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  1. If you have hum, it is worth trying to identify if you have a ground loop somewhere in the house. Edit - Sorry, only just read that it is ONLY humming
  2. Love the in-house designed ELAC stuff, dreadfully miss my old BS403s.
  3. They acted on my request pretty quick back in the day
  4. I used to get up to 263 in Essendon, possibly more. I think 263 was the trip voltage on my surge protector at the time.
  5. Does the C658 run in fixed output mode like say a Bluesound Node?
  6. I would suggest pairing it first whilst it is in closer proximity to the router and see how it fares once you put it back in the room. If upgrading your router only, I would look at one of the better Asus units (68U and above) otherwise I'd be looking at a Mesh network of some variety.
  7. After bingeing the Castlevania Netflix series, I was longing for a similar styled game to the Castelvania's of old and came across Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Absolute corker of a game, love the creativity of the various different abilities that open up to you as you progress through.
  8. Worst is enemies who sleep characters. The fight with Rude in Sector 5 Slums was far more difficult on hard than I remember on the first playthrough. Need to get my warding materia maxed out.
  9. Oh man, I thought I was going to go insane on that pull up trophy! Was much worse than squats. I've just hit Wall Market on Hard playthrough. Have to redo the bike scene so I can get jessie's approval though. Took too much damage first time and hard mode was just crazy haha
  10. How did you get on with this @Tweaky? I finished the main story in around 40 - 45 hours and am playing through again on hard mode now to try and unlock as much as I can.
  11. You'll probably enjoy it more this way anyway
  12. I remember playing this through on the hardest setting and I don’t think any game before or since has had me cursing so often or so loudly. great game though.
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