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  1. wen

    Hello from Maidstone UK.

    welcome Graham, from reviews fantastic sounding speaker that needs lots of quality watts to get the best, maybe a class A luxman, i'm sure others will give opinions as well in time, enjoy the site
  2. have recently added an Australian component, Quasimodo amplifier
  3. wen

    Hi from Sydney East.

    welcome Luis, like all sickness, constant medication( stereo equipment) will keep it at bay, enjoy the site
  4. wen

    Hi from Stockholm

    @Sillstryparen welcome Christian, we have members from all over the world, enjoy the site
  5. wen

    Hi from Melbourne

    welcome Chris, post questions in the speaker and general hifi discussion, many different points of view on this site, most people will ask, budget, room size, music listened to, some component pairings have more synergy than others, let your ears be the judge
  6. wen

    Amplifier for psb synchrony

    nothing wrong with dreaming Tim, you would be surprised where it could lead you, you don't mention if you have a current amp, you have to remember that specifications are numbers and don't always reflect the real world, trust your own ears, like location in realestate in hifi it's Auditionx3, enjoy your journey
  7. wen

    Hi from Sydney

    welcome, plenty of info to hunt out, enjoy the site ps. you don't notice the pain in your wallet after a while, i think this is due to numbness in the area
  8. I would ask the question in the beginners forum, there are other forums for home theatre, do those as well, good luck
  9. wen

    Hi from Adelaide

    welcome Jae, a good starting system, keep enjoying the site
  10. wen

    Melb Newbie

    welcome Steve, enjoy the site
  11. wen

    Hi from Darwin

    often said , happy wife , happy hifi life, i designed and had my brother build my unit, all out of plywood and hardwood, four drawers hold main cd's and bottom doors open to reveal two shelves of lp's, at the top the unit is totally open at the back
  12. wen

    Monitor Audio

    have had my RS6's since 2005, recently bought Bronze BX2's for a second system, very happy with sound
  13. wen

    Ground wire connection

    @Chigurh you could buy two new spades, one the same side as the original, use a small nut and bolt to connect this, cover with shrink wrap to protect bare metal, the other spade corresponding to the post on your new phono stage, you can make the wire any length between to suit placement of phono stage
  14. wen

    Hello from Perth. (SOR)

    welcome Chris, who needs an excuse to upgrade, lots of WA members, i'm sure you hear from someone soon, enjoy the site
  15. wen

    Hi from Darwin

    welcome Kevin, nice gear, love the cabinet, really cool, keep enjoying the site