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  1. have put on currently spinning but should be here, house sitting with portable music. sorry for no reply "needlerunner" sporadic in posting here, red wine, yes , but now into the port, memmory, what?! Will follow up on Carptree
  2. house sitting at the moment, so, bring the music with you
  3. lots of info on site, enjoy
  4. Also a Quasimodo owner, brilliant amp, mine has a volume control and is single input, very minimalist in features but fantastic sounding. I thought Edward used them to demo his speakers?
  5. wen


    welcome Mark, lovely speakers you have, enjoy the site
  6. welcome, certainly is Hugh, enjoy the site
  7. welcome John, hope you can contribute as well, enjoy the site
  8. welcome Barnaby, it is the place, watch your wallet, enjoy the site
  9. In the right place Liz, lots of experience with many differing opinions, enjoy the site
  10. welcome to another David, many of us here on SNA, lots of vintage fanbois here, enjoy the site
  11. have a look at Monitor Audio Bronze 2, you could put them on their sides, front firing port, 8ohm, 90d/w/m, not sure if they will fit the space
  12. welcome John, huge vintage following in SNA, enjoy the site
  13. If the platter is not removable, I would use 2 layers of foam under the TT one firm and one soft to absorb better, rest built same as previous post
  14. welcome James, posts needed before you can do that, read the postscript for classifieds, join in, what gear do you run ?
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