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  1. JSmith


    Wallabies currently playing Ireland... Go GOLD! JSmith
  2. JSmith

    World Cup 2018

    Reasonably good defence by the Aussies so far and a shame we didn't score 30 - 35 mins in. JSmith
  3. In what way exactly... any measured differences in the audio output or just a personal comparison? JSmith
  4. JSmith

    World Cup 2018

    As long as this doesn't happen to anyone, we should be in with a good chance; JSmith
  5. Are the most expensive and overpriced cables I have ever seen... I believe they are constructed by Norse Gods, so most definitely will gain one access to Valhalla. JSmith
  6. This is one of the Star Wars stories though, not a direct part of the main Star Wars films. The originals are OLD... maybe not to us, but they are. There is no point trying to please older fans whilst turning away or alienating potential new fans to the franchise. I think what they have been doing has been a reasonable way to try to please older fans to an extent, while also appealing to new audiences and new demographics. I try to be positive about the newer films and sub-story films to see the best points of what is trying to be done. Cash cow aside (hey it always has been), I'm generally happy how they are exploring the potential the franchise offers. Of course everyone will think it should be different... but they aren't the director or writers are they? It's funny... have seen people who used to go on about how bad Lucas was, now saying bring him back in. JSmith
  7. Must have been his boss that was drinking it... JSmith
  8. Blybo, I obviously read that before mate... was referring to Al's post about dirty cups. Who's Nuf? JSmith
  9. Oh, ok. It may not bother you, but I assume you know coloured lights affect the perception of colours on the screen? JSmith
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