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  1. Been waiting for a set of these please let me know if the sail does not go through, cheers.
  2. Very interested in the crown prince how old are they? How do these compare to the Black Knight? Have a ME850 to drive them but will need a ME25 Pre-amp. Cheers Rick
  3. I have been after a ME 850 for along time how old is the amp, does it need a service? please contact me on randfbeker@bigpond.com so we can exchange contact details. Regards Richard
  4. Hi Frankn Is the price negotiable? Cheers Richard
  5. I have owned a pair of Audio Definition Legend Speakers since new and remember hearing a pair of Audio Definition Speakers which where approximately 1.7 meters in height with a flat top which cost around $5k back in early 1990's not sure which model these speakers where. I am after a pair of these speakers today but I do not know if they are Duets or Silhouettes, can anyone please post some pictures as I would like to purchase a pair of Duets. Cheers Rick
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