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  1. Older AVR & 4K TV

    This is only relevant if you have a 4K player of some kind like Apple TV or a UHD Bluray Player. Either way, you can look at a player with dual HDMI outs and use one for video direct to TV and the second for audio to the receiver. If you aren't running any 4K sources it won't matter.
  2. Star Wars: the last Jedi (8th instalment)

    Could we please indicate in the title whether this thread is with or without spoilers for anyone (like myself) who haven't quite made it to the cinema yet?
  3. Bluesound Node 2 V's Heos Link HS2

    I did the SNA review of the Node 2. At the time, I had been using a Sonos Connect running via a W4S Remedy using one of Clay's excellent Power Supplies. The Node 2 sounded as good straight out of the box via digital and significantly better via analog. The improvements to the app control (not that it was ever bad) have been welcomed and I consider the app to be up there with the best (free control apps). I've been so happy with the review sample I purchased, that I've added a second Node 2 for my secondary setup.
  4. Vincent bargain time is here.

    Haha! Maybe the title of this should now be changed to "The Vincent Audio Appreciation Thread"?
  5. Vincent bargain time is here.

    Thus far I have been running my SP-20 using my Node 2 as a pre which has been surprisingly good. I will report back once I connect up the SA31MK.
  6. Vincent bargain time is here.

    I'd love to Terry, they are just going to be located in my man cave (spare bedroom) which is a pretty standard 3m x 3m. Concerned they would load the room with a touch too much bass.
  7. Vincent bargain time is here.

    Funny you should mention Vienna's, looking at a pair of either Mozart's or Baby Grands myself.
  8. Vincent bargain time is here.

    I replaced my SV-237 with it and so far it has beeen nothing but impressive. Ive got some NOS 6N15’s on the way (6J6/ECC91) from Sylvania and RCA to experiment with. I’m happy to dismiss any naysayers of the brand. In my experience, the performance of Vincent has significantly outweighed the price and during initial auditioning, beat out some far more reputable brands comfortably.
  9. Vincent bargain time is here.

    I also let the temptation get the better of me... One SA31MK and PHO-701...
  10. Vincent bargain time is here.

    I have one too, bit of a collectors item that one. Only 125 made globally. Just bear in mind, if looking to experiment the replaceable tube is actually a 6N15, not a 6N10 as I recently found out.
  11. Vincent bargain time is here.

    I hear you!
  12. Dark brown sides were only supplied as standard on the black units, you would need to find a silver/black or silver/beech and order the dark brown sides from Yamaha Australia as a spare part.
  13. Item: Wireworld Horizon Flat Speaker Cable 2 Lengths of > 7m Location: Maribyrnong, VIC Price: $60 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (add 3%), Bank Deposit Extra Info: Used to run under my rug to my rear speakers which I am also selling, this cable is no longer required. It is probably the flattest cable I’ve come across, and never felt it under the rug unless I actually tried to. Despite being flat, it is still 16 Gauge. The cable retails for $9/metre and I’m supplying it with the Wireworld Bananas pictured (RRP $40). Will post Australia wide for $10. Pictures:
  14. FS: PSB Imagine X1T Tower Speakers - Melb

    Photos added
  15. Distorted vocals - one track only

    I wonder if it’s a gain related issue? Are you using the XLR connections on your amp or single ended? Either that or maybe her vocal his clashing with the crossover point in the Cantons or even that there may be an issue with the crossover?