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  1. Just to further confuse things, a good passive or TVC preamp can work wonders. Although you need to be careful with matching the source to the input impedance of your amps (less so with a TVC). I have a wonderfully transparent, neutral and clear sound in my system from using a good TVC.
  2. I agree about amperage delivery; watts only tell part of the story IME. I’ve moved ‘down’ from 500wpc, to 200, but the current delivery on my new amps is 100 amp (instantaneous) and they sound much more in control and authorative.
  3. I don’t have the same amp, speakers, rack or cables anymore either. Changing from Windows to Linux is a significant upgrade in SQ though. I wouldn’t have believed it until I tried it.
  4. If you’re genuinely interested in ultimate sound quality (who here isn’t?), here’s a slightly left field suggestion for you: drop Windows and all of the expensive ‘turd polisher’ software for it, and use SnakeOil os. Out of the box it’s (far) better sounding than your current solution - ask me how I know?! I was in your exact situation. Plus, it takes far less space up (<10gb) so you won’t need to purchase more storage for a while and TJ (the author) is very helpful and active.
  5. Right now, my amps are worth at least 30x (!!) what my speakers are (my signature is out of date btw). A huge mismatch. Yet... they sound phenomenally good! I’m very happy with the sound and, no, the speakers aren’t staying - needs what must.
  6. Hi, does anyone know where I can source new / good quality used / replacement speaker grills for a pair of older B&W DM602 S2s? Ideally around Melbourne, but he’s willing to get them posted. I’m asking this for a friend who would like to replace his aged and worn ones. I appreciate any suggestions.
  7. If you like what you had, would you consider repair?
  8. Amazing work, I love that style. How does it sound?
  9. This is incorrect; think of it a bit like a zip file, it’s compressed and uncompressed by your cpu, the more compression, the more work the cpu has to do to uncompressed it. ALSO, you can convert your whole library to flac anytime if you want to, so you can improve the metadata in your library if you want to.
  10. ‘Right’ depends on what your situation is. If saving space is a priority then you should compress it. If not, uncompressed means less work for your CPU to do and ergo (theoretically) will sound better. I’m of this school of thought and leave it full fat. Even if you’ve got a beast of a CPU it may impact sound quality. Ultimately have a play and see if you can hear a difference? NB. If you buy digital flac downloads, you’ll find there’s a degree of compression and so will require decompression your end. I use dbpoweramp and it’s great for this job.
  11. 100% uncompressed Flac, purely for its metadata. I hear no difference between the two formats.
  12. @Pops110 The timber is Australian Blackwood; I asked the guy to pick stuff that would really show off the sap wood (white parts) as a feature. I was impressed with the result. The amps are called LDA (LongDog Audio) P6. They're made by a gentleman called Nick Gorham (he also built my DAC, the LDA VDt1). His usual work is with valve amps, so these were a bit of a departure for him. They're biased about 25W into class A, deliver 200W into 8ohms (doubles as impedance dips), can deliver around 100A current and are particularly low distortion. Here's a review in case you're interested? I doubt I'll ever change them now - they make my old Magtech sound weak (!) and vague.
  13. @ThirdDrawerDown fair play, that would be nice to have. This cost me about $50 to put together. @Gryffles Thank you; I designed it (the rack) but had a professional build it for me. I did build the horrible fortress to protect it. @Pops110 cheers mate. Yours looks fantastic as well; I like the recycling element and how you’ve made something so beaten up look great.
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