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  1. wen

    Getting back into hi-fi

    welcome back, Jack, enjoy the site
  2. wen

    FREE : Treadmill

    no takers yet too far for most? Mernda 3754
  3. wen

    Myryad vs Vintage Amp

    you will get many opinions, don't spend too much, i like copper cables, have used ugly cable from selby, sounded good in an average system, but in my main systems 1: QED, 2: supra
  4. wen

    FREE : Treadmill

    have had a few personal messages, will sort through easiest option, thanks all
  5. wen

    FREE : Treadmill

    Marquee Treadmill MT 7.12 , Model no.242V2, in good condition and perfect working order, no manual, no longer using. Can help with delivery if not too far, other wise would like some money for fuel
  6. wen

    Myryad vs Vintage Amp

    @Bluedogs My 2 cents worth, if you love the sound, keep it, you could change many components and be going around in circles to improve on the sound, play lots of music and enjoy it, when and if you tire of the sound, then do something, for $200, wow, you will probably need to spend a lot more to get a significant improvement, older units have old components which have limited life spans, if you buy something you may need to spend more to refurbish it to get the best sound
  7. @dBb_dBb have you found any speakers yet? just saw your later post, well done
  8. wen


    welcome Ryan, the more reading and research you do the less expensive it "can" be, enjoy
  9. Can only say i had one in the '70s, good in it's time, bettered by the Denon DR-F7 which was a three head deck that i bought
  10. wen

    New member introduction

    welcome, the place to be, enjoy
  11. wen

    New member

    welcome to the other side, keep enjoying the site
  12. wen

    New member introduction

    welcome, a lot of us share your pains, plenty to read, ask questions, enjoy the site
  13. wen


    welcome, viva la musica, enjoy the site
  14. wen

    Hello In Stereo

    welcome Peter, sometimes simplicity is overlooked when upgraditis sets in, its the music that counts in the end, enjoy the site
  15. wen


    welcome, i'm sure if you wired a cartridge to the arm it would work, enjoy