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  1. Same. Me and my Toyota's won't miss either Ford or Holden but had some fine memories from my youth, first car being the HR.
  2. GM are in trouble and they know it. The European / Jap cars are taking over the world. We will eventually see GM founder or at least cut right back their production even more. Holden doesn't make a good small car and suv locally. They didn't change with the times. Very sad day. My dad's EH when restored is going to be an eye opener. Tough times ahead.
  3. Brand name mostly but it's all much of muchness. It's only a 55.
  4. ↙️ Most of my life I've owned Panasonic TV's and today a direction change of brands and since Panasonic has left us, I've gone and bought a Sony. My first Sony so fingers crossed.
  5. Going today to buy a new tv... Hopefully get a bargain. What 55" Pana worth looking at??
  6. How does it sound.... OH MY..... That's all 😁
  7. Item: IMF TLS50 MKII Location: SE Melbourne Price: $850 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: IMF TLS50 MKII Transmission line speakers with matching serial numbers. These have been recapped using capicitors from Falcon acoustics. All original speakers drivers. The Elac midranges have new surrounds fitted. Fantastic open sounding with great detail. The lower frequencies are really impressive. Any questions please ask. Prefer local pickup. Info http://www.imf-electronics.com/Home/imf/speaker-range/studios/tls50
  8. Just picked up a RME ADI 2DAC FS. Should be getting it in the next few days. Yes, anyone with a Klein DAC would like to compare it with my RME ADI 2 DAC FS??
  9. Very sad to see the end of Panasonic TV's. I still have an old 32" LED in the garage, 37" LED in the back room & a 50" V10 plasma in the front room that just won't die. The V10 has a wonderful dark blacks and a true picture. The main question is, what other brands do I trust? I don't mind Sony TV's.
  10. I'm going locally with Bills cables. He's well known on sna and uses Van Damme star quad with Neutrik XLR connectors.
  11. Quality but not over priced. Say around $100 max for a pair of 1.5 meter cables.
  12. Hi all, I want to connect my DAC balance outputs direct to my amps using Balancd XLR's. Any recommendations on where to buy?
  13. Just bought a RME ADI DAC FS. Should be arriving next week. Looking forward to having a listen and trying to work out it's settings 🤔
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