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  1. Trusted seller and an amazing product. GLWS
  2. CDs will be the vinyl of 2020s. This a a great player. I owned one, sold it, regretted it, bought another here on SNA. Don’t miss out. Naim no longer makes these great players. Glws
  3. This is too cheap. I bought mine a month ago a lot dearer then this. This is a great piece of kit.
  4. Shouldn't your Extremas be better than the Amatis? I have both of the speakers that you are after but maybe you should just consider getting the Cremona subwoofer if more bass is what you are after. I would love to get my hands on a pair of Extremas someday, only heard good things about them. Be patient and a pair of Amatis will turn up either here or on ebay Australia. Good luck with your hunt and before you ask, alas I will not be parting with my Amatis. One final thing, the Aniversarios are better than the original Homage.
  5. Something tells me that CD players and CDs will go the same way as records and record players went. I remember back in early 90s people scrambled to get out of records and record players. And now look, records are so so popular. This player is truly a great player and is very sought after. Whoever buys this will love it. I have kept mine and will not sell it. GLWS and well done to the new buyer.
  6. These speakers are an absolute gem. And the price is really cheap. There are not that many around for you to buy. And the speaker grills, you can either buy new grills or Sonus Faber will give you new strings free of charge and all you need to do is re-thread the grills.
  7. I have one of these. Even though I don't use it, I dare not sell it. It is one of the best cd players out there. Try to keep it if you can. Not many out there for sale. Good luck with the sale. Very cheap. New XPSII will set you back over $7K
  8. Your Bijork is an absolute bargain
  9. I bought one of these couple of months ago from a very well respected SNA member. In one sentence, Modwright is very much undervalued. Further elaboration: if this was any other brand, the retail price would be double that being charged. I'm a Naim guy and Modwrights are the first amp/pre-amp I have purchased that is not Naim. This pre-amp is as good as Naim NAC282 (retail $8,500). Who ever buys this, will not be disappointed, and look at the price! Bargain. GLWTS
  10. I'm a huge fan of these. Such effortless 4 Ohm speakers. Extremely transparent and forgiving.
  11. IMHO, one of the best record players ever made. I have three of them. GLWTS.
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