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  1. welcome Steven, make sure you audition first, enjoy the site
  2. wen


    welcome, enjoy your old gear for a while, everything always sounds better when you start thinking about getting back into it, enjoy the site
  3. wen

    Hello and intro

    welcome David,family limitations pass, be patient, enjoy the site
  4. wen


    welcome furtherpale, your dad had good taste in equipment, nothing like inspiring a son to continue the traditions, enjoy the site
  5. welcome Trevor@FussyEars , i can relate to your post absolutely, i read @andyr's alphabetical and numerical equation and my head spins, i have a simple analogue system and a cd player, some components are over 35yrs old, the music still sounds very sweet, enjoy the site
  6. wen

    From headphones to stereo

    welcome Julian, expensive mistakes can be reduced by being patient and auditioning, if you have been to a friends place and like his setup, unless you have exactly the same room built the same with the same furniture it will sound different, but, this can be a starting point in what to listen to/for, enjoy
  7. I listened to the VAF signature i91 special edition at the hi-fi show, very impressive for their size.
  8. wen

    G'day from Brisbane

    welcome Reggie, good to hear you stored you system, i did the same for a couple of years whilst we were nomadic and waiting for a house to be built, enjoy the site
  9. wen

    Hi from Cairns

    welcome Ryan, neat little set up, agree with you a basic system is all about the music, enjoy
  10. wen

    Greetings from Melbourne

    welcome Andrew, inspiring system sound interesting, some photos or a description ?
  11. wen

    Steven Wilson

    not going, seen him twice in Melbourne, should be a amazing concert, the shows seem to be getting bigger and better, enjoy
  12. wen


    It happens occasionally, many elderly members(i'm one),i have replied and hit the wrong button, eventually figure out what i have(not) done
  13. wen


    agree with@Andrews_melb , change the cartridge, i run an ortofon 2m bronze with a moth(oem rega)202 arm on a rega planar2 tt, plenty of bass, a substantial improvement on the blue, the Garrot's i have heard have also been excellent
  14. wen

    Hi, New Member (Melbourne)

    welcome John, good to see that you have decided to join, keep enjoying the site
  15. wen

    Hello from Sydney

    welcome Simon, glad to read that the site is useful, lots of knowledgeable people posting here, enjoy