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  1. Cool cameras, stereo photography was a bit of a fad but so great if you ever see the results. The precursor to VR.
  2. Really cool. Best used with transparency film then viewed with the viewer. GLWTS
  3. _S_A_S_H_

    SOLD: FS: Metz 45 CT-1 Flashgun

    Massive flashback here for me (no pun intended [emoji23]). I used one of these with my Canon T90 for years, awesome combo awesome flash. Parts were available separately so I reckon a new battery pack will be easy to find.
  4. Yes you’re right [emoji1360][emoji1360] I am genuinely sad to let them go but I’m a non hoarder living in a small apartment so I need to move things on if I’m not using them. Yes they are Great value thanks.
  5. Item: Zaph L18RNX low baffle-step speaker Location: Parramatta Sydney Price: $500 Item Condition: Some marks and a ding Otherwise Very Good (See Photos) Reason for selling: Too Big Ironically Extra Info: I bought these wonderful speakers about a year ago. A short while later we moved apartments and now they are just too big for the space I have available, so regrettably I've had to put them up for sale. I've thoroughly enjoyed these speakers, they have a wonderful rich sound, I never felt the need for a sub. They are a substantial speaker for a "bookshelf" speaker and VERY solid. Literally everyone comments on these when they see them, they are simply a beautiful piece of furniture, my wife loved them also. There are some superficial marks and a small ding on the rear edge of one speaker. They have been hand built by a member here StereoNET (you can search for his original add of which I’ve copied and pasted the technical details) they sound like a far more expensive speaker than the asking price (I paid $900). As they are hand made they have some minimal imperfections that you won't notice unless examined closely, sitting in your room they will be far more beautiful than your friends speakers. I've included a description of the speakers design as described by the maker. I built these to try out a new construction technique and look at executing lower baffle-step designs. The speakers are now nicely run-in with ~50 hours of use. I cannot stress enough, that if you were to buy a pair of speakers from a retailer you would be looking at spending thousands of dollars to equal the sound quality that these speakers deliver. It's a great price-point in terms of performance and value. These speakers are based on a well-respected design by John "Zaph" Krutke. Some of the technical details are outlined on his website http://www.zaphaudio.com/audio-speaker17.html though a slightly different crossover configuration was used in this speaker to facilitate different room placement. The crossover is the heart and soul of any speaker. This electrical network divides the entire frequency spectrum and sends higher frequencies to the tweeter, and lower frequencies to the woofer. The crossover for this speaker features quality components such as film capacitors to maintain transparency. The speakers crossover has been designed to allow for room placement on a desk, television cabinet, or other location close to a wall. Important design considerations ensure that in such a location the speaker will still sound clean and transparent generally when placing a commercial speaker in such a location you end up with a bloated mid-range, where a lot of the important musical information resides. The mid-woofer is ported with a tuning frequency of ~40hz. The rounded entry result in low air-turbulence and thus no annoying port-chuffing noises. The port is placed on the front of the baffle to again allow placement close to a rear wall. The speakers present a nominal 8ohm load, with a sensitivity of ~87db which makes them easy to drive with any small to moderate sized amplifier. These speakers use drivers from the prestige range offered by SEAS. Their drivers are developed and manufactured in Norway. The mid-woofer is a 6.5inch alloy cone L18RNXP (H1224). This revision of the driver features a new cone profile that is more rigid and has lower distortion than previous iterations. The tweeter is a 1inch aluminium dome 27TBFC/G (H1212) renowned for a a low resonant frequency, low distortion, and smooth frequency response (both on and off axis), making it a pleasure to listen to. The cabinets are made from a composite of MDF, plywood, and chipboard, with epoxy stiffening. This results in a cabinet requiring a greater amount of energy to excite the panels and have them resonate. The speaker has a very neutral sound, free of audible colorations from the cabinet. The speakers are veneered with bookmatched jarrah veneer from Western Australia, and are finished tastefully with multiple coats of wipe on satin polyurethane. This results in a beautiful natural appearance; the photos really don't do it justice. The roundovers you can see are a full 32mm radius! The veneer work here isn't perfect (please see the pictures) but the overall gestalt is stunning. Each speaker features a terminal cup with sturdy binding posts. These accept bare wire, banana plugs, or spades. Dimensions Height: 435mm (including feet) Width: 204mm Depth: 271mm (including grill) A genuine Bargain here guys.
  6. No longer for sale - the wife has taken it. Thanks.
  7. I’ll give this a yes vote ? I reckon there’s a decent chance it’s still superior to oled. These had a depth and colour that just looked right.
  8. Awesome TV. I’ll keep mine till it blows. GLWTS
  9. * Item - Hippocrates Cold Press Juice Extractor GREENPOWER* Location - Parramatta NSW* Item condition description - Very Good (not used often)* Price and price conditions - $200. Pickup Only from Parramatta, Sydney CBD or Eastern Suburbs.* Reason for selling - Not Being Used, Need Money & Space. * Payment Methods - Cash on Pickup * Extra Info - This cold press Juice Extractor is perhaps the best domestic juicer on the market in this price range, there are many YouTube tutorials for how to get the best results. If you're new to juicing you can research the benefits of cold press juice extraction. To sum up, the juice is extracted slowly through extreme pressure, this releases many more micronutrients and minerals beneficial to our health. Keeping the fruit or vegetables cold allows for the nutrients to be preserved. Your juice will not oxidate and turn brown like other juice from other types of juicers. This one also uses powerful magnets to attract the minerals into the juice. The pulp is literally dry, that's how much juice is extracted. I felt so good when making one juice a day with this machine, it's a fantastic tool for a good detox. I haven't used it though for over a year and we are doing a major clean out, I reckon I might regret selling it. I’ve re-listed this for much cheaper than before as I need it gone.
  10. Item: iPad Pro 9.7” 256GB Wi-Fi Location: Parramatta Price: $800 Item Condition: Excellent Can’t See Any Marks Reason for selling: Bought 10.5” Model Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Post - Bank Transfer Extra Info: I bought this new 7½ Months ago but upgraded to the current 10.5 inch iPad. I haven’t used it for a couple of months so it’s had a maximum of 6 months usage. This iPad is compatible with the Apple Pencil, I kid you not it will change your life, it’s almost made me a fanboy I love it so much. I virtually never use my MacBook Pro anymore. I annotate PDF’s, take notes, edit my photos, sketch etc, it’s so responsive and fluid that it converted me from paper. I’m keeping the pencil as I’m using it with my new iPad but the Smart Keyboard - also amazing, is available for $100, and the silicone case is $50 (These are NOT included in the iPad price) they don’t fit my new one, they are both Genuine Apple Accessories. I bought the iPad using a staff discount, it was selling for $1100, I paid $976. It’s never had a repair done or been dropped. I will sell it restored to factory settings and removed from my devices in iCloud, it includes a charger and cable. It will present almost as new in the box. Below are the Accessories also available. Smart Keyboard $100 (Has a Scuff near delete key) Silicone Case $50
  11. I have this TV ?? Awesome for cinema everyone that watches a movie on it comments about the picture because they’ve never experienced deep blacks on their led panels.