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  1. Hi Mike...…. have sent you a PM to buy at the advertised price and you have accepted. We will meet half way at Taree to do the exchange. Very excited for the opportunity to have these beautiful speakers. All the best, Warren
  2. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGG ! ( Please read disappointment in this anguished expletive ) So close...…. thanks for the heads up but I was tooooooo slow..... one of my dream CD. All the best, Warren.
  3. oOOPS…. I think I put my comment in the quote box rather than the proper place !
  4. Hi Jaceyb ….. can I ask what is the build date of your home ? ….. it tells me a lot about the actual construction of the floor. My floors are old style 1920s Baltic pine with lots of give and therefore really crap for speakers. I believed ( hey..... we all believe we are acoustic Gods ) that I have solved this with DIY components ( ie; cost nothing ) that blend the "isolationist " versus " Bedding in " theorists in such a way that it really works .Let me know if interested.
  5. Heard this only once a few years ago …… I still to this day remember the seamless gorgeous sound that emerged. At the time I could not afford it ….. such is life! GLWTS
  6. Had the same amp for 6 years...…… heard so many other amps at much higher prices that IMO did not even come close.... only sold mine to go to a Musical Fidelity Trivista at 3 times the price...… the A 300 has beautiful voices, great muscular grip and built like a tank ! And the price...….. a gift. GLWTS
  7. Great speakers..... had a pair for 6 years ….. glorious sound with highest quality build…… only surrendered them for my Yammie 1000 GLWTS
  8. For the money, MF amps are beautiful. Now nearly 20 years of playing ( 4 models ) it's hard to find a more harmonious, detailed and quality amp. Anyone who can listen will this amp will be a convert. GLWTS
  9. SOLD pending payment/collection this afternoon. Thank you for all the positive replies.
  10. Hi att23..... yes, I will include the pointy cones and the acrylic platter that goes beneath them for the same price. I have spent years in the dizzy wilderness of isolation and / or " bitting in " platforming and IMO I have discovered the nirvarna of sweetest sound ……. with all equipment ( CD, amp, DAC etc ), fit cones below your equipment's feet that bite / really dig into the acrylic sheet that then is isolated below with damping material ( thousands of options ….. cork, silicone, sorbelene products in combination or exclusively etc ). Great SACD / CD Player...……. he who hesitates is lost.
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