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  1. How's that new Vincent working out

    Sad to see you leave the Vincent club Terry!
  2. D/M Holdings vs Sonos

    When you looked at the case Sonos presented, it was very compelling. Particularly with the similarity in the overall marketing/modelling of the ranges. Glad I'm a Bluesounder too!
  3. How's that new Vincent working out

    I think part of the problem is that Fundamental Audio are a brand new wholesaler who are yet to form any relationships within the industry, perhaps over time that will change for the better.
  4. M&K Speakers/projector and screen

    It's definitely up there!
  5. You should be able to pick up one of these from any musical instrument shop for between $30 - $50.
  6. The Shape of Water

    I saw it and really enjoyed it, but got distracted by two d***heads sitting next to us too stupid to appreciate the beauty of the film, cackling the whole way through.
  7. WTB: Bass port bungs

    https://www.clarkrubber.com.au/foam-bolster Cut to size!
  8. WTB: speaker stands

    Hi Martin, I have a pair of Norstone Stylum 2 stands that have been mass filled and fitted with Atacama gel pads to the top that I no longer require. Let me know if interested. Cheers, Tarkan.
  9. Bluesound Node 2 MQA

    I have two, one connects to a power DAC downstairs, the other is in my man cave. That one I run analog out. The Node will only do a full unfold of MQA using its own DAC, so you have to use the analog outputs.
  10. Bluesound Node 2 MQA

    The Node 2 will only perform the first unfold of MQA if running via digital out. In the settings, it asks if you have an MQA enabled DAC, and if you don’t you should select no. I run one of my Node’s analog out which of course does the full unfold and I have to say, I like what I’ve heard. A good example is the latest from the Kronos Quartet, oh my!
  11. I have the WireWorld Luna one, not exceptional compared to my usual RCA's, but much better than generic cheapies.
  12. Radio Paradise revisited

    I didn't know they were streaming in FLAC, I wonder if it is supported in FLAC on Bluesound yet. Will have to check it out tonight...
  13. WTB: USB A to B cable

    If you're happy to stretch your budget further, I have a WireWorld Platinum Starlight 7 sitting around unused.
  14. SOLD: FS: BLUESOUND NODE 2 (Relist)

    You would still require a router as that is how the controller (phone/tablet) communicates with it, but yes, that would work.