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  1. If only I didn't have young kids!
  2. I can appreciate that, however I was responding to the ops query and explaining that it is not a MUST have item.
  3. I've never found myself thinking i needed more treble with mine.
  4. This is definitely the best way of using it.
  5. Have you got it connected to a TV that has a sync mode on? i.e. Bravia Sync, Viera Link etc?
  6. Motionflow is the answer. It is under the clarity option. Make sure it is off or very low (custom).
  7. For me, there was a lot going on at the same time, the musical score, the deep effects track plus dialogue. I suppose something had to give. Should give it another go sometime, see how I go.
  8. All I would suggest Pradeep is playing with positioning. When I got my Tannoy's, I initially set them up as front facing as it looked neater. I had a sudden "What have I done?" sinking feeling in my gut. After consulting the manual, it suggested quite an aggressive toe-in toward the listening position. I did this and the speakers really came to life.
  9. If you don't notice a dramatic improvement, I would be quite surprised.
  10. Pretty sure they import the brand under Busisoft.
  11. The MRX-520 won't support any Atmos channels. You would need to step up to the MRX-720 in order to utilise Atmos via an Anthem.
  12. Item: Ikea Poang Chair - Melbourne Location: Maribyrnong Price: $100 neg Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (F&F or add 3% for normal) Extra Info: Bought new from IKEA, this had been my listening chair up until recently. In excellent knick, I have just washed all the covers in preparation for new owner. Pickup only from Maribyrnong. Photos:
  13. Item: Norstone Vinkel Bamboo - Melbourne Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used - Good Condition Extra Info: Bought new a number of years ago, the unit has since been replaced by a DIY rack I have put together. In good knick, though there are a few marks leftover from some Vibrapods(?) I once used on there. Free to anyone who can pickup from Maribyrnong. These used to retail for $799.
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