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  1. I think there are 2 parts to this question. one for music / audio ( and the main sail no doubt ) and the other for movies which is not part of your query but still very relevant to your probe : 1). Yes, as we get older our hearing does diminish ( as is well established by scientific research ) but let me say unequivocally that our discernment of music does NOT diminish........ it is not some cold mathematical equation that says that scientific hearing measurement equals musical enjoyment........ as I have journeyed on my quest for great music ( always within the bounds of your monetary and time restraints ) I have found that carefully selected equipment, well informed discussion and some leap of faith diy tweaks ( thank you stereo net for the majority ) have provided me an evolving system that provides with a wonder and joy in music regardless of age. 2 ) Bloody Hell ..... TV broadcasts ( regardless of ABC, Netflix, commercial etc are pretty terrible for above 60 viewers ....... I have spent high money on AV receivers, centre channels etc etc ..... just go titles and suck it up ...... works for me )
  2. Unbelievable price for an unbelievable amp.......... just look at that power supply and the condition of this very limited edition classic ...... somebody will get the buy of the year here. GLWTS.
  3. OMG...... you take DIY to a whole different level..... absolutely beautiful build combined with a can - do belief. Keep going.... loving it !
  4. Hi ........ I am pleased to take these. Sent PM with details .... thanks
  5. WOW !!! as dabbler into furniture builder/ restoration, those speaker stands are the most beautiful things I have ever seen ..... and I have no doubt the sound would match as well. GLWTS.
  6. How about excitement coupled with unretrievable sadness ? Many years ago when I began my search for audiophile tweaks that were low cost but highly effective I began my journey into the dark arts of isolation / decouplement ....... after reading myriad posts I decided that Granite was the way to go for all equipment bedding ..... well, I acquired said pieces of granite and , armed with a powerful hand held angle grinder, I went into the parched backyard for forty days and forty nights. ( well, to be honest , just two days ) ....... and cut the crap out of everything I could lay my hands on.......... these I lay reverently on my spiked audio stand and hit the switch....... it was TERRIBLE ! Even my son who has no interest in my audio pursuits said it was horrible........ well, what have I learned ? First thing........ you have to have a go and trial something to see how it goes ..... secondly, over the years I have found a combination of low cost materials with a healthy hint of divergent imagination and fellow posts from you guys ( thank you Stereonet ) can produce fantastic results. Now very happy with a combo of spikes biting into acrylic ..... have tamed the ugly old wooden floor beastial issues.
  7. Had my Yams 8 years...... my impressions that that they love power ........ have driven them really well with Musical Fidelity integrated gear with great results ....... used over the years with MF A 300 that worked a treat ( a REALLY underrated amp IMO @ 150 W ) and if you can find one .... ( only 500 made worldwide ) the TriVista 300 integrated which is fantastic ( 300 W plus ) . The Trivista now 20 yrs old.... reliability great .
  8. Had my Yammies 1000 for about 8 years now..... just love them. Some observation which may be relevant to your situation : - Agree with above comments that they love power; I'm running 300W plus Musical Fidelity TriVista and the results are outstanding ( lots of Watts and huge peak to peak output ) - I found ( and I might be on my own here ) that speaker cables were EXACTING.... ie; take no prisoners with the wrong cable. I trialled about 10 speaker cables ( around or less than $1000 ) and found that some excellent reviewed cables ( and they were excellent as my mates had them in their systems ) ranged from OK to OMG terrible in my system ( one sounded Duff-duff rapper ) My point is this ..... spend considered time on cable selection trialled in your actual system. In the end, a pair of somewhat vintage Townsend Isolada were to my ears the best and I have stuck with them. -New X overs, simply because of their age. Gave my Yammies to Trevor and, after considerable time, they came back and they were significantly, well worth the upgrade , BETTER. Please do not ask me the specs of what he did as I have no idea but everything was replaced ( sorry, not a tech guy but my wife and I have good discerning ears ). As well, obviously change the stupid original binding clips to the best you can afford ( WBT @ around $52 each were great ..... you only do it once and so do the research) - They respond REALLY WELL to thoughtful, comprehensive ISOLATION ( and if you have wooden floors in older homes then you need to both isolate and decouple in tandem ). Having said this, so do all speakers ...... but I know through my crazy hands - on isolation / decoupling journey that you can considerably lift the performance of your Yammies this way . All my isolation/ decoupling is home built so cost doesn't enter into it really. ( " say ACRYLIC and enter " ..... apologies Tolkien ) Applied above over the last 8 years and I would say the improvements have been noticeably very significant ..... I have tried/ heard many other great speakers in the mid price range ( what does this mean nowadays....... around $ 3000 to $10,000 ? ). and I still have the Yammies..... as I have always said about the 1000, you either love those 2 berrilyium drivers or you just don't know what all the fuss is about.
  9. WOW .... didn't know there was a new one coming ...... the books are FANTASTIC and I must say I have been somewhat disappointed with the previous films ..... nice tip Mobe1969 about the Duncan Idaho story ..... will follow up.
  10. Hi .... happy to buy these...... pm sent. ( absolutely perfect for my needs as my dog only has three legs....... a long story involving massive Krells and poor AV stands ..... but I won't go into that.
  11. Had my 1000 Yammies for more than 10 years ..... heard a lot of high end speakers in that time ...... I still have them because the sound is divine..... 2 beryllium drivers....... I've always said, you love em' or you just don't know what the fuss is all about..... these are just beautiful. GLWTS
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