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  1. I think it just goes to show that it was the partnership between Kojima and Konami that made the Metal Gear games so successful. He probably needs someone around to reign him in a bit.
  2. The one I had was a Luna, one of their more "entry" cables, but it was fine. Maybe look at Audioquest if after something a bit better. I think they have more options in an RCA - 3.5mm cable.
  3. That's what I figured. I've downloaded the first two episodes on my phone, so i'll give it another go tonight.
  4. Did anyone else experience buffering issues last night? My speed appeared to be ok, but had to turn off in frustration during the first episode of Mandalorian due to constant stopping to buffer.
  5. One I have used several times with positive experience is Arizona Tube Supply, I think they go by the username N7RK
  6. I decided to give this a miss. Did get Jedi Fallen Order however, and that has been great fun.
  7. You can find some decent ones. I used to have a WireWorld one, AudioQuest I believe have a range of them too, as well as Chord Company maybe?
  8. This is incorrect, the Powernode actually has two dual purpose inputs. It would just require the use of an RCA-3.5mm stereo cable. Edit* Technically it IS correct as there are no RCA Inputs, however there is a workaround as highlighted above.
  9. I've thought about letting her go, but can never bring myself to do it.
  10. I haven't, only because my time for producing has had a nosedive in recent years due to kids. When I do listen though, I find it is a solid measure of how the track is sounding, much better than anything I have used as a reference before.
  11. It's probably also worth checking that all HDMI handshaking protocols are switched off (HDMI-CEC) on all devices.
  12. That is because if the wifi drops for whatever reason during the update, it can brick the unit.
  13. The Tidal app is not like Spotify, you can't just "send" audio to any wifi connected audio device. The only way you can play direct from the Tidal app is via Bluetooth.
  14. There is a thread about it on their forum, sounds as though it's uncommon though. https://helpdesk.bluesound.com/discussions/viewtopic.php?t=3802
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