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  1. gzbaga, hi. if you become impatient waiting for a local to purchase and collect the AresII I'd like to be first in line for a 'wrapped-up and posted' action. I will PM you with my details.
  2. Oooh... I'd like to give that one a try. And... I'm in Perth. PM'ing with intent to purchase.
  3. Lushds, hi. I'd like to take that one and give it a try. Sending you a PM to sort details. Cheers
  4. So... speakers or a source with a pre-amp?? You can get a decent-to-good dac / headphone amp for $400-$1000 here in the SNA classi's (or a new one for that matter). That'd be a perfectly good solution to feed and control your JBLs. And yes... your Martin Logan device sounds like great package too. And there are lots of good passive bookshelf speakers in that price range too. So your budget (and what pops up here on the classi's) probably will put the answer in front of you. Just grab the first appealing solution that presents itself. Tr
  5. Hi ya :)go away(: What are you using for your source? And pre-amp? That could provide an easier path to get some control over what you're hearing. At a simple level if you play files or stream through your computer, and then use freq' controls in your computer - then run it it into a decent dac / headphone amp and then into your JBLs. Even if the overall musicality drops from what you're achieving now - the ability to play / alter / muck about with with various parameters may help you make better informed choices moving forward. I have used small (8' woof
  6. wow!!!! Just joining the chorus here. I cannot imagine what else could possibly deliver the dynamics of that remarkable set-up. An incredible 'total-package' deal for someone. GLWTS
  7. Sander H. Sorry I didn't see your post until just now - if they fit in my car - delivery is no probs. I'll check and publish the results ?? Yup. They'll fit. Will PM to check if you're still interested
  8. @Klaus220Thanks, he's smelly and disobedient. @caminperth And they worked a treat - thanks!
  9. Further information: Timber framed acoustic insulation panels. 1800mm x 950mm x 90mm . (Two of them for the one low price!) I bought these a couple of years ago from a fellow SNAer. A commendable DIY job. Upholstered on both sides to be fully enclosed. They are light enough to hang - as you would a painting. We moved house a few months ago and they're no longer required. At this price they're a cheap way to experiment with the acoustics of your room / space. And the mustard colour material is neutral enough to obtain temporary WA
  10. A very good DAC. A solid headphone amp. Plus a good pre-amp with balanced outs. And it has a remote! It's an audio swiss-army-knife that will work with multiple iterations of your set-up and deliver well on whatever you're using it for that day. To find a bit of kit that gets close to what's on offer here you'll have to jump up into a four-figure-price-tag. Or buy three separates - and even here on SNA classies that's gonna cost $1k per piece . I've used my M-DAC with top-of-the-line AKG headphones, as a pre-amp feeding a Parasound Halo amp into JBL K4700s, and a
  11. I'll come and grab it if no-one's jumped the gun with a quiet PM. My details coming via PM now
  12. @Rocking Rezbag What did you end up with? Love to see a pic' or two
  13. Hi Rezbag... This is an indirect answer to your question, but I hope it may provide an idea or two for you. It's a very big room so i would ask how do you intend to listen in that space? Filling it with sound, versus mid field listening? Mid-field, mid-level (volume) listening is an easier goal to achieve (many more gear options are not-wrong) and that approach allows you to tune-up acoustic variables - rugs, curtains, speaker placement etc, until you arrive at a arrangement that works well. By that I mean a comfortable and immersive sound stage where you an
  14. Okay, so I took the tube shaped pill, and here's what happened... Everything I was missing all came on at once. A way better defined sound stage, wonderfully clear instrumental separation, vocals have more presence, a smoother overall presentation, with great textures revealed too. I could go on, but won't. Hallelujah. Brothers and sisters in the church of the valves I hear you. There were too many variables involved to consider it a simple swap out from an SS amp to a valve amp (Parasound Halo 23 to the Consonance), but the change was distinct, and for the
  15. Thanks everyone... SOLVED! Thanks to all who took the time to share - much appreciated. I have committed to a Consonance integrated from a fellow SNAer - tomorrow is collection and connection. After some late-nights of glowy, valvey listening - I will report back in this same thread. Cheers
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