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  1. I've been playing Linda Rondstadt for decades non stop...it helps she sang with lots of others as well as the Nelson Riddle orchestra
  2. ok, I can't accept the black dye used in the resin on that table. Clear would have been fine. Also one of those back cut boards should have been turned up the other way so as to reduce bowing in top....it looks bowed...could be camera. Sorry ; (
  3. If you want cheap improvement to sound then follow these steps... place your fingers on both hands together, place hands behind your ears and gently slide hands forward till your ears are slightly bent forward. Now hear the improvement. Currently working on a head band to facilitate this as it gets tiring after 2 min....enjoy i will keep you posted... ; )
  4. Hey, no one told me CDs were not "in trend" I've bought 10 in the last week...what's going on?
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