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  1. thathifiguy

    Playing vinyl through a Sonos

    You'll need a Sonos product that has an analog input. You need to connect from your Phono stage into that.
  2. thathifiguy


    Pioneer Plasma's always included a cloth not unlike what you would get with a pair of glasses and suggested only using that. I have stuck with that with my OLEDs without issue.
  3. thathifiguy

    Bose, who'd have thought it...

    Did you run the cubes via the bass module? That usually contains the crossover and will explain your issue with the cubes not blending into the sub.
  4. thathifiguy

    No Dolby Digital from tv to avr

    Try Dave's suggestion first. TV needs to be set to either Dolby Digital/Bitstream before you will get 5.1 decoding. If it is already set that way, then try my suggestion of powering everything down (unplug from power).
  5. thathifiguy

    No Dolby Digital from tv to avr

    Disconnect everything from power for two minutes and reconnect. If no settings have been changed, my guess is it is a handshaking issue which this should resolve.
  6. thathifiguy

    Lindsay Stirling - not sure what category

    She is pretty unique, but ultimately I'd describe her as being electronic music with underlying hints of classical.
  7. thathifiguy

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    My experience also echoed this. Vs Cambridge, Marantz, Yamaha, Rotel etc the Vincent gear blew them out of the park.
  8. thathifiguy

    Back to Black redemption code not working

    Yes, I think it varies from label to label.
  9. thathifiguy

    Back to Black redemption code not working

    Yep, every time I have had an issue like this I have contacted the record label and they have provided me with a new code.
  10. thathifiguy

    New member from eastern Melb

    Welcome aboard Jason!
  11. thathifiguy

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    Big fan, exceptionally good performance for the $$
  12. Item: LG 55EC930T Location: Maribyrnong, VIC Price: $800 neg - Including $15 SNA Donation Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (add 3%), Bank Deposit Extra Info: Bought new from Harvey Norman QV 5 years ago, this TV is still in excellent condition. No dead pixels or screen burn. There is a slight greenish hue on the right side of the panel, but that has been there since new and is only really obvious on white screens. All packed up and ready to go, comes with book, 4 x 3D glasses, Magic Remote and original box. Pictures: Netflix Content Bluray Content HD TV Standard Def TV White Screen Factory Reset
  13. thathifiguy

    Neumann s series

    I agree, not everypne is the same though. I actually once bought shampoo and the seller had refilled an old bottle with cheap shampoo. I couldnt believe it My worst buy was a pop-shield I got for my microphone. Image and description indicated it was a pro quality pop-shield and when it arrived, it was home made using the ring from a sewing kit, a bit of stocking and some coathanger. I was not impressed.
  14. thathifiguy

    Camera market down by 84% since 2010

    I just got a new compact, I have a mirrorless OM-D, but sometimes it just isn't practical. Plus I love good compact camera's, they are surprisingly versatile.