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  1. thathifiguy

    Will Tidal Continue

    With the recent news that Tidal has been failing to pay royalties, I’m preparing myself for the inevitable. Fortunately, Deezer’s lossless option is available via Bluesound now, so I have a fallback. Only issue is I’m on Tidal’s family plan of $36/month which supplies myself, my partner, her sister as well my three sisters with independent accounts.
  2. thathifiguy

    WTB: MiniDSP DDRC 22A or 22D - Dirac Live

    I've got a DDRC-22D I could probably part with and the Umik-1 for it. Only catch is I would have to email Mini-DSP to get the licence for the Dirac software switched over which can take upwards of 5 business days (as I understand it).
  3. Living in a black and white world and being ignorant of the grey areas in between is just foolish. For starters, KEF (or any other brand for that matter) won’t supply goods to a third party at their cost, they will sell at a profit, so there is your first increase in cost vs overseas and that is before it even hits Australia. Next, you have the costs involved of importing the goods themselves. Then, they will need to add their margin because, you know they need to make some profit. Then they need to add dealer margin because without them, you wouldn’t be able to hear items before buying. Then they need to factor in advertising costs, staff expenses, warranty and servicing costs and any number of other things. Going off the view they are just out to get you is just silly without knowing any of the intricacies involved.
  4. You need to keep in mind though that in UK and the US, KEF sell direct to dealers and don’t go through third party distributors. Naturally, anyone importing the product will need to add on their own margin, costs of promoting the product and supporting it with regards to warranty and servicing. That also isn’t taking into account the fact that they are buying from KEF as an outsider and not as a division of the brand itself. As I understand, that article was penned as a retaliation for a cutback in advertising from the local importer.
  5. thathifiguy

    Trigger cable?

    It looks like a 3.5mm mono cable. I have one that came with my power amp and it looks pretty generic to me.
  6. thathifiguy

    LS50W for home theatre

    The question is whether the input has a fixed gain option. If it doesn't, I would be very wary of connecting it up unless using it exclusively for that purpose. All it would take is for someone to mess with the volume dial...
  7. Does the Humax have an option to apply a 5V boost to the signal? I know some PVR’s do.
  8. thathifiguy

    SOLD: FS: Tannoy precision 6.1

    What are you changing to Martin?
  9. thathifiguy

    WTB: Sony CDP-101 remote control (RM-101)

    I’d give Speedy Spares a call, they are the authorised Sony Spare parts dealer.
  10. thathifiguy

    Kef LS 50 compared to Kef LS 50 Wireless

    They both sound excellent. My only issue with the wireless has been the control app, it's not the greatest. Not the worst either mind you. I guess if you're a tweaker, the passive will make more sense as you can try various different bits, whereas with the wireless, once you explore the various different DSP options, it is what it is.
  11. thathifiguy

    Striking gold at a theift shop

    Maybe take a look at some old Cheviot box designs, worst case you can get some boxes made!
  12. This is actually a great idea, if the website software is capable of having it implemented.
  13. I'd tread carefully myself as nominal impedance (what is typically listed on a speaker) isn't necessarily minimum impedance. If the speaker is nominal 3.2ohms, there is a good chance it may dip even lower at certain frequencies.
  14. I think this would depend on the dealer/salesperson you deal with and whether they want to be working there or need to be working there.