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  1. Looks fine to me. My only comments would be: Why not ditch the TP-LINK swith and plug everything into the Netgear POE - save some power / noise Not sure if the 4 port bonded connection to the synology will do much for you - depends on how many devices are concurrently accessing the synology and bandwidth requirements for each. Hope that is useful. John
  2. Hi, I just tried to PM you, but the system says that you can't receive messages. I the player still available? Please PM me.
  3. Thank you Vu, It was a pleasure dealing with you and I am very happy with the cables. John
  4. Hi, A mate has a Sony VPL-HS60 ( Need to double check model #) 720p projector that might be in your price range. It has a working bulb and a brand new original Sony spare bulb (unopened) PM me if interested.
  5. I wouldn't recommend using a PC as your calibration source - there are too many variables involved to get a reliable reference output. Things like video card version, driver version, OS version, playback software, enhancements all make it difficult to know what you are outputting. Get a DVD/Blu-Ray and turn off any enhancements it may offer - chances are that this will be much closer to reference output than the PC I would: 1. Connect directly to PJ and adjust PJ settings until you get correct results for brightness & contrast - Make sure you turn off any PJ enhancements 2. Now connect player through receiver and verify nothing has changed - if it has, then go through the settings in the receiver, turning off enhancements and experimenting until correct picture is restored 3. Begin your calibration - good luck I am sure you will spend many hours learning, and hopefully you can get a good result. 4. Once happy with calibration, verify that your XBMC looks correct - not sure if you can use the same test patterns as you would with a PC Alternatively purchase a Lumagen mini - this makes the process much easier and would probably deliver better results. Have a look at the Display calibration thread at AVS - very good information here. Hope that helps, John
  6. I love my music and home theatre - been meaning to look around the site for a long time, and have finally got around to registering. Hopefully I am now worthy
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