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  1. i made these speaker stands recycling legs from a dining table
  2. may be a bit old , but what about an original Leema Pulse, Cafad did a review in his integrated amps guide, i sent him my Lemma Pulse III which has a DAC, the original didn't, Cafad reviewed mine against the original and he prefered the original?
  3. well done, a solid amp, your speakers at 55hz wont give you deep bass reguardless of what amp you use, but enjoy the quality sound you have now
  4. have a listen to Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers, front ported so can go close to a wall, amp friendly
  5. welcome Sheriden, the LS50s have been reviewed on this site, have a read and see what amp(s) have been used, good luck
  6. welcome Geoff, keep the NAD's and get them service, recapped, up to spec, you will be surprised how good they will sound. Had a NAD 3020 recapped and serviced, unbelievable was the only word to describe how good it sounded, will match well with your Coral speakers
  7. welcome, buy the speakers, enjoy the site
  8. welcome Mar, you're on the right sight now, enjoy
  9. wen


    welcome, better to join than sit on the fence, many facets of SNA that are useful, what gear are you using now?
  10. welcome Jamie, lots of info for you to read, your describing everybodys hope, good luck
  11. i have used an Ortofon 2M Bronze in a mission arm, worked very well, a friend had a Garrott P77 on a Mission TT and ?upgraded to an Ortofon MC, i preferred the Garrott
  12. if you want to go old, try NAD 3020, you may need to have it refurbished, worth it, or Sansui, same again, if not done, refurbished by good tech, great sounding, will last for years. I have owned both these brand amps and can vouch for their sound, others may add their experiences, but you have to start somewhere. Other choice, move the speakers on. Again , threads on standmount/bookshelf speakers can help with ideas on what to listen to.
  13. @adfraggs, your missing the point, your AVR is probably as good as an old Technics from the 80's, when you get a chance to read many posts on SNA, Technics is a name that comes up rarely, for a reason. Have a read of Cafad's integrated amp addicts guide, this may give you a different direction to look at, less frustrating and more cost effective with purchases. You say you could hear the difference between your Bose speakers that you sold and the BA's, this says you do have the ability to tell the difference between sounds, most people initally just lack the confidence due to believing that people who have been into hi-fi for years know better, they do, but only to what they like, they dont have your ears , your taste in music, your room you will have your gear in.........you get the picture, dont under estimate your ability to choose what you like, just take your time, research and audition. Good luck
  14. @heathygeorge, have you bought an amp yet?, if so what did you get, how does it sound to you?
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