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  1. FS: Elekit TU-8500 Tube Preamp Kit

    No, it is either 110 or 240v, looks like you make the decision when you build it
  2. FS: Elekit TU-8500 Tube Preamp Kit

    they are in Japanese but all the parts are numbered (in English), and the diagrams are good, took me a little while to get my head around but i think it will be relatively straight forward to build, im a complete novice too
  3. Item: Elekit TU-8500 Preamp kit, brand new unopened box Location: Sydney Price: $450 Item Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: see below Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: i decided to buy this kit off Amazon Japan, i needed to revise my delivery address after the initial purchase, cancelling the first one, which i thought i did successfully......but no, 2 got delivered to my door i found the site difficult to navigate so rather than try to return the 2nd one thought it might be easier to sell it here and deal with the return only if necessary please be aware this is a kit, ie. its in bits and requires assembly to work i cant comment on its sound or performance, i bought it on recommendation from someone i trust who tells me its a great pre, also cause i wanted to try an electronics project the photos below are of the one i am keeping which i have obviously opened it cost me AU$497 delivered from Japan it is still in its amazon packaging box so easily delivered anywhere Pictures:
  4. DIY audio: what are you building?

    ive got a few projects on the go ATM Altec 19 Lansing using walnut veneer birch ply JBL 4345 using tassie oak veneer birch ply all CNC cut and started gluing, both have some mitre joins which at this length is new for me but cut some clamping jigs i saw on youtube which are working a treat
  5. Another full range driver cabinet

    @Gee Emm @jrhill thanks for the suggestions, i should have been more clear with my post, my plan for these is to give to a mate who is renovating his man cave, they need to be simple plug in and listen speakers so theoretically will those xovers work or should i consult and expert to build me some
  6. Another full range driver cabinet

    going to resurrect this thread, im thinking of making some changes to these speakers but need help... the JX92 just dont have much bass at all in this box so i would like to add bass drivers, maybe 4 off these (2 per box) https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dc160s-8-6-1-2-classic-shielded-woofer--295-306 i know zero about crossovers, would these do the job? yes? no? thoughts? https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-xo2w-2k-2-way-speaker-crossover-2000-hz--260-140
  7. Item: Pair of Jordan JX92 MKII Drivers Location: Sydney 2147 Price: $350 pair Item Condition: Near new Reason for selling: not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: i bought these earlier this year to do some experimenting with different DIY single driver cabinets, i had them in a ported box and recently in a rear loaded horn, unfortunately they just dont have the bass i want, my capabilities dont extend to crossovers so i really wont use these for any of my projects i can say that the mids and highs are very good, but their stand out for me is the imaging and sound stage, quite amazing really, voices in particular were totally separate to the music, by themselves, dead centre of the sound stage, best ive heard for that approx. 100 hours on them dont have original boxes but can securely pack and post a link for the specs http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/new-version-of-the-jx92/ Pictures:
  8. Hi, thinking of getting a driving set up for Xmas for the 'kids', anyone had experience with these, opinions on them?
  9. usb cable quality

    Welcome, i and a lot of others on here use a brand called Curious Cables, google them, there is plenty of info on the web site, excellent cable in my opinion
  10. Hi everyone.

  11. sotm 200 ethernet issue

    oh thats not good at all did you buy it through Crux Audio? sound like it has some major issues and would be asking for a replacement to test i found with cables that the 'better' cable was slow and music stopped, i have narrowed it down to the sms-200 not liking the cable, its been used in other applications and devices with no issues, the cable i use now is a $7 special from jaycar, cheap as they come
  12. sotm 200 ethernet issue

    @Boomboy reading through this thread with interest, glad you sorted it out just wondering if you have done any more testing with the ugreen cat 7 cable, i have a strong suspicion the sotm doesnt like certain cables, possibly the way they are constructed, the shielding or something else, i also had an issue with a particular cable, really slow and the music would stop but the same cable worked perfectly as an internet connection to a computer
  13. Success!! yep that was the trick, download an independent version of LMS, thanks heaps @JDWest the eunhasu tab for LMS still doesnt work, i open it using the Web Remote Control tab in System Preferences-Advanced now that i have it running properly i think the SQ is slightly better than Roon, will play with the setting a bit thanks again for all the help from everyone