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  1. Fair enough. My trusted audio dealer in the UK showed me a motherboard he’d modified for audio; he’d effectively ‘shut down’ parts of it by inserting some sort of circuitry on the underside of it - that’s getting way beyond me lol.
  2. I’m not the manufacturer, I don’t have to explain what they claim on their behalf - if you care that much find it yourself.
  3. I’ll find the quote but the manufacturer did say it’s unique ram.
  4. I'm pointing out that there’s more to SGM servers than just a good power supply; the ram they use is custom built to their spec and then matched to extremely high tolerances, which they say is very wasteful and therefore expensive. I’m not saying they’re the best, I’ve not heard them although I’m sure a significant portion of their cost is the casework.
  5. Very pretty; how’s it sound? I moved on from this: to these:
  6. It’s unlikely they were bullied into building a fine system is it?
  7. MFA Baby Reference mk.ii (copper transformers)
  8. I had to cut the rest of my reply short as I had just boarded a plane. My real answer to the OP’s question is that as I’ve moved up the amplification ladder, I’ve experienced several improvements: lower noise floor (more detail appears without sounding hyper detailed, it’s just there, instead of missing / being thrown at you), more power (please don’t equate raw watts with power here, there’s more to it than this, massive current delivery adds to authority, grip and bass clarity also), a sense of effortlessness with the entire frequency range (this really came to the fore when I moved to monoblocks) and coherence, this last one is hard to articulate and could be a result of all of the above, but the music just sounds right and there’s no ‘effort’ involved in listening now. I’m probably preaching to the converted here, but to get the most out of your system as a whole, know what you’re looking for in the first place, do your homework and support your components with... good components!
  9. @roshansubo Here's the drawing of my rack you requested; I apologise for sharing it later than I said I would. Please bear in mind I was very deliberate about the 'extra' height as I always planned to use: large monoblocks (that I wanted plenty of room to breathe) thick isolation platforms and coned supports and cups for both of the above items so factored that in - you can always change the dimensions to suit your needs. This rack is good for three 'full size' (430mm x 430mm) units per shelf, so nine in total. Everyone else, please also feel free to use this drawing, if it's of any use to you.
  10. I am open to reasonable offers on these cables.
  11. I’ve always moved ‘up’ with amps: Sony 2400 Roksan Caspian M2 stereo Sanders Magtech Stereo Longdog Audio p6 This is in terms of performance, weight and cost; I’m not saying bigger and more expensive is always better, but so far on my journey I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the increased benefits of improved amplification. The P6 monoblocks are some of the best amps I’ve heard at any price and unless I come into serious money, they won’t be replaced (I’ve got the schematics and lots of spare transistors for them). I would consider fettling them in the future though.
  12. Sold to @Clement ; thank you all for your comments and interest.
  13. What do you feel your current amps are lacking / what’s the problem you’re trying to fix? Bonus question: are you sure it’s your amp that is the root cause of your dissatisfaction?
  14. It's a pleasure to be able to promote the work of talented people like Ross! Thank you - I'm proud of what I've achieved in terms of sonics; the speakers really aren't out of their comfort zone, it's remarkable what can be achieved within a budget. Please note all interested buyers: I am available today if you're able to pick the speakers up and will be flying to Manila first thing tomorrow morning, so grab them today or you'll have to wait two weeks.
  15. Thank you - I appreciate that. It took hours of drawing and re-drawing lol and was definitely worth it, it adds a real connection to the system for me, having had a direct influence on it's design.
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