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  1. michell technoweight for the moth arm on the old Rega Planar 2
  2. maybe look at floorstanders, monitor audio match well with musical fidelity
  3. the SQ of older recordings are sometimes less than good, no system will play all types of music with aplomb, there will always be albums that sound so much better than others, changing your setup will not necessairly change this. 1.6 meters high for the tweeter is waaay to high, experiment with speaker height and placement, if the room will allow, also if WAF is a factor, this could restrict experimentation, good luck
  4. welcome, "it's just you", that's all that counts when it's your system, enjoy the site
  5. welcome, there are a couple of must read threads, Cafad's guide to integrated amps, another one on stand mount speakers, many other threads, endless information and choices, if your on a budget, the classified's will be your friend, good luck
  6. welcome Brad, hope you enjoy your journey and SNA
  7. first foray into sound was an old radiogram that i dismembered and built seperate enclosures for, my first hi-fi, nearly 50yrs ago...............
  8. picked up the turntable today, thanks again @MixedBag, will be restored and greatfully appreciated by the recipient, he doesn't he's getting it yet, but has talked about his need for an automatic turntable, donation made
  9. welcome Richard, browsing is ok, but having the ability to participate opens up a new world, keep enjoying the site
  10. Hi Bruce , did anyone express interest in the speakers?, i'm thinking of an enclosure that would suit a low powered valve amp that i could make, maybe a transmission line?, if they are still avaiable, cheers David
  11. welcome, have a look at hifi shark, ebay and gumtree, this will give you an idea on current prices, many variables on pricing, old ger can be what people are willing to pay, some gear is given away as well, good luck
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