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  1. For multichannel playback of an SACD you would need to utilise a universal disc player (like Oppo or Cambridge CXU etc) The SA8005 is a stereo playback device only. The digital out is purely there should you wish to use it just as a transport into an external DAC.
  2. Melbourne based R-R copy to CD ?

    It would be worth giving Action Replay in Camberwell a call. Pretty sure he is still there, and has every possible conversion device under the sun.
  3. SNA Members Top 100 LIVE albums

    I'll be that guy... 1. Queen-Live Killers 2. Rock of Ages-The Band 3. The Guess Who-Live at the Paramount. 4. Robin Trower-Live 5. Neil Young - Weld 6. Nils Lofgren - Acoustic Live
  4. Biwiring advantage?

    I can maybe get that with speakers given they're passive, but it seems odd for an amplifier to be designed with a second set of amplified output terminals needlessly if there is said to be no benefit.
  5. Biwiring advantage?

    I don't know how accurate this is, but from my NAD M2 manual: "Most modern high quality loudspeakers offer the option of Bi-wiring. This separates the HF crossover from the LF crossover and offers enhanced performance by preventing LF return currents from affecting the HF performance." This amp has two sets of speaker terminals exclusively for bi-wiring (not A & B). Seems odd that they would go to the trouble if they felt it made no difference?
  6. Set up advice

    I'll second the Node 2
  7. Yep, the 403 model uses a long throw type woofer. Big foam surrounds so that little driver can move lots of air!
  8. The LS50W are actually very well priced locally, considering their 2000 pound pricetag in the UK, we get them for $3800 here, unlike the passive model which are 800 pound vs $2600. In my opinion, ELAC are typically excellent for the money, but all things being relative, the Air-X 403 retails for near enough to 3000 pounds, so there is no surprise that they are more expensive. I'm assuming one reason for that is that ELAC build entirely in-house in Germany. As stated above, I have the passive version 403 speakers and love them, I also quite like both the active LS50s and the passive ones.
  9. I feel as though ELAC are a very underappreciated brand locally. I have BS 403's and adore them.
  10. @Marc might know more, he was told about them at Munich back in May.
  11. I wouldn't take too much stock into that page, he had an axe to grind with the local distributors and has little significance to the merit of the LS50 wireless. Personally, I think they take the already excellent passive design to a whole other level. If unsure about control, word is DALI will be releasing a pair of active speakers using the excellent BluOS platform, no word yet on release though.
  12. I can't speak for the latest ones, but back when I was working for JB/HN, they were rubbish. I distinctly recall telling one couple exactly that and they bought it anyway, thinking I was just doing the whole salesman thing. They called the next morning asking if they could exchange it.
  13. Game of Thrones

    Everyone gets that Jon and Daenerys are related right? I mean, they aren't the Lannister's... Loving the way events from previous seasons are echoing throughout this latest season, demonstrating everything starting to come full circle. I wouldn't be surprised if Baratheon's last bastard (who was saved from Melisandre by Davos) resurfaced in the next few episodes.
  14. With AAMI, I can list items of higher value individually, but in most cases, they just request I state a higher overall contents value.