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  1. Interesting, I didn't think I'd be the only person with this question. I'll have a play about and report back.
  2. I suppose it depends on where you sit on 'do cables make a difference?' spectrum. Given you've asked you must have at least some curiosity / belief / experience in this regard. If you're nearer the objective shade, the minimum you'll want to use is a cable of sufficient guage to ensure current isn't limited. Personally, I'd use the best quality cabling I felt comfortable paying for; Greg said his speakers are sensitive to all upstream ancillaries, including cables. I use a full Coherent 6D loom (this is high purity copper throughout) and am very happy with the sound. I
  3. Ta. I forgot to ask (sorry if it's in the thread) - what are the power amps you're driving them with?
  4. Thanks @Richo, yes I'm surprised they don't have a bigger following, given the quality of sound they produce, especially at the price.
  5. Very nice @genkifd What's the diameter of the subwoofer please?
  6. Further information: Superb monitors with frankly incredible frequency response - 36hz (!) to 65khz. You read that right, they do go low and do it well! Clean, fast, rhythmic, fun, detailed and neutral, they've really exceeded my expectations from what a small speaker can do; I've only retired them due to getting substantially larger speakers in my system (Osborn Epitome Reference Elites). Instead of waxing lyrical, I've attached a professional review (see the two PDFs) of them which does a great job of describing them - all except for their sensitivity rating, these speakers are 8
  7. Hi, I use JRMC 24, which enables RAM playback for audio; I choose to use the option 'Load decoded file into memory'. Bearing this in mind, my question is: Is there any benefit to me using Snakeoil's memory playback feature, either: In conjunction with the JRMC memeory playback (I feel this is unlikely), Instead of JRMC or, Not bother and stick to what I'm doing? I'm guessing the difference with the Snakeoil offering is the entire OS (and therefore, by extension entirety of JRMC) will be loaded to RAM, instead of just the audio fil
  8. Ps. I've gotten over just how large and imposing they seemed at first and tbh I was shocked at myself for even considering this... the macho audiophile in me never thought I'd worry about the size of a loudspeaker 🤣 The finish on them is exemplary and I love how they look. Some people moan about / hate speaker burn in but I love it; seeing the component blossom into what it was always meant to be - what a pleasure!
  9. Some notes, using one mono amp, at pedestrian listening levels: I aim to pick place to live where where the Epitomes can really breathe properly in future. I heard their big brothers at Greg's place, it was amazing to understand the kind of SPLs they can produce (FAR more than I'll ever realistically need) whilst remaining completely distortion free. 'Alarming' volume levels is an apt description 🤣 They're completely unflappable. I didn't get round to how these speakers actually sound in my initial write up, let me fix that; I suppose I still can't provide a truly accu
  10. Possible stupid question, if I wanted to take a burl and cut a perfect circle out of it, would a CNC machine be the best way to do it? I've got a burl coffee table but my toddler keeps scratching himself on it, so we want to make a 'less lethal' version.
  11. Jessie got this one of Reg - he looks so awkward 😁
  12. It's impossible for me to state how much of an upgrade the elite stage is, given I've not got a baseline to compare against, so reassuring to hear this from someone that does. Compared to my last speakers there is just more.. information, space, depth all coming from a more coherent and quiet background. I'm currently listening in mono (left channel) as I impatiently await the repair of my other ? got the spares fitted and it's still not quite behaving itself.
  13. Indeed; you are wise to be wary! Tbh, the Consonance Opera he lent me is ~4k and is a superb amp.
  14. My long time listening bro, guarding the stereo like he should - Reginald;
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