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  1. Yes I will include shipping with the price, rest assure very well packed, 100% safe and secure, not cheap but these speakers deserve the best care and I want them to go to a good home.
  2. My friend has special account with a freight company and with good packaging and obviously high costs they will arrive 100% safe and secure.. Cheers.
  3. Further information: These speakers are fully serviced, all drivers are original and work perfect, surrounds are serviced and soft as they should be, cabinets are checked for leakage and are professionally re sealed to last another 30 + years, crossover networks are huge and heavy and all have been carefully tested and in perfect condition, sealed speakers means better bass to some ears, I personally like sealed boxes better then ported, in my opinion I do not hear the unwanted airy bass that comes out of a port, these speakers have more punchy and tight bass, however, this is just my o
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