new dual screen laptops (Zenbook duo)
  12. Young kids and speakers on stands are dangerous.
  13. Yes I did. I ended up buying a set of diy speakers from my old tafe teacher. They have an 8" Seas, 5 1/2" Alpair mid and I'm in the process of upgrading and building new crossovers including adding a SB acoustics super tweeter.
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