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  1. What was your record store? I have the 33 version but would like to get the 2 X 12"45rpms.
  2. "Simple" is the way of life. Limited Gold LP.
  3. I drive a lot down the Prince's Freeway and always past that turn off to "Little River" 😀
  4. Sounds good, very nice 180 and thick jacket but this is my second copy as the first one I received was damaged. These are hard to get now.
  5. Item: Fleetwood Mac Rumours 45rpm Price Range: Neg Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a 2 X 45rpm pressing of Fleetwood Mac Rumours pressed at Palas. @scribble
  6. Nice setup. Yeah I'm the same, two tables are more than enough to look after (838 & 929).
  7. My system to date running one of my tables. Looking forward in hearing the system with 12" 45rpm cut Vinyl.
  8. Got the old girl running - playing what it knows best with a brand new AT540 cartridge. Beautiful turntable! We look at each other thinking we're the same age 😆
  9. Got one of the my TT's running playing what it knows best with a brand new AT540ML. Looking forward in hearing a few 12" 45rpm cut pressings.
  10. I think they were made out of timer not steel. My studios were factory timber stands.
  11. Make them. They're easy to make.
  12. The last of the mosfets and one of the last Sansui's. How does it sound Jeff? Edit: Sansui had left over stock of these special MOSFETs and they decided to produce this model.
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