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  1. Great speaker! Great price! I hope that "pending" gets removed... GLWTS (not that you'll need it)
  2. That is a beautiful looking beast! And a very sturdy ironing board by the looks of it! GLWTS mate.
  3. I bought this cartridge from a fellow Stereonetter last year, but have not really had the opportunity to enjoy it. When I bought it, the estimate was less than 700 hours. I would overestimate that it currently has far fewer than 750 hours on it now. I haven't really had the opportunity to enjoy it fully because I sold the TT it was on and bought another with a Hana cart, so have been using that. Consequently, the Phasemation, awesome as it is, has been sitting in its box in my cupboard. I was blown away by it, though. Fantastic cartridge as all who hear it would attest. Time for it to find a home that gets some use out of it. Specifications for the cartridge, as well as a list of its awards, can be found here: http://www.phasemation.com/product/pp-1000.html. Additional details, including price, from the Sonic Purity website: https://sonicpurity.com.au/store/cartridges/phasemation-pp-1000 From the Tone Audio review: If anything, the PP-1000 is underpriced. It has many qualities that rival the big boys and it delivers a level of satisfaction I’ve never experienced in this price category. I will be keeping the PP-1000 as a permanent reference. (Full review: http://www.tonepublications.com/review/phasemation-pp-1000-mc-phono-cartridge/)
  4. Giant slayer, this one. Someone will be very happy at this price. GLWTS.
  5. Not much needs to be said about this item. This is from the Isotek website: Polaris is a cost effective upgrade to any audio or audio-visual system, delivering improved performance, protection and astonishing value for money. Removes Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise. RFI reduction 30dB. Independent outlets stop Differential Mode cross contamination. Unique delta filter topology improves product performance. 13,500A of instantaneous protection, featuring IsoTek’s unique sequential protection system. Internal wiring; multi-strand silver plated OFC copper with PTFE dielectric. Maximum continuous power 2,300W. As shown, it has 6 AUS plugs. I have entered the PS Audio world of power conditioning, so this chap is no longer required. There is a small scuff on one of the stickers on the side, as shown, but other than that, spotless. Price includes shipping to Aus. $400 if no shipping required.
  6. That is STUNNING! If it sounds half as good as it looks, it's a goddamned bargain!! GLWTS!
  7. I can't find any information on Amari Acoustics in Canada. I only get a Chinese page. Is there a link to the Canada company's website you could provide? Cheers Cam.
  8. Item: Creek Audio Destiny 2 Integrated Amplifier PRICE DROP Location: Perth Price: $1400 ono Item Condition: Very Good. I can't find a blemish on it. Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have had this amp since about 2012, and it was in my system until I upgraded in about 2015. Since then, it has been sitting in the box in storage. I was very reluctant to sell it because it is such an awesome piece of kit. It sounds wonderful, and hasn't had any issues driving anything I have hooked up to it. I would have happily kept this in my system if the upgraditis hadn't got me. Then, for years, I was happily keeping it in storage, just in case I ever got a place with room enough for two systems. This is not fair to the amp. It needs to be free and sing! Whether rock, hip-hop, jazz, blues (no opera), this amp just makes you want to listen. I agree with the sentiments in the Stereophile review of the Destiny 1 below. This mirrors how I felt and still feel about the Destiny 2. Beautiful, punchy bass, controlled, crisp highs. Nothing about listening to this amp made me think I was missing out on anything. This is Creek's write-up: Destiny 2 | Creek Audio Ltd WWW.CREEKAUDIO.COM And this is Stereophile's review of the original Destiny. The words used in this review would be the same of the D2, no doubt: Creek Audio Destiny integrated amplifier | Stereophile.com WWW.STEREOPHILE.COM The one thing I've liked about designer Mike Creek of Creek Audio as much as his design talent is his predictability. I've been... And Techradar's review of the Destiny 2 Creek Destiny 2 review | TechRadar WWW.TECHRADAR.COM The Destiny 2 amplifier is a worthy contender in the upmarket stakes and a sublime performer to boot I bought the D2 from Clifford D'Souza of Audio Synergy here in Perth, and it appears (see photos) that he gave me the amp in a Destiny 1 box. I never noticed, however, because I wasn't listening to the box. I have never used the remote, but got it out of the box to test it prior to listing. It works to bring the amp out of standby mode, for volume up/down and switching between active and passive modes, but I cannot get it to switch inputs. Perhaps there needs to be something plugged into the input for it to work with the remote,; I don't know. The box, as pictured, has seen better days. I am sure it would be just fine for transport, at your risk. Local pick up would be preferred. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION POWER OUTPUT – 8Ω > 120 Watts POWER OUTPUT – 4Ω > 180 Watts MAX CURRENT > 15 Amps DAMPING FACTOR > 232 THD <0.02% FREQUENCY RESPONSE 1 Hz to 30 kHz 0.1 Hz to 65 kHz SLEW RATE > 50V per uS GAIN (PASSIVE MODE) x48 (33.6dB) GAIN (ACTIVE MODE) +3dB, 6dB or 9dB INPUT SENSITIVITY 589mV SEPARATION > 69dB SNR > 106dB OUTPUTS 2 Pairs HEADPHONE OUTPUT Yes SPEAKER SELECTOR Yes (A/B) OPERATION VOLTAGES 110V/230V Switchable CONSUMPTION (IN STANDBY) < 1 Watt CONSUMPTION (AT FULL POWER) 450 Watts FINISH COLOUR FRONT PANEL + BUTTONS Silver or Black WEIGHT 10kgs DIMENSIONS 430x80x360mm W/H/D Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Hi mate. Yeah, I have his number. Last spoke to him around 2015 and haven't bothered him since because he seemed to be winding down. Apparently no. I'll look him up and say g'day. Cheers Cam
  10. Is Clifford still around? I would have thought he'd have kicked back and retired by now. Wonderful man.
  11. Hi Dennis. I just meant I don't listen to opera. The Creek has a good amount of punch, with 120w per channel, with passive/active preamp switching and adjustable gain (see photos). I don't think it would have any issues at all, personally. Not sure if anyone looking at this listing has had any experience with orchestral/organ music on this amp, but if so, comment.
  12. Beautiful speakers. Wonderful sound. I have a pair of these, also in Eucalyptus, and absolutely love them. Sad that someone is selling them, but good luck anyway. SOMEBODY BUY THESE!
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