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  1. Happy over here and yet still planning to make a few (well researched and planned) upgrades. I love my Quadral Galan 9 speakers (I'm still in awe of how big they sound!), yet I've ordered a pair of Osborn Epitome Reference Elites. I believe that all components have a performance ceiling and I want to see what my amps are really capable of. If my speakers are capable of a '5', then my amps are capable of a '10', so I need (want) speakers that will unleash their performance and 'balance' the system. TBH, I'm about at the peak of what I'm comfortable spending
  2. I'm sorry about your hearing loss - I have chronic tinnitus and hyper acusis in my right ear so I can relate... How big are the woofers you've used? They are of respectable size 😁 Unless I'm mistaken it looks like you've gone TMM up top, instead of the usual MTM - is that right?
  3. Lovely looking system there. Are your speakers DIY? I only ask as I don't recognize them. Another forum member bought one of those preamps to mine when I lived in WA - it added a fantastic intimacy to my sound.
  4. I currently use a pair of Quadral Aurums 9s - they beat anything else in and above their price range. Fantastic brand - GLWTS
  5. Had a very kind offer from a member here.
  6. Hello my vinyl brethren, I come from the digital realm with a request for help please; I want to buy this vinyl and get it delivered to a kind soul here in Australia (with a good vinyl set up, decent ADC and record cleaning machine), so they can convert the record to digital under the best possible conditions. This is for a good friend (in the UK), so that he can use it in his mixing. Of course, I'll cover the cost of shipping the vinyl to me (as it's got sentimental value), plus the cost of a nice bottle of wine / whatever to say thanks. FYI: he already own
  7. Indeed; what's supremely frustrating to me is how long I put up with a problem I was so close to solving myself... Still, it's a useful learning experience to thoroughly troubleshoot and not be blinded by my own assumptions. And it's a far cheaper outcome than the alternative options. As a sidenote; Nick Gorham (Longdog audio) offered to get this monster of a monoblock shipped back to the UK, at his own cost, to have a look for me - superb service! Thanks also to @Auracle for your offer of help too.
  8. I took your advice and attempted this (admittedly with a dose of scepticism) and... it fixed my issue! It must have just been a weak connection; I simply swapped left to right and bam! Problem solved! Thanks for your advice sir, you saved me a costly mistake.
  9. @miyouzaic fair points, thank you. I'll have a crack with that now.
  10. Hey mate, I'm in Sunshine (west of Melbourne). Your suggestions are fair ones. I've read the other pointers below and I'll make sure to test these out first as I need to be 100% sure where the fault lies.
  11. I tightened up the offending loose terminal and the issue persists. As a bonus I nearly dropped the amp off of its isolation platform putting it back into the rack; I was ~0.5cm away from disaster and it was sheer good luck nothing happened... The next thing I'll do is take out all the cables in my system and clean them and their corresponding terminals; I was shocked at just how discoloured the RCA input on the amp was! I honestly don't think this will fix the issue but it needs to be done anyway. It sounds permanently quieter and more muffled with intermi
  12. Maybe it was always loose and I just didn't realise, who knows? I know it's tenuous, maybe I'm just kidding myself but I hope I'm right as this is something I may be able to fix without paid for help.
  13. Thanks for your suggestion and I did consider this - my reasoning that this isn't the problem is: 1. if I had a problem in the right channel of my source, 2. it would be highlighted by swapping the inputs to my preamp (as the right channel would 'become' the left and thus the problem should shift over) and it didn't.
  14. Thanks all for your input; it's spurred me on to decide I'll take a closer look today. You can probably tell by how I've spoken about the issue I have very little technical knowledge - so fingers crossed me having a play fixes it. I'll report back later today!
  15. Thank you - I'm smitten with them! It's a shame one is not fully working now as I was planning to get some serious music sessions underway over the Christmas break.
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