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  1. @vyvafc Monitor Audio Bronze 2, well under budget, go very well with your Rotel, great bass, will suite your genre of music, front ported so can go close to walls
  2. @blakey72, lots of people buy without auditioning, its not a given
  3. these speakers sound better than they look, bought my pair in 2007, still going strong, nothing comes close at the price GLWTS
  4. great sounding phono pre for the money, should't last long
  5. After reading Steven Wilson's comments about the guitar, might be relevant to him but not to all
  6. Agree with @Mikahakk1, using Mullard 12AT7 new production in my Project Tube Box DS, replaced the Tung-sol's that came with the unit, noticably smoother, better dynamics
  7. I bought gold lion gold pin 12AU7's, waay to bright, no bottom end at all in my system, onsold them
  8. @PassionForSound i have just sold my Elekit TU-8200, was using current production Electroharmonix 6CA7 and Mullard 12AU7, these replaced JJ 6L6GC's and JJ 12AU7's, overall a much smoother sound without losing too much top and bottom end. Have not tried NOS tubes, read somewhere the current production tubes give 80% of NOS sound at 20% of the price, did not have the funds to test the theory.
  9. Further information: Current model Elekit TU-8200R Tube Amp, not often these amps come up for sale, this amp needs no introduction, numerous blogs extolling it's virtues, can be used in Ultra-Linear, Pentode or Triode mode. Max output 8wpc, but don't be fooled by this figure, 90db/w/m + speakers will surprise you with the level of quality sound. Ideal for tube rolling. Currently using current production Electro-harmonix 6CA7 output tubes and Mullard 12 AU7 (ECC82) pre tubes. Have original JJ 6L6GC and JJ 12AU7 with around 600hrs and a new set of JJ 6L6GC matched pair and JJ 12AU7's as well.
  10. Never thought i would sell it, but never say never. Never thought i would find another Creek Destiny, upgrade?
  11. Further information: Sought after Quasimodo single input amplifier by Richard McDonald, sold as 40wpc but Richard says closer to 55wpc. Point to point wiring. Upgraded Vampire female RCA jacks CMZF/CB from USA, sturdy RCA's will accept uprated cables. In very good unmarked condition, used in second system. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you do
  12. @markielinhart on my Rega Planar 2 i put a slate tile with a layer of silicone under the plinth, this cured the issue you are talking about,before when i tapped my plinth while the record is playing it sounded microphonic, this is now resolved, pictures in this forum topic Feb 2019
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