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  1. Quadral Galan 9 - absolutely superb bookshelves. I see you’re in Vic, if the West doesn’t scare you off, you’re welcome to come and hear them; being your own to see how they stack up in my system for reference.
  2. I’ve not ventured into this kind of realm yet and idk if I ever will, perhaps if I keep building up resistance. Does it have a taste or simply add heat? I’ve decided that I’ll stick with Habaneros this time around for my and sauce and grow next time. Does anyone have a link to a good growers guide please?
  3. Thanks - does anyone know the markets where I might find these kind of chillies in Melbourne? I'm going to buy red habaneros from Woolworths for my first batch (as I need to get some made quickly) but I really want to source hotter strains...
  4. Hi gang, I have recently taken an interest in chillies and after getting through a few bottles fast* I realised this could end up becoming costly, so after seeing how easy it is to make my own, I want to try this. However, looking online I’ve found it’s difficult to source the kind of chilies I’m interested in, e.g. Ghost, 7 pot, Reapers etc. Can anyone recommend me a place where I can source fresh versions of this type of super hot chilli please? *The only one that is a challenge is a 1.5 million SHU bottle made with Carolina Reapers, so I’m okay with heat.
  5. Hi, this is a left field suggestion, but I’ve just acquired a pair of Quadral Aurum Galan 9 bookshelves and I’m honestly blown away by how good they are, especially for the price of them. They’re articulate, neutral (maybe the slightest lean towards warmth, but this is assuming my whole system is perfectly neutral to start with 😉). I get bass down to ~35hz (!), they have a selectable tweeter (-2db, flat, +2db) to suit your treble tastes and a simply beautiful mid-range. Admittedly I spent a fortune on upgrading the jumper cables (from stock to Coherent 6d), but they just sing to me. Oh yeah, they sound as large as the music tells them to sound as well, they throw a huge, layered and convincing soundstage, they make you feel like you’re in the venue, whether the recording is front and centre or further back into the hall. Their ribbon tweeter is superb as it lets me hear deeper than I have before into the mix, without sounding etched. Their imaging is superb too, if that’s your thing. They’re capable of remaining coherent even during complex musical passages and handle volume and dynamics with aplomb. I know you’re Sydney based, but if you happen to be in VIC on your travels I’d be happy to let you have a listen mate.
  6. Wow, thank you all for the information, I appreciate it.
  7. In my first post I was trying to be detailed and seemed to have caused more confusion so I apologise for that; I meant a two pin plug (Schuko) to a three pin (Australian) plug. Really all I'm asking is it safe to convert a mains lead that is currently wired as a Schuko to an Australian plug.
  8. Thanks for letting me know; I’ll leave it there. Unless you’re letting me know it isn’t safe to rewire a noob 😛
  9. I've got a good quality power lead that I'd like to recycle, to do so I need to remove the Schuko plug that's attached and fit an Australian plug. I don't want to spend millions on one (so the blingy Furutechs are out), can you guys please point me to reasonable alternatives that are better than cheapo generic junk? I'm happy to spend ~$60 maximum on it. Also, is it safe to rewire a plug that had two wires (Schuko) to Australian (three). As you can tell I'm a noob with this so don't know much about it and want to remain safe first and foremost. Thanks for your help in advance.
  10. That’s interesting, thanks. I’ve got them across the caps of my amps and it was the first time I’d ever seen / noticed them.
  11. What’s the little red parts that sit across the capacitors?
  12. I recently tried upsampling to dsd64 (the only dsd my dac can do) for a short while. It really made no appreciable difference and so back to 192kHz everything went. I only use 192khz to avoid sample switching noise between tracks, no other reason.
  13. My first ‘high end’ speaker cable was the original Tellurium Q Ultra Black; I tried it against various other cables and I didn’t want it to be better due to the cost, alas, I purchased it because it was clearly better than the competition. I use Coherent 6D speaker cables and jumpers now, they’re a big step up again. Short of a lottery win, these will be my last as well.
  14. Fair enough. My trusted audio dealer in the UK showed me a motherboard he’d modified for audio; he’d effectively ‘shut down’ parts of it by inserting some sort of circuitry on the underside of it - that’s getting way beyond me lol.
  15. I’m not the manufacturer, I don’t have to explain what they claim on their behalf - if you care that much find it yourself.
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