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  1. Should have added, if there is a thread on this already can you point me in the direction as I’m having trouble finding one. Thnx
  2. Had a look at the 9500 beside the 8500 and even though it was cramped and had to look over shelving to get the distance right, you could see the difference in the blacks. The stores aren’t very viewing friendly as everything is crammed in, but at this stage it’s the 9500 now it depends on whether I get the 75 or 85. Need the blessing of the MoF. On another note, I have a Denon X4100W which I currently have a chrome cast connected and then a hdmi to the tv. Given these tvs have built in casting, what would be the best way to connect to get the highest quality result for both picture and sound using casting? Currently everything is either streamed from a Laptop or chrome cast.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I just need to get to a store now and have a look for myself.
  4. Given I cant sit closer without the lounge room looking weird (Zero chance of MoF acceptance). and I cant afford an 85" or bigger OLED. Im guessing a 75" LCD will have to do.
  5. Thanks everyone, looks like I need to either pay more or go as big as possible.
  6. Just to make sure Im understanding what Im reading. In my room, LCD is brighter but worse when it comes to blacks. But in a light filled room is blacker blacks noticable? LCD viewing angle needs an IPS panel for better viewing. OLED has better viewing angle, contrast, colours, but not overly bright. So in my room I probably wont notice a huge improvement esp for the price increase. Therefore Im probably best looking at the LED LCD in a larger screen ie 70+" which will give me better bang for buck. and bright enough for day viewing. If I had a media room then OLED all the way. Is this a realist summation or have I got my brightness' mixed up?
  7. So a decent <65" will be over $5K? and I know, decent is subjective.
  8. Thanks. What is the current weakness in my setup that I need to look at most? Light in the room or viewing angle? or is it just about finding a good quality, reasonable price OLED TV?
  9. Hi Guys and Gals Ive been busy running my business and have been slack in keeping up to date. My current Samsung 62" Smart TV now has 3 vertical rows of lines that cannot be ignored and Im pretty sure 'Clive Anthonys' arent in a position to look at it under warranty *tongue in cheek Anyway, with many choices Im hoping that with some narrowing down I can go hunting & gathering for a replacement suitable for my needs. Whilst my heart says I need the biggest and best, my head tells me that last time I didnt use half the features. My current requirements: Seating approx 4m away Lounge room with natural light that cant be controlled with curtains etc during the day (but is tinted) View is not in front. My fav seat is to the side just off the edge of the TV Mostly streaming via Chrome Ultra. Movies, Sport Sound on TV muted and via sound system The old TV struggled with dark scenes (but that could have been the light in the room or the wrong setting.) Dont think theres anything else. 62" minimum (cant go backwards) but maybe a little bigger would be nice as long as I can get it on the Sanus VLT6 wall bracket Cost: Not an issue, but Im not sure I can justify $5+ K for a TV anymore, esp given my poor room conditions. I'll keep going through the threads as time permits and look forward to any suggested solutions. Thanks in advance.
  10. Always have time for this one. Is it the SQ, is it the artists, is it the music? I don’t know, I just really enjoy listening to it.
  11. You make one spelling mistake and Children come out. they are just jealous Bill. 😂
  12. Ok, I’ll start at the beginning. I’m not the sort of person who sits in front of speaker with the grills off for clearer sound. I know what I like, I like what I listen too and have pretty good pitch so I know when something sounds a little off. I’m also a sparky who thinks a copper cable is a copper cable. My current 2 channel setup which is listed in my signature was connected together by basic rca interconnects and large gauge figure8 cable for speakers. I was pretty happy with the sound except for a hum that after searching for, I put down to the multitude of tubes I have in my system or a transformer. I could live with it because it was only noticeable at very low levels. Move ahead and I stumbled across Bills cables, so I asked him to make me a set of interconnects and speaker cables, thinking it was more about the aesthetics of custom length leads. I told Bill this and he assured me I’d notice a difference but I was still somewhat sceptical. Anyway, today I took the opportunity of a day off and swapped out the cables, turned on the power and cracked some Eagles, immediately I noticed a much cleaner sound, louder, and deeper bass but not booming, just a smooth deep bass. The hum wasn’t there and it sounded like I had a new pair of speakers. I listened to the music I had listened to every Sunday morning but it was different and before I knew it more than 3hrs had passed and I was just sitting there listening to something I hadn’t heard before. Now I’m sure this could be said for any high end cables, however I wasn’t in the market for high end cables. I paid a more reasonable price and got something new which money can’t but. So firstly, cables do make a difference, and secondly, Bills cables made a huge difference to my system. So if you are contemplating a change, I recommend shooting Bill a private message. Sorry this is a little long winded, now I have to get back to listening. Thanks Bill, it was worth the wait. [emoji6]
  13. I’ll take it if you are happy to post to Brisbane.
  14. Not to be a wet blanket, but just be careful re insurance. It might be at owners expense but if the proverbial hits the fan then that person may blame you and your insurance may not cover it. Im not an insurance broker so dont know for sure, but someone will know and I dont want to see someone doing the right thing get screwed over if the worst was to happen.
  15. Well that’s the thing. I’m probably not going to listen to stored music, when I have Spotify. so I might leave it connected to the Pi for when I do want to use it.
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