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  1. Legendary as individual components and as a combo....... the sound is angelic! Would jump but have Musical Fidelity Trivista as a keeper.... GLWTS
  2. Hi ...... believe me, I am a Yammie man.... my Yammies 1000 M stay absolutely beautiful after 40 years of competition....... I bought a budget Yamaha 90's amp on Sterenet for my son and it's amazing..... I am intrigued and tempted by your B-2 Viet......... my question is this....... I'm currently driving my Yammies with a Musical Fidelity Trivista 300 with gorgeous result........ would the B-2 Viet bring something extra to my particular audio table ? Beautiful Yammie amp......... GLWTS.
  3. Hi......... had my MF Trivista 300 for around 8 years now....still the most glorious midrange I've ever heard with my Yammies NS1000...... your M6 500i would be amazing. GLWTS PS : I bet those Duntechs really sing with your amp !!!!!!!! I I had the little brother Duntech Opals that were wonderful with a Musical Fidelity. A 300.
  4. PM with intent to buy at this price .
  5. On my third integrated MF amp over the last 16 years.......... gorgeous sound, rock solid build and delight for dollar that I have not heard better...... try and you will part of the fold. GLWTS
  6. Thank you all so much for your advice and concern ......... an update....... I moved the centre speaker from below the TV ( was nearly on the floor really ) to a position equal with the Left and Right speakers as well as moving the L and R further away from the Center and this has made a very significant improvement in dialogue. The previous set up was based on aesthetics but with the new placement it now LOOKS a bit ordinary but SOUNDS much better. ..... the old form over function debate . So thank you all.......... a SUCCESSFUL forum effort.
  7. Thanks for your responses .......and yes, I have adjusted the levels etc of the relative speakers and incorporated the most favourable dialogue specific style but the clarity is still lacking. I will try adjusting the position of the centre speaker to see what happens. A query though ? ......... surely a separate high quality power amp driving just the dedicated centre channel would give the best detail in terms of clarity and purity........ please let me know your thoughts. All the best.
  8. Hi all...... am 64 ( ain't a crime but there is some punishment ) ..... watch TV mainly with Netflix. Only have 3 channels supported as I don't care about surround sound 5.1. My problem is the dialogue...... my hearing is a bit suss , probably normal for my age, but I can't hear a lot of the dialogue.... drives me crazy. I have a great 2 channel system in the main room so i don't need to compromise / hedge my bets on the AV side of things. I'm after possible solutions. Here is my system: - Speakers are not the problem ( centre speaker is VAF 91..... a beautiful speaker for centre channel dialogue ) plus two smaller VAF speakers for Left and Right - 7 year old Marantz AV receiver SR 6003 ( has pre amp outputs ) Solution???? Should I try : 1) buying a good quality mono amp to drive the centre speaker to try getting better quality dialogue ( say a second hand Musical Fidelity mono amp or something ) 2) buying a good quality stereo intergrated amp and only using one channel ( is this possible ? .... i don't know ) 3 ) buying a monster 5 channel amp like ROTEL RMB 1057 and using my existing Mranntz receiver as the processor and only using 3 channels. 4) buying a new receiver ( but they now all have 7 or 9 or ####@#@ 757 channels which I do not need !!!!!!!!!!!!! ) Your advice would be much appreciated ....... will alleviate a lot of frustration of the good wife when I constantly say """ whaaaaat they say ????????? """
  9. Item: Assorted speakers... bit old school but great performance/ cost relative new speakers Front: Polk RT 25, Centre : KEF Uni Q Reference 90, Rears : Boston Bravo 2 Location: Coogee sydney Price: Polk Audio $ 75 Kef centre speaker $ 75 Boston rear speakers : $75 Item Condition: All very good condition Reason for selling: Got a slightly larger system Payment Method: Pickup .... COD Only Extra Info: These speakers individually have great write ups..... IMO compared to new speakers that cost more they are superior in build and sonic character. Fronts : Polk RT 25 introduced 2002..... H 285 W 170 D 270 .... very well reviewed ..... small speaker with surprising presence. Centre : KEF Uni Q dual concentric Reference 90 ... H 174 W 396 D 169 .... British made mid 90's classic ...for a small room centre speaker you will not buy better. Rears: Boston Bravo2... Bought 2013 for $400..... excellent condition with easy mounting system ... plenty of poke for the buck ....... H 360 W 160 D 110 Pictures:
  10. The dimensions are: Height : wood stands 600 mm plus 40 mm stone top ( thus 640 mm in total including paver ) Width and breadth : 500 mm by 500mm
  11. Of course ....... as Ford said of his Model T ...... any colour you like, as long as it's sandstone.
  12. Item: Location: Item Condition: Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup only with COD Extra Info: Pictures:
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