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  1. thathifiguy

    FS: Cambridge Audio CXU Universal Disc Player - Melb

    For DVD yes, bluray it is region B
  2. thathifiguy

    Denon AVR Help Needed

    Can your PC output be set to bitstream? I believe that is what is causing the issue.
  3. Item: Cambridge Audio CXU Universal Disc Player - Melb Location: Maribyrnong Price: $800 inc $15 donation to SNA Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (add 3%), Direct Deposit Extra Info: Bought new a couple of years ago, it was being utilised as part of my home theatre. Now that my little one has gotten older and has become familiar with DVD & Bluray, I bought a cheap player to use there instead. I integrated it into my dedicated two channel room, but it wasn't being utilised, so here it is! In mint condition, original box, books and remote included. Will ship insured at buyers cost, though prefer local pickup to save any headaches. Note that this is the CXU which is 1080P and has the Wolfson DAC, not the CXUHD which is 4K, but a transport only. For more information, please see here. Pictures:
  4. thathifiguy

    Floorstanders - Room Size

    Legacy Cheviot
  5. thathifiguy

    Floorstanders - Room Size

    I use 12" Tannoys in a 3m x 3m room and they are fine. I think it really depends on the speaker though and how far they need to be positioned from the walls.
  6. thathifiguy

    Man in a van theatre system

    Interesting, the font they used on the "Perilous Audiolab" system is a very similar font to Audiolab's. Very sneaky.
  7. I used to have a Panasonic Plasma, Denon AVR and Sony BD Player and I agree, when it worked, it was great. Power up the player and everything would switch. But the number of times I had to disconnect the mains in order to get them handshaking again after an issue was insane, just decided it wasn't worth it. Popped in Optical and programmed my Logitech remote!
  8. Won't the TV only pass through Dolby Digital anyway? I had so many headaches with HDMI-CEC regardless of brands, I just decided an optical cable was the answer. Have been living a happy life since.
  9. thathifiguy

    Fillings for speaker stands

    In the past, I used kiln dried sand. One time when passing through bunnings, I discovered some Aquarium pebbles which appeared not unlike lead shot but at a substantially cheaper price. I picked up some large ziplock bags, fed them in and slowly poured the pebbles in. Worked a treat!
  10. thathifiguy

    Primaluna Service in Melbourne

    JLS Electronics are the authorised agent in Melbourne.
  11. thathifiguy

    Tube noise, or am I doing something wrong?

    The thing is that although your Tube Box S has tubes, it is still a solid state preamp, it just has tubes on the output stage to give some colour to the sound. Outside of the hiss, do records sound normal when being played?
  12. It's worth noting too that this is somewhat of a collector's item, only 125 worldwide.
  13. I have one of these too, paired up with an SA31MK Pre and they sound great together, GLWTS