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  1. Always have time for this one. Is it the SQ, is it the artists, is it the music? I don’t know, I just really enjoy listening to it.
  2. You make one spelling mistake and Children come out. they are just jealous Bill. 😂
  3. Ok, I’ll start at the beginning. I’m not the sort of person who sits in front of speaker with the grills off for clearer sound. I know what I like, I like what I listen too and have pretty good pitch so I know when something sounds a little off. I’m also a sparky who thinks a copper cable is a copper cable. My current 2 channel setup which is listed in my signature was connected together by basic rca interconnects and large gauge figure8 cable for speakers. I was pretty happy with the sound except for a hum that after searching for, I put down to the multitude of tubes I have in my system or a transformer. I could live with it because it was only noticeable at very low levels. Move ahead and I stumbled across Bills cables, so I asked him to make me a set of interconnects and speaker cables, thinking it was more about the aesthetics of custom length leads. I told Bill this and he assured me I’d notice a difference but I was still somewhat sceptical. Anyway, today I took the opportunity of a day off and swapped out the cables, turned on the power and cracked some Eagles, immediately I noticed a much cleaner sound, louder, and deeper bass but not booming, just a smooth deep bass. The hum wasn’t there and it sounded like I had a new pair of speakers. I listened to the music I had listened to every Sunday morning but it was different and before I knew it more than 3hrs had passed and I was just sitting there listening to something I hadn’t heard before. Now I’m sure this could be said for any high end cables, however I wasn’t in the market for high end cables. I paid a more reasonable price and got something new which money can’t but. So firstly, cables do make a difference, and secondly, Bills cables made a huge difference to my system. So if you are contemplating a change, I recommend shooting Bill a private message. Sorry this is a little long winded, now I have to get back to listening. Thanks Bill, it was worth the wait. [emoji6]
  4. I’ll take it if you are happy to post to Brisbane.
  5. Not to be a wet blanket, but just be careful re insurance. It might be at owners expense but if the proverbial hits the fan then that person may blame you and your insurance may not cover it. Im not an insurance broker so dont know for sure, but someone will know and I dont want to see someone doing the right thing get screwed over if the worst was to happen.
  6. Well that’s the thing. I’m probably not going to listen to stored music, when I have Spotify. so I might leave it connected to the Pi for when I do want to use it.
  7. UPDATE: Ok, Ive decided to get the ultraRendu. Now while I wait for it to turn up there are a couple of questions people here might be able to help me with re connection. For best sound quality, am I better just to use this in Spotify mode and leave the existing setup for stored music? Im assuming I'll move more the streamed music and away from stored. Is there a better App to use for spotify on this unit. ie Id hate to buy this and find out later I should have set it up to play Spotify through a different app for better sound quality. Any replies appreciated.
  8. Hi can’t send you a message. wondering if you’d send this to Brisbane?
  9. Thanks for the info. A bit of setup doesn’t concern me, it’s more the stability long term. ill do some more research on the 200.
  10. I know price point can’t beat the Pi. But the continued issue with Spotify working then not working is not want I want when I sit down to listen to music to relax. i have a varied music type but Rock is probably main style. Honestly that’s why I chose Spotify so I can sample all types of music. While I don’t want to lose quality I’ve become used to, I’m not really sure of budget. As you can see from my setup, I’m happy to pay for quality if it’s worth it. Happy to also look at secondhand if the deal is there. what Ido want is easy of use, ie I’d like the app and software be straightforward where I can see easily what I have. if I’m better off keeping the existing step up and adding a device for Spotify only I could look at that too, but one would be the pick. Priority Spotify and harddrive access quality ease of use $$$ size i hope that helps ill have a look at those you mentioned,
  11. Currently on my main audio system I use a Pi to play music through an external hard drive and rune software. i used to play Spotify too but can’t anymore. im more than happy with my dac so what I’m looking for is a streamer that can replace my Pi and allows me to play music off an external drive and also Spotify premium, both through an iPad app. any suggestions or help would be appreciated. ps the smaller the box the better. Thnx
  12. If I had a spare $15k I'd be on them. Only one small issue, no $15k. best of luck with sale
  13. Now it appears sold can I ask how it's free shipping if it's $15 less to pick up
  14. I'll take them off @broom once they've been ripped to a HD.
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