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  1. @Pim sorry to hear about your wife, i have had dealing with people who work( a joke to use this word) at NDIS, cannot accuratly describe NDIS for fear of being banned from forum. the brand of hearing aids i have is Widex, when i saw a specialist and asked him which are the best, his advice was to research on the net, Widex came up as being the most suitable for what i wanted.
  2. Steven Wilson, when you look at all the remastering he has done of other bands, Porcupine Tree, No-Man, solo albums and colaborations, his range and styles of music
  3. I'll nominate my Creek SRC2 remote, easy to use , well labled with nice feel when pushing raised bottons, also works for Creek Destiny Amp, CD player, as well as my Musical Fidelity Xray V3 CD player, and my Marantz CD 52 MKII SE player
  4. @Pimi have basic government funded hearing aids through a private audioligist, he is aware that i have a hifi and i let him know music is a big part of my recreational interest, i presume he has set the hearing aids for 'normal' hearing, very happy with them. Previously, 6yrs ago, i paid $8000 for hearing aids, my audioligist keeps up to date with world wide technology, said these basic ones today will be better than my expensive ones of 6yrs ago, due to improvements in hering aid technology, i have to agree with him
  5. Buy a Michell techno weight, has a locking gub screw when you set the weight, also a recognised mod for the arm
  6. @progladyte listened to the Sylvan album one to zero, a zero from me, you know when it's right for you, and not this time, will keep listening
  7. In this hobby knowledge comes from experience, experience of others is only a guide, difficulty being your interpretation of sound and how you like it, your room is different to other rooms, your budget, influence of partner, if you have young children, the list goes on. There are many levels of systems on the site $wise and sound wise. Pick a budget, go to hi-fi stores and listen to setups, ask your friends who have good hifi to help you through the journey................ there is no simple answer
  8. @progladyte only have 24 albums but 11 of those have between 1 - 17 albums of the artist, plus only a meagre 7 other artists not listed, not extensive but agood mix in a small collection of almost 500 odd CD's and 400 odd albums, gave my stepson about 500 albums to add to his collection, some listened to once or not played in years
  9. i put my good speakers in the wardrobe and bought some cheaper ones till the kids were old enough, this was only a couple of years, the good speakers stayed with me for 30yrs+
  10. i have had an ifi iphono 2 in my system, incredible detail, but became fatigueing after a while, was on loan from my brother, was happy to get back to my NAD, whilst this phono has been lampooned on this site, yes its not end game, but to my ears i could listen to it all day with enjoyment
  11. you don't mention your current cartridge? but for that money i would be looking at the speakers, there are many good speakers in the classifieds that would show the RP600's a clean pair of heels
  12. Further information: Rega Planar 2 with wood trim, a later model as the wood trim is smoother and the finger lift indent to lift the lid is much bigger than the earliest model, the lid and hinges a structurally sound, lid has some deep scratches on the inside sides and a couple on the top, hard to pick up on camera, has been polished and looks great at a distance. Has a current production Moth 202 arm (Rega OEM 202) and a new Ortofon 2M Red fitted. Sounds superb connected to my Sansui 331 reciever and Opera 1A/Duetto speakers in my study. Can audition once out of lockdown, have no b
  13. @progladyte have ordered , the wings of revelations 1, after hearing the clips you put up, agree with your reviews and recommendations about this album and artist, will invest further as funds permit
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