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  1. Hi alcarp Interested. How old are those upgraded tubes? Cheers from Hien.
  2. 22K hmm... bit north of my allowance ... I have to sit the Mistress of Finance down and have a heart-2-heart conversation
  3. Thanks heaps to @@Bruce and @LT. I still in love with the Extremas. But wanting to try some thing different full range while the Mistress of Finance blesses me
  4. That's cool, daddydonks. May not suit what I am after. Will check it out NOW anyway. Been living with SF Extrema for years.Still LOVE them. Time to get a F/R. Ta heaps, matey.
  5. Wondering if any pair of these is available for re-possession somewhere sometime. Regards.
  6. Can I have - MELZ 6H9C (6SL7GT) Pair please ? Regards.
  7. ​Eximus DP-1 DAC/Pre/Headphone amplifier would be my pick. will keep an eye out for this when being offered.
  8. Please don't sell. It's your family heritage. Have them professionally touched up. And, with the Garrard, you will have a very nice analog system that most of the modern, super costly digital gears can't even match. True analog treasure.
  9. Awesome collection sadly can't afford it. GLWTS and someone is very lucky to own these
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