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  1. Item: Atlas Ascent Mk ii 3.5 Sq. mm Multi Stranded OCC Speaker Cables (Z plugs - 2m length) Location: Sydney, NSW Price: $750 (RRP of approx $2,000 brand new) +shipping costs Item Condition: Excellent (I'm the only owner from new) Reason for selling: Upgraded to 3.5 metres Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: - Very well constructed and neutral sounding cables. - Genuine reason to sell as requiring 3.5 metres solution following a change of setup, otherwise would have kept. - To my ears there isn't much difference between these and the Atlas Mavros (at RRP$5,500) auditioned over 3 weeks - the Ascent represents great price performance ratio. - Have original box and included burn-in CD designed by Atlas (see photos). Some tech info: Ascent is the first speaker cable in Atlas' product hierarchy to use OCC (Ohno Continous Casting) copper connectors with a total 3.5mm² diameter. The increased conductor cross-section gives superior low-frequency performance in comparison to Ascent 2.0. These ultra high purity ‘6N’ (99.99997% purity) conductors are extremely transparent to the signal being passed, their mono-crystal structure ensuring minimum signal loss. For the dielectric, Atlas use a high-efficiency PTFE (Teflon™) which again imposes virtually no signal degradation. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. AUS Bluray - $6 dollars each (or $5 each if purchase more than one) + shipping cost or free pick up in Sydney CBD - Excellent condition (mostly played once) ~ La La Land ~ Detroit ~ Ex_Machina ~ The Shape of Water ~ LION ~ The Imitation Game ~ Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen ~ The Light Between Oceans ~ The Man Who Knew Infinity ~ The Master ~ The Space Between Us ~ The Theory of Everything ~ Dumb and Dumber ~ St. Vincent ~ 28 Days Later ~ Dark City ~ Chappie ~ Prometheus ~ Snowpiercer ~ Silence ~ The Great Wall AUS Bluray - $10 dollars each + shipping cost or free pick up in Sydney CBD - Excellent condition (played once) ~ Bohemian Rhapsody Please PM if interested. Thank you
  3. Wow this looks superb! What hi fi rack are you using incidentally?
  4. 👍 fantastic product - agree with op's description of the difference it can make. I have one and now cannot go without it. Well priced too. Glwts
  5. PV1D looks to be in great condition. Very reasonably priced as well. If this is in Sydney I would've been very very tempted. GLWTS.
  6. Yep! Will definitely miss these guys! But I take comfort knowing they wont be my last ProAcs
  7. Item: ProAc Studio 140 Speakers Location: Sydney Price: 1,500 Item Condition: Excellent mechanically - Note cosmetic imperfections as pictured. See factory accessories included. No longer have boxes. Reason for selling: Upgrading - after 10 years of ownership from new Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Deposit Extra Info: One owner from new - same serial number for the pair. These speakers have served me really well over the last decade. Usage estimated at no more than 1,000 hours as these are my 2nd speakers. Never abused. Buy with confidence. These were 5 star rating by Whathifi. "The Studio 140s flow with the music, delivering power, punch and insight as and when they’re needed" https://www.whathifi.com/proac/studio-140/review In common with other ProAc designs, the Studio 140s look ordinary – and in most ways, they are: their cabinets are just tall, well-built wooden boxes, while their drive units have nothing in them to make rival manufacturers curious. Yet, rather like a master chef cooking with everyday ingredients, ProAc's engineers have concocted something quite extraordinary. The Studio 140s exhibit very few weaknesses – provoke the tweeter with really aggressive recordings or a very bright system and it'll draw a little too much attention to itself, but otherwise, and used in the kind of room where a design of this size would be expected to work, they turn in a mesmerising performance. These speakers get all the essentials spot on. Dynamics are bold enough to do justice to something as demanding as Holst's Mars, and there's little sign of restraint, even at high volume levels. Power, punch and insight The Studio 140s just flow with the music, delivering power, punch and insight as and when they're needed. Timing is equally impressive, delivering a hard-charging beat from the likes of Massive Attack and stopping and starting with an agility not far short of the very best standmounts – except smaller speakers don't have the same bass extension. The 140s' twin 16.5cm mid/bass drivers, tuned with a downward-firing port, promise some proper seismic bass activity, and they don't disappoint in that department. So, these towers do the muscle thing very well, but ask them to speak softly and they'll enunciate like they went to a Swiss finishing school. If you're a fan of great vocalists like Nina Simone or Stevie Wonder, you'll find vocal nuances delivered as clear as day, so the emotional impact of a song is turned up to 11. Want to impress your friends with some flashy-looking speakers? Buy something else. Want to impress them with great music? Start here… Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Bargain. Do u know which dac the owner upgraded to? Glwts
  9. Wow Phil these couldnt be in better condition for a 40 yo. You mustve babied them. And very transparent & honest description. All the best with the sale.
  10. Very reasonably priced mate. Glwts
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