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  1. sotm 200 ethernet issue

    oh thats not good at all did you buy it through Crux Audio? sound like it has some major issues and would be asking for a replacement to test i found with cables that the 'better' cable was slow and music stopped, i have narrowed it down to the sms-200 not liking the cable, its been used in other applications and devices with no issues, the cable i use now is a $7 special from jaycar, cheap as they come
  2. sotm 200 ethernet issue

    @Boomboy reading through this thread with interest, glad you sorted it out just wondering if you have done any more testing with the ugreen cat 7 cable, i have a strong suspicion the sotm doesnt like certain cables, possibly the way they are constructed, the shielding or something else, i also had an issue with a particular cable, really slow and the music would stop but the same cable worked perfectly as an internet connection to a computer
  3. Success!! yep that was the trick, download an independent version of LMS, thanks heaps @JDWest the eunhasu tab for LMS still doesnt work, i open it using the Web Remote Control tab in System Preferences-Advanced now that i have it running properly i think the SQ is slightly better than Roon, will play with the setting a bit thanks again for all the help from everyone
  4. wow, thanks for this, very much appreciated, wont get a chance to have a play till tomorrow arvo but will let you know how i go
  5. thanks JDWest, good suggestion, i will try it
  6. yes i get the sample tracks as well cheers, ill give that a go
  7. Hi, yes i use LMS directly from eunhasu when you choose the squeezlite option LMS just doesn't seem to recognise the hard drive until its plugged directly into the sms-200, but as you said that kind of defeats the purpose
  8. i get better advice on here than the apple help desk, they were no help at all! ive asked the question to sotm directly so wait and see... cheers for the info
  9. interesting to hear you guys prefer MPD over squeezlite, might have to look at it myself i have been trying to get squeezlite to work recently but had issues finding my music library (ext. hard drive) when connected to macbook air, over the weekend i plugged it into the sms-200 and was able to find and scan the library easily but i dont think its ideal as its path is all wifi like that...i think? i was told the squeezlite would be superior in SQ to Roon but in that configuration i cant hear a difference really any tips with the MPD player i should know?, thanks
  10. which audio nirvana model, ferrite, alinco or neodymium? have you heard the W8-1772, how do the audio nirvana compare? yeah ok, i struggled to get my hard drive to work seamlessly plugged straight into the sms-200 with Roon, might have to try it with Squeezlite and see, although the sotm help line recommended it be plugged into my macbook for superior SQ?? have you tried plugging your external drive into the laptop? heres a thread about the 502ca, my mods are on the last page
  11. yeah ok, i still ask myself, why did you get a macbook? ill try some more over the weekend, as i mentioned above i can still play music with Roon but now ive started this i need to finish...
  12. Hi jh, correct sms to 502 via usb, yes i have done some mods, it all works ok with Roon but im trying to set it up with the squeezlite option as well drivers are Tand Band W8-1772
  13. thanks Snoop, appreciate your help, alas i still cant work it out, i dont know how to define the hard drive, im a pc user usually, i cant seem to find the hard drive as anything but a device, it doesnt have a drive name like D: as it would be in windows