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  1. thathifiguy

    Vincent SV-237 Hybrid Amplifier

    I replaced just the 12AX7 with a NOS Telefunken and it brought a good improvement. The SV237 sounds excellent even with the stock tube, but the upgraded 12AX7 just took it even further.
  2. thathifiguy

    Help please - spikes for Monitor Audio GS60s

    No spikes available from either M&G Hoskins or Interdyn as spares?
  3. thathifiguy

    Wifi vs USB

    The headphone jack on the MacBook is both analog and digital toslink.
  4. thathifiguy

    Wifi vs USB

    Optical cable with 3.5mm adapter. They are dual purpose analog/toslink headphone output.
  5. thathifiguy

    Ground Loop Isolator Filter......any good?

    Sounds like it might be either the wiring within the tonearm or the cart itself?
  6. thathifiguy

    Ground Loop Isolator Filter......any good?

    I recently had an issue with hum on my turntable, turns out replacing the 2 pole wall wart with a three pole, earthed supply resolved the issue.
  7. If the BluOS module is network connected, update should be delivered via Network, independent of the amplifier, shouldn't they?
  8. thathifiguy

    Best speakers for Sherwood PM9805 Turntable?

    This turntable doesn't have an in-built phono stage so as @surprisetech has suggested you will need either a standalone phono stage, an amplifier that connects to your speakers that has a phono input or a pair of active/powered speakers that has a phono input.
  9. thathifiguy

    HT Bypass with XMC-1

    Front right and left would connect to the HT bypass on the integrated amp.
  10. thathifiguy

    Question about sensitivity & power

    Each doubling of outout give you an extra 3dB of gain. 1 watt - 94dB 2 - 97dB 4 - 100dB and so on in that fashion.
  11. thathifiguy

    Venom Anyone?

    Keep in mind that this isn’t made by Marvel Studios nor has any relation to any of the universe they have built on screen. Technically Sony Pictures still own the rights to Spider-Man and all associated characters (e.g. Venom) on the big screen. They have just rented the Spider-Man character to Marvel temporarily for the Avengers: Infinity War storyline for a cut of the profits.
  12. thathifiguy

    500Hz pit

    I'm fairly sure given the highish frequency being cancelled out, it may be that they are too far from the wall in your room, I would experiment by nudging them back a few cm at a time and see if the dip lowers in frequency.
  13. thathifiguy

    500Hz pit

    How far are the speakers from the front/side walls? I believe this has something to do with an in-room reflection causing an opposing phase thereby cancelling out that specific frequency.
  14. thathifiguy

    Going overboard in small room?

    I use 12" Tannoy's in a 3m x 3m room, so no, I don't think you're going overboard. Especially if you love listening to music.