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  1. i bought my Linn secondhand in 1979, a few mods on the way, refurbished in 2014 with mods that changed the TT completly, hardly played it, sold it in 2017, don;t miss it at all. using a modded original rega planar 2, still enjoying my music
  2. welcome Joe, sound like your going to stumble down the rabbit hole, buy large items, plays havoc with the rabbit hole, enjoy the site and humor
  3. @Martin Cowtan, i used a two part superglue from locktite specially for plastics, far better than ordinary superglue, i used it on a Apan TT lid which was thick and heavy, a large area around thehinge had broken away, after glueing, solid as, good luck
  4. @tlt i am using an Elekit valve amp 8wpc with my Monitor Audio RS6 speakers, similar specs to your silver 5i, very happy with sound and output levels, have had 50,80,105 wpc amps in past, happy with 8wpc
  5. @Ian_61 look at a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2, spl 90db/w/m, 8ohm, 42hz -20+khz, front firing port, compared to the missions ,85db/w/m, 6ohm, 65hz-20khz. the front port helps with placement, they go deeep, i have BX2's, amazing for the size, might not need the sub. amp would be Marantz then Denon, everyone has their take on gear, other my give different ideas, audition if you can, good luck p.s. keep posting, the classified will be available, you may get a bargain
  6. if your disappointed, move it on, then try the next amp on your list
  7. welcome Tim, you need to give us an idea of your budget? Keep your valve amp, period. A good amp driving your Monitor Audio's should give you plenty of bass, you could sell the sub to put towards the amp, the MA's are not amp fussy, good luck
  8. welcome , audition, it settles the confusion of research, and helps pull the right trigger, good luck( i'm a Monitor Audio fan)
  9. welcome, keep posting and the classified section will be available to you
  10. welcome, lots of info for that decision, enjoy the site
  11. welcome, a good start on the hi-fi journey, enjoy the site
  12. i have the BX2s, very underated speaker, wont last long
  13. just aded a japanese piece of kit (pardon the pun) Elekit TU-8200 valve amp
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