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  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying your JVC, Al! I kept my X35 for the study for the smaller screen, but sold my x9500 after it dimmed around 600hrs. I’m sure I’ll be back to JVC after they iron out issues with the new chassis (and hopefully increase brightness as the current brightness leaves little room for dimming on larger screens for HDR although Dynamic Tone Mapping should help somewhat). Enjoy!
  2. I don’t play competitive gaming online, just offline games so I’m probably not the best to say but I like gaming on the 9400. HDR gaming especially is pretty cool. the picture quality is great. i much prefer gaming on this than a JVC especially as I don’t have to worry about bulb replacements and it gets much brighter. Epson bulbs are now almost 1/7th of the cost of a new JVC bulb, they are brighter and better designed. JVC is getting borderline ridiculous, although they can’t be beaten on picture quality on movies. But I have more and more resentment towards them and I’m sure others too. I now usually recommend people find other alternatives unless they really can’t live without a JVC. Too much hassle and crap support.
  3. Love my SVS subs! The PB-1000 is great value for what it does!
  4. Yup, on AVSForum if you’re so inclined
  5. A few more things about pixel shifting since testing it more: - looks like 3x 1080p for 4K 60Hz at 4:2:0 - looks like 4 x 1080p for 24p material!! (That is full 4K but of course pixel shifting has inherent blur so won’t be as sharp as native 4K) others have reported seeing no change for 4K 60hz but I presume they are using 4K 60 at 4:4:4 (or they assume no change because it looks different from 24p) Also: DISABLE THE PANASONIC OPTIMISER!!! The Epson now does a MUCH BETTER JOB!!
  6. This is what I sent to the UK forum. It may make things a bit easier: The new 1.03 firmware seems to add an extra pixel position for pixel shifting for 4K 24p material. The pixel structure looks like they are making the panels transmissive at the halfway point between the two previous pixel positions. We have been discussing this on the US forums, and I would like you guys to check this out as well. I am using the Australian firmware which should be the same as the UK one. There's lots of other changes to HDR, but this is the first time a manufacturer actually increased the resolution of a projector using a firmware upgrade. Please note that they are not doing this on 60hz material so it won't show on your xbox one X, only 24hz movies. Also another thing to note: DO NOT USE PANEL ALIGNMENT. TURN IT OFF if you want to see the full resolution the machine is capable of. When you use fine adjustment (a few clicks here and there), the resolution in some of the colour channels is halved. Put on Lucy or Aquaman menu in 4K and turn your panel alignment on or off. You'll see what I mean. You will need to re-do your focus after the firmware update. 1. Update firmware 2. Turn off panel alignment 3. Warm up machine for 30mins on medium lamp 4. Re-do your focus feeding 1080p and 4K enhancement off 5. Feed the machine 4K 24p UHD material actually mastered at 4K (like Lucy), not the studio upscaled stuff. The pixel structure should now look like diagonal lines with tiny dots in between them (as opposed to pixels with tiny dots in between them like with the previous firmware) and the image should look sharper than before. Enjoy!
  7. We have confirmed that the new pixel structure is there for 4K 24p material but not there (or not the same) for 60hz material.
  8. Someone else mentioned the changed pixel structure on AVS as well so I’m not making it up! Epson has updated the pixel shifting!
  9. Well, I watched quite a bit of material now with the new firmware and pixel-peeped on quite a few, stuff that was prepared with 4K DIs and it certainly looks like the panels are put into 3 positions now, not 2! So instead of getting 2 x 1080p resolution, it is giving 3x 1080p. I’d like others to confirm this but that’s how it looks. Previously I could very well see the two positions. Now it looks like they are blending those with a 3rd. That is superb news if true!!! Looks sharper too so I dialed back the sharpness control to 0 on my Panasonic. I had it on 1 previously!
  10. Someone should check if single pixel patterns are resolved better than before. I didn’t run any such patterns before on my unit. Cheers!
  11. New firmware observations: - tone mapping updated for HDR: it’s a bit brighter but also cuts less highlights. In fact, highlights seem to stay better defined even in higher slider levels on some movies. - Colours seem brighter and bette contoured / natural due to updated tone mapping for HDR - they have done something with pixel shifting. The actual pixel pattern you see on the screen is slightly different. I think they may be flashing the panels in 3 positions now, not just 2: they also do a flash in the middle between the two previous positions. This could deliver just a tad more brightness as well and could be why some people think there’s a tad more sharpness, although just remember that a brighter image will appear to be sharper even if nothing else changes!!! the pixel shifting has just a tad more flicker but you can only see it when you pixel peep. I think it’s because they seem to be flashing the panels 3x now, not 2. This is all just a guess at this point but that’s how it looks to me.
  12. Further information: Generation 1 speaker manufactured in the USA. Excellent condition. No scratches or blemishes. if you are looking for a centre speaker, and already have a stereo setup, this is your ticket. Beautiful smooth detailed sound. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. please message me with offers! 🙂 don’t be shy!
  14. Further information: Price is per pair (includes a 3rd speaker!) - 2 pairs available These were used as surround speakers in cinemas. I have confirmed with Krix that they would work well with their current line of speakers as well such as the MX or “-phonics” ranges such as the Megaphonics. I got them from a seller in Sydney as I was deciding how to set up my new hone cinema and even got M&K speakers. In the end I decided to change my surround speakers to match my front Jamos. They have been hooked up and tested, Audyssey calibrated and the like! One pair went back to the seller as one of the speakers was not working. They are big speakers but also have mounting brackets if someone needs them. I have 2 pairs available and since there might be a concern about serviceability down the line, I will throw in an extra speaker into the package. So BOTH pairs become 3 speakers!! (6 in total if you buy both pairs). Please note that the 3rd service speaker works perfectly but it may come without a grill! If one was to fail down the line, you simply click the grill onto the 3rd one from the failed speaker. I may be in Melbourne for work in a few weeks’ time so could bring them. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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