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  1. welcome, join in , look at the classifieds and the pre-amble for them, enjoy the site
  2. wen


    welcome, you need help, i don't know if this is the right forum, but while you're here enjoy and have fun
  3. there is only one endpoint to this obsession, we wont go there, but while your're with SNA enjoy yourself, you only live once
  4. wen

    Hi Stereo.net team

    welcome Moby1, just owning gear is enough
  5. wen

    Greetings from Melbourne

    welcome.....to...the...black....circle....roundabout...enjoy the site
  6. wen

    Good evening from Sydney

    welcome to SNA, growing number of HT people on this site, head on over to the home cinema section for like minded people, enjoy the site
  7. welcome Rob, interested to hear what you listen to, and with what, enjoy the site
  8. wen

    FS: Integrated tube Amplifier $500

    only refrence so far, Ken Kessler, china, 1990, orpheus tp 6301, with top wooden slab
  9. welcome Gavin , a well supported ht crowd here, enjoy the site
  10. wen

    Deceased estate

    welcome poppybob, your late father has a much loved and trusted duaghter in law, follow her lead, it will lead you to a nirvana
  11. wen

    Dali concept 10

    welcome Ricky, market determines value, have a look at our classifieds and check out RRP of products compared to resale values, you may be shocked at the difference, many SNA members buy from the classifieds and pass on the savings to members, enjoy the site
  12. wen

    New Member and system.

    you could be posting on hi-fi sites
  13. wen

    newbie in the Brizzy area

    welcome Tristar, i listened to the golden ear triton 7's recently, loooved the sound, enjoy the site
  14. wen

    Hey there!

    welcome Michael, head over to the home theatre section, lots of info there, enjoy the site
  15. welcome sm, interesting collection, hope you end up with something very musical, enjoy the site