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  1. Jensen SPX front L & R speakers, Center & Subwoofer. In brand new working condition with all front grills. Not a mark on them. Pickup only
  2. Selling a rare set of IMF CM3's with matching serial numbers. All speaker drivers are original and in excellent working condition. The Elac 4/200 midranges have had their surroundings refoamed as this is normal for it's age. Cabinets are in lovely condition with minimal scratches and dings. No postage.
  3. Now they're worth ??? 1 Million Dollars Prices are crazy at the moment.
  4. Covid has brought - found me to another Sansui which is in transit. Built in 1982... Built like a brick s#it house.
  5. https://www.ecoustics.com/articles/iconic-sansui-amplifiers/
  6. Item: Rogers Studio 2 Speakers Price Range: Neg Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a set of Rogers Studio 2's.
  7. Got too many deals in the past. It's my little secret 😜
  8. All I know is that there was a set of La Scala listed 3 weeks ago on market place that were sold for $100 in Berwick Vic. My friend spoke to an old lady and she said that another gentleman was on his way over and that if he doesn't want them she would let him know. I'm not sure if the ones that are currently listed on ebay were those.
  9. An old lady. Her husband passed and she didn't know what they are worth.
  10. These same model speaker were picked up for $100 off FB marketplace around 3 weeks ago. A friend of mine was second in line.
  11. Item: Phono Stage Price Range: Up to 1K Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a Phono Stage with MM & MC capability or just MM. Tube or SS. No rubbish. Cheers big ears. Mk
  12. Sorry, it's getting late. Yes, phono stages require a preamp but I'm pretty sure that the line direct feature on my amps can still be controlled by the 4 or 6 gang volume potentiometer so a phono stage without volume would be ok to use. Either way AUX or Line direct would work.
  13. I might have to do some research on those phono stages. Building them no problem with my background. Most of my integraded amps can be feed line or balance direct bypassing the pre running just the power amp section.
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