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  1. welcome Kelly, digital isolation is as real as any social isolation, sounds like you are here for necessary contact and access to this fantastic site, it has all the foibles of any platform, enjoy
  2. I think your statement " perfect and higest quality system" says it all. The range and combinations of equipment that SNA members have could be related to the differences in hearing and hearing range/age / social standing/ level of income, and dedication in chasing the perfect system, or just enjoying the music. lots of other considerations, WAF, room sizes, ability to audition/location, brand support..........
  3. @Tao, the Musical Fidelity in the classifieds is an absolute bargain for the quality of sound and built, i say this as i have one as my main digital source, it replaced my Creek Destiny, which is now in my second system
  4. Have just got my ProJect Tube Box DS, will have to wait a while for a upgrade
  5. This is a superb CD player that punches well above it's weight, GLWTS
  6. A superb sounding and versatile tube phono stage. GLWTS
  7. have been slowly washing records in lock down, new phono and valves in amp all adding to greater enjoyment of old favorites
  8. @Tao, i suggested the Marantz because i bought the 5005 for a friend, compared in my system to my Creek CD $2.5k+ and my Musical Fidelity X-Ray3 $2k +, at $499 for the 5005, it did not disgrace itself in sound quality. the link from @DET for the Marantz at $699 would be great value, i also have a Mazantz CD52 MkII SE in my vintage system, sounds great in my main system as well
  9. i think you could get a Marantz 6006 for close to you budget
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