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  1. I never embraced VR. Like the old motion cameras from the previous PS3/X360 era, I felt it was a fad. And while it seems they made several genuinely good games for the format, it appears it has been flooded once again with mediocre titles.
  2. I can’t recall which video, but it became clear part way in that the guts of my Pro varied to the guts in the video so I searched a bunch until I found one that matched. While the internals don’t differ greatly, they differ enough that for someone like me who doesn’t do this sort of thing everyday, it made it more difficult than it probably needed to be. So I’d start with one and then as you progress, if you notice yours looks different, I would switch it up.
  3. Is it placed nearby to other power supplies or products that have large transformers?
  4. Mine this afternoon, starting to look a little cluttered...
  5. I have been eyeing off this bad boy https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07HKX6WL7/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_5?smid=A3JCEYBC5L8UJ8&psc=1
  6. Anyone else booted from tidal? I’ve been logged out and cannot get back in.
  7. I think you'll find it pretty rare on an AVR purely due to real estate on the rear panel. Shouldn't have an issue with an AV Processor though.
  8. I recently updated to an iPhone 12 Mini and ever since Roon has been incredibly unstable on my phone. I have deleted, reinstalled, off & on, power cycled network and streamers, nothing seems to resolve it. I read a thread on their support site that suggests with some iOS users, there appears a sudden peak in RAM usage causing the app to crash suddenly. I suspect this is what is happening on my device. Strange though as it has been working fine on iPad and MBP.
  9. I just played it a couple of months back, also very very good.
  10. Got gifted this for Christmas and really enjoyed it. Have always liked the character of Miles since he first showed up in the Ultimate comics and getting to play as him was great fun. Although both are Spider-men, Insomniac Games have managed to make playing as Miles feel different to playing as Peter by utilising his unique powers. On a whole I would say the game is more accessible to casual gamers than the original was as it isn't nearly as long nor does it have as exhaustive a list of side quests. Insomniac have made some quality of life impr
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