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  1. JSmith

    WTB 30"ish CRT TV

    Gotcha... there are plenty of older LCD's and plasmas that have analogue tuners that will work with an old console like an original Nintendo or Atari once the channel is tuned in. JSmith
  2. JSmith

    WTB 30"ish CRT TV

    Well there is 12 on eBay, but not much there that is useful; https://www.ebay.com.au/b/CRT-Televisions/11071/bn_706841 I've only got a small 15" CRT that is well before HD etc. JSmith
  3. JSmith

    WTB: Digital tv tuner

    Not sure what you're talking about Fred... all FTA TV is Australia that is broadcast in HD is 1080i using MPEG-4 or SD 576i; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_digital_television_channels_in_Australia#Government_funded_broadcasters @yamaha_man needs a new STB which costs less than $40 to receive all current channels and have a PVR function to an attached USB. Have it posted today express, you'll have it in a day or two. JSmith
  4. JSmith

    WTB: Digital tv tuner

    Mate it's from 2005... it's not going to display MPEG-4 only channels as mentioned previously in the thread about old STB's. JSmith
  5. JSmith

    WTB: Digital tv tuner

    The Laser on I posted has composite as do a few others, all cheaper on eBay including refurbs. JSmith
  6. JSmith

    WTB: Digital tv tuner

    https://www.laserco.com.au/STB-6000-set-top-box-hd-pvr-hdmi-media-6000 $40 from BigW, Officeworks, online etc., or any other HD STB. Old ones may not receive MPEG-4 channels. JSmith
  7. JSmith


    Wallabies currently playing Ireland... Go GOLD! JSmith
  8. JSmith

    World Cup 2018

    Reasonably good defence by the Aussies so far and a shame we didn't score 30 - 35 mins in. JSmith
  9. JSmith

    WTB: Solid Copper Speaker cable

    Try 1.5mm magnet wire... JSmith
  10. JSmith

    USB cable recommendations

    In what way exactly... any measured differences in the audio output or just a personal comparison? JSmith
  11. JSmith

    WTB 30"ish CRT TV

    You'll not have much chance of finding this... maybe a member with an old one can supply. I've had all mine sent for recycling years ago, JSmith
  12. JSmith

    World Cup 2018

    As long as this doesn't happen to anyone, we should be in with a good chance; JSmith
  13. JSmith

    USB cable recommendations

    Are the most expensive and overpriced cables I have ever seen... I believe they are constructed by Norse Gods, so most definitely will gain one access to Valhalla. JSmith