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  1. Hi....... would love some advice / thoughts about installing a dedicated line from outside electrical box , then under the house and finally to a wall socket in audio room ( please note, electrician will do the wiring ) From what I've read so far this seems to be the basics: - 20A at the box ( some recommend to have its own circuit breaker ...... necessary ? - 10, 12 or 14 gauge wire. Am thinking of using DH Labs ENCORE 14g bulk wire at about $25 a meter........ hoping this would give much better results than standard house wire..... any experiences her
  2. " Trump Tower Unlimited Liability " Got the full treatment whilst stopped at very busy traffic lights along Alison Rd and Anzac Prd (Sydney) some years ago...... the driver shouted the "incredible " offer as his mate slid open the side door of the van to display the illustrious "bargain" ....... I just thanked him for making my day as one urban myth came true right before my eyes. Wonderful memory !
  3. Item: REL SUB Price Range: market .... please advise Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Hi ...... looking for a REL sub at T9 level or hopefully higher ( older Series S 2 or S3 ). ..... Sydney would be good when it comes to transport costs but open to shipping for the right sub ) Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. Love the plastic jars in a go-for-it DIY solution to a problem, but there are better and easier ways that are very cheap. Go to Bunnings and buy the White's black rubber squares ( anti-vibration pads used under washing machines that cost about $6 for a 4 pack )and then to Ikea to get the Amazingly cheap BAMBOO cutting board ( the 35mm@45mm that is 30mm thick ). Put the pads down then the cutting board on top. I would go 1 step further and put some stick-on small cone feet on the bottom of both components and bed these into perspex offcuts. Please go to the SNA Forums here on DIY isolation
  5. Got to agree with Phil Y ( or really his wife ) about having 2 system. If you listen to 2 channel in one room and have your AV in another, then I think this allows the greatest flexibility AND better sound production from both systems. I think in the long run it does not turn out to be more expensive as it allows you to zero in on the great second hand SNA offerings that are often so specific to your individual situation.
  6. That's a lotta' good speaker for not that much money ...... GLWTS
  7. Hi Mloutfie ......Tried about 6 cables before the Isolada ..... 5 ranged from flat/dull to OK but one gave an extreme response in my system that so pronounced the bass that it was total dooff-dooff and awful.Hard to figure.....just reinforces the notion that you have to listen to individual components in your particular system.
  8. Because I have an old house with 100 year old wooden floors it has forced me to play with all sorts of isolation and/ or coupling solutions over the years .......... had great success with a combo of Whites pads from Bunnings as noted here by many members, spikes and ACRYLIC...... acrylic is the final component that brings it all together and makes it sing...... I use this method on everything..... speakers, racks, CD, amps, DAC.... The improvement in sound quality across all aspects is quite remarkable. For a sub, get 4 White pads ....... then get 4 acrylic squares laser cut
  9. Have found that the older Musical Fidelity amps have a beautiful symbiotic relationship with Yamaha NS 1000 ..... the A300 was really good, but the TriVista 300 with over 300W of muscle and finesse is a wonderful marriage. But weirdly, getting a right match for speaker cable between these two was REALLY difficult ...... finally settled on some older Townsend Isolada which worked a treat.
  10. Hi ..... very keen to take these ...... sent a PM to buy at agreed price...... lone my Yammies forever .
  11. Without doubt, upgrading from the standard IC sometimes supplied with the product to a good Ic cable brings really noticeable improvement ( hey, I got unsold at my local Hifi store to a Van Den Hull First Ultimate cable and I've never been happier .... if I could have got this second hand for $200 / $300 I would have been even happier still but I keep my stuff forever so it's fine) ..... but to introduce a sideline ......... getting the right speaker cables is a much more difficult and wilder ride IMO.
  12. I think there are 2 parts to this question. one for music / audio ( and the main sail no doubt ) and the other for movies which is not part of your query but still very relevant to your probe : 1). Yes, as we get older our hearing does diminish ( as is well established by scientific research ) but let me say unequivocally that our discernment of music does NOT diminish........ it is not some cold mathematical equation that says that scientific hearing measurement equals musical enjoyment........ as I have journeyed on my quest for great music ( always within the bounds of
  13. Unbelievable price for an unbelievable amp.......... just look at that power supply and the condition of this very limited edition classic ...... somebody will get the buy of the year here. GLWTS.
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