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  1. Fair point, I forgot about that and yes, I believe any component that carries power/signal has a burn in period.
  2. I realise that replacing a cheap generic cable, by adding a posh plug to a posh (previously UK) cable doesn’t scientifically tell us much about the individual changes at hand, but I’ve (subjectively) noticed improvement in the sound since switching over. The cable I use now is OCC copper, with an Isotek IEC and of course Furutech gold Aus plug. Interestingly the cable also has small magnets around the earth, neutral and live wires, to block noise. Everything got a deoxit and deoxit gold make over before screwing shut. I don’t think burn in is a factor here because the cable had hundreds of not thousands of hours of play time back in England. Everything seems a tad calmer and breathes easier (think lowering jitter on digital playback) with better delineation between instruments, I’m happy with the change and won’t be going back.
  3. I'm not debating your point(s) and appreciate it's vital to match components well to get the best out of them, although I do view the room as a (vital) component. All I've advised the OP is not to just buy another amp and expect the problem to go away, as it may not. They may have one or more issues to deal with, so before jumping to a solution, it's useful to know what problem you're trying to solve; If I came here with the same issue, asked for advice, paid big bucks for a new amp and found I still had boomy bass in my room, I wouldn't be happy.
  4. Being honest, I'm shocked that everyone is advocating just buying a new amp, it may be the solution but it may not... NB. I've written this with the assumption you want to keep your speakers and that you're willing to put the work in to at least understand the root cause of your issue (with gear like yours I'm sure you are ) You need to eliminate the likely issue(s) in your set up, it sounds like it could be: Your rooms acoustics your amps inability to drive your speakers (in the bass region) Bearing this in mind; forget demoing any gear at a hi-fi store, as you'll be in their room, whose acoustics (read 'challenges') will be different to yours Demo / borrow an amp that is a known good combination with your speakers, in your system; you'll soon know then if it's the amp that is your issue If this fixes your problem, you know what to do. If the issue persists with the demo amp, take a measurement of your rooms acoustics (avoid using your smartphone and an app, they can be >20db out!) You may just be impressed / surprised how bad a room can be (I had a +20db peak in one room 😮) If this is your issue, welcome to the murky world of acoustics, something well worth researching Save $$$$ on replacing equipment when it wasn't the issue in the first place
  5. This - part of the beauty of the system is it operates driverlessly and if it doesn't work, Agent Kith is responsive, capable and helpful, he will make it work for you.
  6. Thanks all for your continued suggestions. I went back on my original point, made my purchase yesterday and went for a Furutech gold plug. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when I replace the generic cable that feeds the rest of my system, where every other power cable is ‘high end’... I’ll report back.
  7. PC, it’s a Linux distro, especially for audio. I don’t know anything about Mac, but if you create a partition on the storage I can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to use it there either. I used AO, Fidelizer and Process Lasso on a Windows 10 pro install and they did improve it, but Snakeoil is better than all of them combined, I’d never go back now.
  8. It is good as far a polishing a turd goes (I own a license) but Snakeoil OS beats it hands down. Oh yeah and it’s free.
  9. Has anyone compared these to stillpoints footers?
  10. Thanks - There are built in footers, that are screwed in; I‘ve spoken to my dealer to check the thread size and will use this to inform my order.
  11. Thanks all for your suggestions; I'm going to try out the Gaia III footers on my bookshelves, because why not? They should look cool with the black and silver hardware of the speakers. Watch this space I'll get back to you with results (and pictures).
  12. Hi, I'm interested in testing one of these products on my loudspeakers (Quadral Galan 9), but I don't know which is meant to be superior? Does anyone have an idea on this? The dimensions of my speakers are quite a bit larger than the Aperta 300 as well, so there would be overhang if I choose this approach, which I'm not comfortable with, but I wouldn't count it out if it's meant to be the superior of the two. **EDIT** I've just realised that that Gaia is meant for floor-standing loudspeakers. I'm still interested to hear your thoughts on this product.
  13. Quadral Galan 9 - absolutely superb bookshelves. I see you’re in Vic, if the West doesn’t scare you off, you’re welcome to come and hear them; being your own to see how they stack up in my system for reference.
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