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  1. GLWTS. Sorry to hear that these did not work out for you. So did you go with the Harbeth 40.2 Anniversary to go with the Luxman?
  2. If only this was in Sydney. The speakers and the wooden stands looks great and like others have already said, they should sell themselves. GLWTS
  3. Hi and Welcome to the forum. Love the primaluna tube amps, fantastic sounds. Zu speakers are harder to source (2nd hand), I would love to have a listen.
  4. Hi and Welcome to the forum. I am still learning as well
  5. Hi and Welcome to the forum
  6. Hi and Welcome to the forum. it will work once you have some additional posts in the forum.
  7. Hi and Welcome to the forum. Same here with the lurking, just trying to learn all that i can.
  8. Hi and Welcome to the forum. Speakers (or any gear) is a slippery slope
  9. Hi and Welcome to the forum. Vintage does have that added charm
  10. I understand that there is a need to ensure people are contributing to the forum via discussions, please include this as part of the forum rules (which I assume has been posted already).
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