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  1. Not vintage exactly, but still wonderful.
  2. Started Fleabag last night, was in stitches.
  3. I want to be a Switch owner, but am being tight until tax time. Actually keen on getting my daughter into games (good parenting right there).
  4. I do all mine on zero compression FLAC, but I have heaps of space and only around 500 cds.
  5. I have far from ideal internet at home, at best it's typically 5 mbps, I rarely have issues with Tidal. Only in peak usage periods and even then, rarely.
  6. What size is your room? The 950's are big speakers and need room to breathe a bit. It could be that they are loading the room with too much bottom end, muddying up the midrange. If you're not getting midrange out of those Uni-Q drivers, something is amiss.
  7. One thing you neglected to mention, though unrelated to features and performance, they are now available in black! Edit - Only the Saga + is, but that is still something!
  8. Just to clarify, the main power button is switched on? This is one of those rare TV's that has a main power button (in addition to standby). They were usually located under the bottom of the panel.
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