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  1. Well, I missed the boat. Everywhere looks to be sold out now.
  2. I would use some tape to mark the position they are in now and experiment. I have had mine in two different rooms and found the result was the same with the hard toe-in.
  3. Hi, Congrats! They are lovely speakers! I don’t have mine tilted or raised though you could, should you wish. I do sit fairly low and have mine on some Iso Acoustic Gaia’s which raises them a touch. I would suggest the toe-in recommended by @Lx4man though, I found mine really came to life once I had them toed in to point around a foot in front of my face.
  4. It's released Friday night in the US, so Saturday for us.
  5. This will be it, phone volume should be at max, then use Yamaha volume dial to adjust stereo volume.
  6. Sure is, kind of feels like an MMO though.
  7. Gee whiz, how gruesome is the comic!
  8. Have watched through all the S2 eps so far, fantastic follow up so far to S1
  9. I pre-ordered this and started playing a couple of nights ago. As a huge fan of the original, this has been (so far) everything I could have wanted. I did attempt to replay the original not that long ago, but it hasn't held up too well and I just struggled, but with this now having a slick touch up, i am excited to get immersed in the world of Amalur once again.
  10. They are a quality studio though, more focused on their player base than profits
  11. Keep an eye out on Amazon, have noticed a few Beyer specials show up there, only catch is they ship from UK.
  12. Honestly, this is happening across the board, Xbox too. I don't imagine it will last long.
  13. Yes, I have a few that I have started and not finished. I did play through Spiderman and it was the best Spiderman game I've played (for what that is worth) but I went cold on the DLC. Jedi: Fallen Order however is just a very fun game, great figuring out all the cool ways you can dispatch foes.
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