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  1. wen


    welcome, once a...... always a......., enjoy the site
  2. wen

    Intro Hello :)

    Hello, welcome to SNA, enjoy the site
  3. bought a second hand rega planer 2 with wood edged plinth for $150 off fleabay, put a moth arm and ortofon 2m bronze cartridge, it replaced a linn with mc cartridge, the difference in sound is not as great as the difference in purchace price of a rega versus a linn, still spin lots of vinyl regularly with great enjoyment
  4. wen

    Introducing me, myself

    welcome, it;s the equipment and prices that multiply. enjoy the site
  5. wen

    Happy audiophile music

    you need to listen to some ECM recordings, mobile fidelity also are a cut above the rest, i'm sure others sna'ers will add to the list. In years gone by there was always a difference between , Australian, USA , English and Japanese pressings.Some albums just have great presence others are average..... then there is the system, infinite variables, your preference in EQ of sound......
  6. wen

    The first Song that you remember

    first LP i ever bought and still own, Mono Hendrix Axis:Bold as love, track 2 side 2, Castles made of sand......the lyrics... all about life, remains a fovorite song today. bought a stereo copy many years later, passed it on soon after, sounded like a different record, the mixing was very different
  7. wen

    Currently Spinning

    something a bit more than toe tapping( rip Prince)
  8. wen

    Chasing The Ultimate

    welcome Paul, size and scale may be the main compromises, quality sound and enjoyment of the music are not neccessarily affected by downsizing
  9. Hello Henry, i have a small container of various screws for cartridges, you can pm me if you haven't already got some
  10. wen

    Currently Spinning

    @Teksiis wilson in my opinion is the new music messiah of the milleniun, just cant get enough, saw him in melbourne with porcupine tree, then as steven wilson, word cannot describe............
  11. wen

    Currently Spinning

    steven wilson brilliance
  12. what a friend, bought these after listening to sampler tracks from a progrock magazine, and many other cd's
  13. wen

    Currently Spinning

    @Darren69 to be so young, a memorable album in its own right, but now spinning, moving on to the not so distant future
  14. wen


    great start, keep going , enjoy the site, learn from other peoples mistakes and save yourself hundreds/thousands............