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  1. Love your wife's approach !!!!!!!!!!
  2. You are very lucky to be living in the Hifi capital of Australia........ I would advertise here in Stereonet in the Wanted to Buy section...... some EXCELLENT choices second hand would be Australian producers like :Osborn - Melbourne based ( second hand F1 or Atom or if you were really lucky, a pair of early Eos ) : Vaf -SA based but quite a few in Melbourne ( Signature i91 ..... I have seen the earlier model the Mk1 around $1200 a pair if you were really lucky .... an amazing speaker ) : and my pick if you can find a pair... Kef Q35 ... produced in 1997, ranked in the BES
  3. Agree with Jehuty...... a beautiful cable and even for the original RRP price very hard to beat ..... for this Stereonet price..... a steal. GLWTS
  4. All time bass classics..... Massive Attack ANGEL. and Lamb ANGEL GABRIEL
  5. Hi Steve ...... If I brought those into the house it would be I who was suspended from the ceiling ! Nevertheless they are indeed wonderful and would be the backbone of the most amazing project. GLWTS.
  6. Hi Tumpon ...... I would be very happy to buy your International IC. Will PM to arrange payment and pickup. Thanks.
  7. Probably not on topic as you are talking pre / power separates and therefore may not be useful to the discussion ........ nevertheless an observation to offer .......... we know that Duntechs thrive on big power and control to give their magic........ If you could get your hands on / borrow a Musical Fidelity TriVista 300 integrated you may be surprised at what it can do with your Soverigns ...... 350 Watts into 8 Ohms, 600 Watts into 4 Ohms , 96 Amps peak to peak output current .... yet achieved with velvety detail as well. Had the baby Duntech Opals ( quite a beautiful smallish
  8. Just installed the $6 AGM Audio banana plugs into the backs of my amp's binding posts..... really tight fit, very stable.... very happy with them..... and Aussie made to boot.
  9. Oh Pigpen ........ those poor schnauzers. Having said that, have just ordered some EGM Audio Banana plugs - Rhodium plated - at $6 a plug..... they reviewed quite favourably on our Stereonet Forum over the last couple of years ..... should be delivered in the next days. Was thinking the $40 to $80 mark PER CONNECT for a sub and then thought ...... hhhmmmmmm, will my system hear the difference. All you can do is trial and think about it rather than just buy on specs/ reviews with an open wallet. It's all relative ( said Einstein.... the greatest audio Infuencer of all ti
  10. Have to agree with Pigpen.......... yet there is a worse scenario (c) I realise I am at someone else's house and I am eyeing up the back of their toaster.
  11. Hi KYK..... I would be very happy to take your cable..... sending a PM to arrange transfer.
  12. I too have joined the Sub-Club recently, adding a ( ironically, given this discussion ) REL to my 2 channel system, and am still in the break in/ positioning stage, yet early thinking is that it is an improvement. .... but with all hifi, the improvements are less dramatic the further you move up the audio food chain ie.... the law of diminishing returns measured against the diminishment of your wallet, but I have no regrets as the love of music conquers all. 6 months ago I put the cheapest entry level Yamaha Sub ( bought secondhand of course through Stereonet ) into my son's bargain basemen
  13. Have to agree with you......... dwelling on the choices is easier, but you are in the doing mode now so that's great to see.......... all the best with it; I'm sure the end result will be fantastic.
  14. Hi fcc..... how much flexibility have you with the speaker placement ? ....... to my view, your speakers seem a bit " boxed in " in front of the bed area ...... is there any chance of moving them so they are in front of your whiteboards, still leaving you enough room to use the whiteboards.? I suppose it all depends on where you sit to MAJORITY of the time to enjoy your music ..... if you listen whilst you work at your desk for most of the time , then maybe you are stuck with your speaker placement ( yet as said above tweeter height may need adjusting ) .............. or maybe you do your
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