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  1. Sharing/ selling music on file.

    Fair enough mate... but for myself and I'd say many others, it was pretty common to have a listen to the other tracks on a CD where maybe we'd only heard the one song from that artist. If I didn't like the balance of the album, then would often by the single CD/tape or EP only. I think it helps on purchasing sites to be able to have a quick listen to part of what you are thinking of buying before doing so. JSmith
  2. Sharing/ selling music on file.

    No different to say years back at Brashs or other stores when one could listen to the CD before buying it. JSmith
  3. -- Show Us Ya VU Meters --

    I find many amps don't have VU meters anymore... apart from some of the higher end products. Why is this and which brands/models do have these now in new products? Surely it doesn't cost much to pop a couple of meters in? I like to know how much juice is going to the speakers, especially when the amp is more powerful than the recommended input for the speakers. In general it is something I miss having on modern amps. JSmith
  4. Sharing/ selling music on file.

    You're entitled, under Australian law, to make a copy for domestic use, such as in your car or ripped onto your smartphone to avoid streaming data fees. You can even share it with members of your household and family, although you're not entitled to take that copy any wider than that. Video is the classic area where people would like to be able to take their DVDs or Blu-Ray and rip them for easy watching on tablets and smartphones. Under current Australian copyright law, however, this is rather explicitly a no-no. What you are allowed to do is format shift video from analogue sources into a digital format, again as long as you own a legitimate copy and keep that copy. https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2015/07/format-shifting-in-australia-what-can-you-legally-do-with-your-content/ JSmith
  5. Sharing/ selling music on file.

    Well you'd be in the minority there Al... JSmith
  6. Sharing/ selling music on file.

    I bet you copied it for a friend... right? JSmith
  7. Sharing/ selling music on file.

    Should it be? Making large sums of money off music was mostly the model of American recording labels... the very same ones that are desperately trying to protect their profits, often not much which gets passed onto the artist, particularly if is their first signing. I guess most are more happy to support smaller independent labels that the big corporate multinationals. Would the artists prefer only people with money to listen to their work? JSmith
  8. Sharing/ selling music on file.

    I'd say the best thing to do is just swap music between friends on a one off occasion... it's when it becomes a public resource and en masse that any eyebrows may be raised. As for morality... well not everyone can afford all the music they like. I guess people of any socio-economic status should be able to enjoy music too. JSmith
  9. Who cares mate... have a laff. I didn't make the meme. JSmith
  10. From what I read he was just waiting for his wife to finish watching a show? @RTR001 is there any issue with placing your speakers in your home where you would like them? Good to hear. JSmith
  11. Mains filter/protection.

    I'd say so... when a products power supply fails, general retailers have never mentioned surges to me and have always accepted the product back as simply faulty. Further, if you are able to prove damage was caused by the power supplier, you can attempt to claim compensation from the Energy company; https://www.accc.gov.au/media-release/accc-gets-compensation-and-warns-on-consumers-rights JSmith
  12. Mains filter/protection.

    Not unless they can prove the damage was from a surge, which is very hard to do... say ya fridge packed it in, it would be replaced/repaired generally speaking. JSmith
  13. Consider a diaphragmatic absorber; https://www.acousticfields.com/product/acda-10-activated-carbon-diaphragmatic-absorber/ JSmith