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  1. Yes there is a step up in clarity between the 3040 and 3070, not only due to the DACs but 64bit internal processing as opposed to 32bits.
  2. Haha! No worries at all. just run what works for your setup!
  3. May I suggest the Tenda system to the seller? I know it’s cheap but I have not had an issue with it and I run a lot of stuff on it.
  4. If not, see if Pack and Send is open. If they are, you can ship these for $80 each if they pack it or around $40 each if You guys can arrange packing and you book collection online! 😉
  5. These are fun and powerful. I have the PB2000s but they are only up 1/4 way. They could pressurise the whole house if I knocked the internal walls down. I would have gotten the PB1000s if the metal grille was an option. 😉
  6. That’s a good upgrade. 🙂 someone else will be happy with these!
  7. These are sexy and super efficient. Ooooooo, I would if I had the monies!!! :-)
  8. I would rebuild the cupboard to be honest. Hahaha! 😉
  9. This is good value with a repaired / replaced ballast. That was the biggest risk with that line! its also the only model from that year I liked. 🙂
  10. I’ll take them for $65 if nobody wants them... 😉 they look interesting.
  11. Sold pending payment! I’ll close thread once it goes through. I’m sorry that some of you messaging me missed out. If sale falls through I’ll let you know in order of PMs. Cheers!
  12. The only reason to use multi-channel input would be to use it as an amp but I would not use analogue for high-resolution audio for two reasons: 1. they don’t invest into AD converters as much as they do in DA converters especially in multi-channel amps so really you’re just degrading the sound. 2. the new yamahas have 64bit room correction enabling high-resolution correction and really great clarity of sound. this unit sounds amazing but this is the story: I hooked it up in my studio where my current 3020 is running Yamaha studio monitors and the clarity of sound is just really amazing. HOWEVER, this unit was meant for the main home cinema. Unfortunately, after doing measurements, the room and my THX select 2 laid back bloody speakers are interacting in a way that the Yamaha’s clarity is lost on those speakers and the room. I had two options: 1. Upgrade my speakers which I have no money to do right now. I’m not moving my white woofer studio monitors to the home cinema. That’s out of the question! 2. Use an old unit with XT32 and correct the hell out of them. Well, this worked and I’m sticking with this. Even tho it doesn’t provide the clarity of the Yamaha and I lost CinemaDSP which I’ll miss. I’ll get another Yamaha once I upgraded my speakers in the home cinema in a few years. For now, this is the compromise.
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