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  1. i would also audition the nad with monitor audio, i have the RS6, have paired them with a nad 3020a, stunning, if you can pick up a second hand pair they could be an absolute bargain, a set of RS8 with sub have just sold for $800, keep your eye on the classifieds
  2. Hi from Bris Vegas

    touchdown Gavin, enjoy
  3. Hi From Melb

    welcome Brett , hope you enjoy the site
  4. Rega Planar 2 problems

    any outcome from your dilemma with your rega yet?
  5. Hi @Al.M running a NAD 3020A ( modified by SNA's Tagstrip) in a vinyl only system with a rega planar 2, ortofon 2m bronze cartridge and mission 770s speakers, still have the leema pulse 111 that @Cafad reviewed paired with a creek destiny CD player and monitor audio RS6 speakers, both systems very satisfying to listen to
  6. keep posting, hope you have something to contribute as well, enjoy the site
  7. introducing myself

    welcome, definitly some pictures
  8. Hi from Sydney

    welcome niyas, don't worry your head can be sorted more easily than your wallet, thats what this site is all about, but, dont forget the music
  9. New Member from Perth WA

    even if placement is not optimal, good sound gear always sounds good
  10. another night of music
  11. FS: Exposure 2010S integrated amp

    funds a increasing slowly, is it still for sale, have you tried it with your mission 770 speakers?
  12. 44years in this crazy hobby

    I think Vandersteen should have said always listen to the music, without music the hobby has no substance, enjoy the site
  13. another enjoyable evening/night
  14. Rega Planar 2 problems

    message sent
  15. Rega Planar 2 problems

    google rega elys 2 cartridge problems, just read a few, sound like there are quite a few other people experiencing the same problem, did not read if it was specific to a rega 2, if you read further there may be a compromising solution, good luck, ( or just sell it and put the money towards the next turntable upgrade)