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  1. If you bought one of the secondhand Weston amps and wanted to upgrade, you could resell with very little or no loss for what you paid, this will give you first hand experience if valves are for you
  2. Audionerd, certainly a stunning example,but, regardless of brand and pedigree, the value of the item is only worth what someone is willing to pay, many items have been kept by people who are not prepared to sell for less than their perceived value, if they want to move it on the price needs to be reevaluated
  3. i had an Ortofon Bronze for some time, eventually changed to an Ortofon Quintet Blue MC, better detail, dynamics, price wise it sits between the Bronze and Black 2m series
  4. put the phono stage on the bottom, will look more balanced
  5. @ausmac91, the p252 stereo 250watt power amp for the price is good value, you could use your NAD as a pre amp, till more funds available, i dont think you could get an integrated at 1k to do the Elac's justice, 89db/w/m and 4ohm dipping to 3.2 ohm would make the average amp struggle
  6. Would be a superb combination with your Monitor Audio speakers, a great amp in its own right
  7. I agree with @Wimbo, that Bladelius would make your Wharfedales sing, great price and great pedigree
  8. the Ortofon is a very entry level basic cartridge, i would write down what you don't like about the sound and look at cartridge reviews, look at what music/tracks they use to review, see if you have or can borrow them and compare what yours sounds like to the review, this may give you a guide as to which direction to head for changes. Is the cartridge optimally set up, could be reason for not so good sound. Someone may be able to checkit for you. External phono stages usually sound better but you need to look at something better than entry level, some phono stages may match better with your g
  9. Not sure of your budget, Monitor Audio Bronze 2 are fantastic value for sound/dollar
  10. @NeilW, well done Neil, keep the Brio and enjoy what you have sound wise for some time before venturing to your next upgrade, you may need to spend lots to get a reasonable improvement in sound per dollar, buy more LP's
  11. You may regret selling, i bought a valve amp but kept my Quasimodo. A fantastic amp and even better value at this price, I'm sure it wont last long
  12. Hi Michael , David from Melbourne, would love to buy this but you would need to post, let me know if you will consider posting, i bought the Marantz CD 52. Cheers David
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