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  1. the project is a better turntable, but, with your proviso, the auto would be the way to go, fit a decent cartridge, and enjoy the music with no worries
  2. Have a read on an Elekit TU-8200, not sure if still obtainable as they have a new model out
  3. welcome, many headphone fans here, keep enjoying the site
  4. i am wondering how these would sound with a low powered tube amp?
  5. i would like to buy, need to respond to my message
  6. i would like to buy ,but, in Melbourne
  7. long break down the coast, music time now
  8. sorry to hear your dilemma, but many people see this site as a way to sell, there is so much information and experience to be had which can help to ensure your sale is quick and successful, sad to see a first post as wanting to sell, this is an experience to enjoy and add your journey to
  9. welcome Stephen, join in the forums with your experience , these post will add to your ability to access the classifieds, we are more than a selling site
  10. I'm running a NAD PP2e with an Ortofon Quintet Blue, silent as, and a greatmatch
  11. welcome, what are you pairing the phono stage to?, tube, SS, ?MM, MC?, any info will help people give specific opinions for you to sort through
  12. welcome Brendon, happy to have you on board, we do not discriminate against any sort of music listened to, enjoy the site
  13. welcome, SNA is the site to be on, have been reviews about different pressings, as you have found out , results are variable, also depends on your system and the cartridge stylus profile
  14. @Cafad, maybe opening the front door, shouting " SANSUI FOREVER" three times will ease the mind, ohmmmmmmmmmmm.............
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