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  1. Hi Rezbag... This is an indirect answer to your question, but I hope it may provide an idea or two for you. It's a very big room so i would ask how do you intend to listen in that space? Filling it with sound, versus mid field listening? Mid-field, mid-level (volume) listening is an easier goal to achieve (many more gear options are not-wrong) and that approach allows you to tune-up acoustic variables - rugs, curtains, speaker placement etc, until you arrive at a arrangement that works well. By that I mean a comfortable and immersive sound stage where you and your partner can get lost in the music. As a starting point, any modest but refined set-up takes the heat out of making 'correct' choices. Plus it might save you some dosh... The listening space and the gear you use is more likely to be an ongoing work in progress than a perfect set up (in one fell swoop never again to touched except the volume knob) ... Over time how you listen and what you listen to will change and you will most certainly refine the space.... trying absorptive panels in different spots and so on. As you adapt and finesse the room and the gear, you can progress toward 'room-filling sound' where changes make a bigger and more critical difference. That's the long answer. The short answer is: Valve amplification. Having just moved to valves, the warmth and sound stage improvement caught me by surprise. Even through JBL horns in a 5x7x4m space the top end is never harsh. Hope my little rant was of some use to you. Have fun. Please post pictures of Terminus One.
  2. Okay, so I took the tube shaped pill, and here's what happened... Everything I was missing all came on at once. A way better defined sound stage, wonderfully clear instrumental separation, vocals have more presence, a smoother overall presentation, with great textures revealed too. I could go on, but won't. Hallelujah. Brothers and sisters in the church of the valves I hear you. There were too many variables involved to consider it a simple swap out from an SS amp to a valve amp (Parasound Halo 23 to the Consonance), but the change was distinct, and for the better. Other changes included going from from balanced interconnects to RCAs, and previously I was using the Oppo HA1 as pre-amp as well as a DAC. The Oppo HA1 presented some risks in a DAC only mode, so I connected up an Audiolab MDAC to feed the Consonance So other than sweeeeet valve amplification, the improvements could have been brought on by; The Consonance pre-amp is WAY better than the Oppo as a pre-amp (very plausible) The MDAC is better than the Oppo (maybe... but would it be that much better?) Chord RCAs replacing Oyaide balanced interconnects ( I wouldn't expect so much in it.) To hack @Cammyboy0_0's phrase, I went from listening to hifi to listening to music And I am now a paid-up card-carrying member of the valve fraternity. Big thanks to all SNAers for your guidance and very generous trial offers.
  3. Thanks everyone... SOLVED! Thanks to all who took the time to share - much appreciated. I have committed to a Consonance integrated from a fellow SNAer - tomorrow is collection and connection. After some late-nights of glowy, valvey listening - I will report back in this same thread. Cheers
  4. @Pops110 Thank you... I've found a solution... @THOMO thank you that's good to know
  5. @Martykt, thank you. I will act on your advice, and try to organise a little listening session with both. (I'm delighted that may even be possible - isn't the SNA community great!) The Suprateks seem to foster loyalty from their owners - so I am keen to hear that one - acknowledging your point that a pre-amp alone is not the whole shebang.. Thanks again for your thoughts - and answering the question too : )
  6. Zoweee, very generous of you Mr JohnDoe. PM coming your way.
  7. #Cammyboy0-0, thanks for your thoughtful reply, nicely written too, much appreciated. I suspect you've tipped me into action. #Puylinap - I just had a quick scope about the interwebs for those items mentioned, it looks like id have to sell my whole stereo to afford one. But hey it doesn't hurt to be a well informed gear-hunter : you never know your luck. #Mr Rutter, thank you too. It seems there is little dissent among card carrying members of the fraternity. Once you're in you're in, as Cammyboy's story attests even when your trying out some of PS Audio's finest. Based on the kindly donated opinions in the whole string above, It seems what the pathway is, is less important than just get in and experience valves somehow. My conclusion is: the first bit of gear that looks suitable / affordable will be the thing I try. Thanks again to all contributors much appreciated. Peaceful, delicious, valvey listening to y'all. Nil
  8. Conceptually that's the kind of minimal set-up I expect should work brilliantly - so it's nice to hear that it does. Yep it's 's sounding like I better get active and get some tubey-goodness into the sound. #Andrewyuri, and #Naggots thank you both. Much appreciated. Nil
  9. Grizzly, thank you. Yep saw that LM in my research here on SNA and it's been in the consideration set. Doogie44: Good call, very sensible. ... Will think about the best way to organize that. Cheers.
  10. Thanks Aussievintage. Yes you're correct - I don't actually need a pre-amp, but in the same vein, nor do I need a valve amplifier. (Perhaps it's a a question of which one would get the most valvi-ness from?) The idea that an amplifier just amplifies what it is fed, makes a valve pre-amp seem a sensible step. So in the chain... If I went for a valve pre-amp it would take-over the Oppo HA1 on pre-amp duties (The Oppo would be used simply as a DAC) If I go for valve amplification (Stereo or two monos) they would take over the current SS amplifier, and I'd retain the existing pre-amp. The baby-step of a valve pre-amp first also allows for exploration of other well regarded DACs. Cheers
  11. Hello fellow SNAers, The ever-present descriptions of sound-stage improvements, warmth and lifelike representations - associated with valve amps are drawing me in. But before I become enchanted by the magical glow... I'm hoping the experiences of fellow SNAers will provide guidance. I have two questions... Question One: As a first step would you recommend - a valve pre-amp (upstream from a SS amp), or rather get an integrated valve amp? Question two: Is question one the right question? Any experiences or advice would be greatly appreciated. To give greater context, here are some system details . MacBook Pro (Tidal and Spotify) > Oppo HA1 > Parasound A23 > JBL 4600. All cables and interconnects are decent quality. The room is 4x6m with 3m ceiling. My budget would go to $2.5K. My research points me toward a pre-loved Prima Luna, Consonance, or similar. Thanks for reading. All feedback and suggestions appreciated.
  12. Mr Rouge, hi. If you're happy to post, I'll take them both please. PM on the way.
  13. If you're happy to post 'em, I'll take a set. PM on way
  14. I think Blakey72 was asking, not about the speakers, but about the stands which look to me like Isoacoustic 'Aperta' stands. And Blakey72, they worked a treat for my set-up. But I too have had a couple of beers, and it's not my deshk.
  15. Sorry, Josh. I haven't had time to pop a SOLD sign on. Which I'm doing right now. Thank you to all interested parties.
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