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  1. This is one phenomenal and rare beast. It should hold its value too - something that cannot be said of almost all the new kids on the block Looking forward to stage 2 too!
  2. Considering it’s nearing end of FY, a decent chance. There was (at least one) last month which I know of.
  3. At 1550 lbs, I'd hate to think what the shipping costs for the IRS Beta would be.
  4. cogitator

    SOLD: FS: Supratek Cortese Preamp

    That's one sweet looking amp.
  5. cogitator


    Welcome back! I also only just returned to Australia after nearly a decade. Like you, I am also looking forward to meeting similar minded folks and becoming part of the hi-fi community here in Brisbane.
  6. @danrey Hi I'm interested in the Metrum DAC. Do you have a number I can contact you on? Regards
  7. Hi I see a Saddle Manta on TL's site for USD50 - is this the same as the one you selling? Cheers
  8. Apart from a good soundstage, I would add that these excel for speed (excellent for fast World percussion). I find these ideally suited for movies due to their soundstage and imaging. Great price. GLWS!
  9. cogitator

    FOUND: WTB: Metrum Octave Mk II or Hex DAC

    Kindly close this post as I am no longer seeking these. Thanks.
  10. cogitator

    FOUND: WTB: Manley Labs Reference HDCD DAC

    Kindly close this post as I am no longer seeking this. Thanks.
  11. cogitator

    WTB: Fostex TH-900

    Seeking the above. Kindly contact me if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  12. Show, was thinking of you when I saw this. I'm tossing between a ZD and a couple of other amps at the mo.
  13. cogitator

    WTB: Mark Levinson No. 360S DAC

    Hi SSZ I am hoping to evaluate 5-6 DACs over an extended period in my setup. If some do not make the cut at all initially, I will rotate these out and add other candidates as they pop up. Ultimately, I intend to keep two or three of the shortlisted candidates and sell the rest. Regards