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  1. wen

    Sydney retro valve vinyl new member

    welcome,plenty of people running vintage systems, enjoy the site
  2. One of the problems with the new age open floor plans, everybody gets to share what they don't want, we ended up putting sliding doors on rooms which in the original design of the house were open, the company thought we were nuts.We also had acoustic insulation around the front lounge/music room and the master bedroom. I would look at bi/tri fold doors or a heavy curtain and another door where you go from the hallway to the master bedroom as an air lock/sound barrier( your partner gets to sleep while you listen to music at a nice volume), like trying to put a square peg into a round hole, something needs to be modified
  3. wen

    Hi Everyone

    @Stephen0804 or stay with your plan and spend more money on vinyl, the difference between the Blue and Bronze is well worth the change
  4. welcome Ming, keep looking in the classifieds, lots of gear moving through there, need to be quick though, enjoy the site
  5. wen

    Hi from Darwin

    @djb just sweated there for quite a few years, Victorian born and bred
  6. wen

    Hi from Darwin

    welcome to SNA Anthony, lived in Darwin for many years, great part of the world in the dry season, enjoy the site
  7. wen

    Hello from Cairns

    welcome Rob, simple systems can be very satisfying, enjoy the site
  8. I just saw the ad, congratulations, what amp are you using now, i have an exposure 2010
  9. which exposure amp were you using
  10. wen

    Hi all from Sydney.

    welcome Josh, if they are your DIY speakers they look fantastic, enjoy the site
  11. wen

    Another Melbournian

    welcome Debra, enjoy the site
  12. wen

    Looking for an amp

    @Wadoedenauw see my previous post
  13. wen

    Looking for an amp

    put an ad in the wanted to buy section, new, used, ? vintage ? there are yamaha, sansui, and nad in the for sale section in your price range, page 8 to 10 maybe more if you keep going, cheers
  14. wen


    welcome , fantastic project, looks superb
  15. wen

    Hello from Sweden

    welcome Malcolm, would be interesting to see pictures of your system