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  1. This has got to be the coolest pair I have ever laid my eyes on!
  2. Abhi, you have landed in the right place. Welcome to the forums! Bill, the dark side is seductive in hifi as it is in coffee!
  3. Love Nagra's industrial look + build quality. GLWS!
  4. These are great little tubes. Add a quite bit of punch in the low end on my Melos.
  5. This is one phenomenal and rare beast. It should hold its value too - something that cannot be said of almost all the new kids on the block Looking forward to stage 2 too!
  6. Considering it’s nearing end of FY, a decent chance. There was (at least one) last month which I know of.
  7. At 1550 lbs, I'd hate to think what the shipping costs for the IRS Beta would be.
  8. That's one sweet looking amp.
  9. Welcome back! I also only just returned to Australia after nearly a decade. Like you, I am also looking forward to meeting similar minded folks and becoming part of the hi-fi community here in Brisbane.
  10. @danrey Hi I'm interested in the Metrum DAC. Do you have a number I can contact you on? Regards
  11. Hi I see a Saddle Manta on TL's site for USD50 - is this the same as the one you selling? Cheers
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