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  1. I sit in the same boat - I upgraded the internal drive to a 2TB Firecuda from Seagate and have an additional 256GB Flash Drive for extra storage, I am still constantly having to delete games and install to fit everything.
  2. I’m starting to feel you were on the money Tweaky, given the usable storage of only 667gb, and with too few aftermarket options, it is probably best sticking with my Pro for now.
  3. Gee whiz, it is taking an awful long time for SSD's to fall in price.
  4. I would avoid using the Node's headphone output. I have found some minor glitches doing so. For instance, when you use the headphone output, it switches from fixed output to variable out (to utilise the Node's own digital volume control), I found that transitioning back, the levels were very low and wouldn't return to normal volume until going into the audio output settings on the app. Unsure whether or not this issue was across the board, or if it even exists anymore, but it is something I experienced.
  5. Have not played the most recent, but played the first two and they were both excellent.
  6. Very strange. It does sound to me like some kind of bandwidth issue though, the fact the menu screen displays as well as 1080P content.
  7. Do all the HDMI inputs on the AVR support full bandwidth signal?
  8. I would check to make sure no HDMI-CEC link is on between the source device, the receiver and the display. Also, what are the output setting you have set and does your HDMI cable from the AVR to the projector support it?
  9. Sorry, only just saw this. Personally, I struggled with Andromeda, especially after the original trilogy. If you're looking for straight up action, Uncharted 4 (or any really), Last of Us 1 & 2, Vanquish Remastered, Infamous: Second Son, Titanfall 2, Tomb Raider games etc
  10. This is a very peculiar setup, can I ask why you have the Onkyo connected to the fronts? As there doesn't appear to be a trigger input on the Onkyo, the Logitech will be the only way to switch it on.
  11. The Discovery app? Do you mean the Roon Essentials app?
  12. In fairness, this is pretty standard practice for any service with a free trial period and there is a pretty good chance you agreed to it when you signed on for the trial in the first place.
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