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  1. Duntech Also listing what amplifier and source are being used may help people give their experienced opinions
  2. welcome Scott, nice looking setup, i'm sure you will get comments about positioning of the speakers, but hey, it's about enjoying the music
  3. welcome James, if your not in a hurry, keep posting and grab a bargain from the classified's, enjoy the site
  4. welcome, glad you are enjoying the site
  5. welcome John to the other side, many former lurkers who have been unable to resist the temptation of SNA reside here, enjoy
  6. well done @Brianvcskin1, i have the earlier Bronze BX2, brilliant speaker for the size and price, would be well matched to the Luxman
  7. welcome Josh, read lots but most of all, trust your ears, enjoy the site
  8. have never done any electronics, would not have a clue where to start, have done some reading but different to doing ie. what value resistor, where to put it?
  9. yes they are the Wild Burro Betsy-K, not the most ideal for open baffle due to lower Qts, will be building enclosures once finances able to buy wood
  10. bought speakers secondhand last year, just used scraps of timber in the garage, refurbished, up and running on sunday, incerdible midrange and detail
  11. had a fellow SNA'er roud to listen to my tube amp, 8wpc, he was surprised at the outcome, but his passion was for orchestral and organ music, he also had B&W speakers, he had solid state but wanted tubes, listened to a tube pre amp and a class D 100wpc power amp built by MWHouston here on SNA on his speakers in his home and purchased them
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