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  1. Hi Richard With my real job and orders, the website has taken a bit of a backseat. The bones of the site are ready, but I have to take photos of the cables to use Hopefully soon
  2. Hi mate sorry. Just missed your pm totally. I’ll pm you now
  3. I would just like to tell everyone in the forum about the wonderful service I received from Mark at Frank Prowse HIFI I was looking for a new amp that matched well with my Wharfdale Lintons. I was tossing up between the new Leak amp or a line magnetic valve amp. Searching around and found that Frank was one of the few places that sell all 3 items. So I picked up the phone and rang them. Mark answered the phone. I had a good chat with him, but no hard selling at all from him, he swung me to the Leak 130. As I have said in the forum many times, we should give the commercial sponsors as much support as we can. So I ordered a new streamer, and the Leak amp from them. Mark has already sent the streamer via express post today and is getting the amp drop shipped from the supplier in Sydney to speed things up Just a fantastic experience. Thank you Frank Prowse HiFi and a big thanks to Mark in particular Support these guys You won’t be disappointed
  4. I’m off to try the battery cables for speaker cables tomorrow now
  5. I’ll take a photo tomorrow and post it. I’m terrible at drawing totally agree. I bought one lately to test against mine. Sold as solid silver. Not even close.
  6. After a decade of making cables, it simply comes down to the quality of copper or silver that Is used, and the dialectic used. Air is the best dialectic by far. Many companies Say that they use pure silver wire I have bought some of these cables and once cut, you can actually see the copper inside. So silver plated copper. This is why I started making my own cables Many cables are scams. I’ve found paying for solid silver or copper, ( jewellery grade Is the only way to be sure of that you get. ) Then using differing gauges of these wires produces the best depth, detail and sound gauge. The next issue is the dialectic. Air. Just use air. A large tubing gives the cable lots of air dialectic. Then for electromagnetic issues, cover the tubing with pure copper foil. Yes this is very labour intensive. But it works. Some commercial cables made similar to this are sold for huge amounts. As for what’s better. Silver or copper. Totally a personal preference, and your equipment. I’ve g0t a combination of both in my system. It’s about the synergy
  7. I have had a couple of Brisbane members interested. So on hold until they audition
  8. I’m in Redland bay. I’ll pm you and we can discuss
  9. Have a look at the Wharfdale Linton Heritage. You will be totally surprised
  10. Hi Adrian Who told you this was a great cable for XLR’s. Your right. You need 2 wires plus the shield You would have to run a seperate single wire. Very messy.
  11. Further information: I have owned this beautiful unit for about 18 months now. Never thought I’d be selling this, but going to try valves again. This all in one unit is truely amazing. You can play and rip cd’s. Stream anything Chromcast built in. It’s a Roon end point. Lots of flexibility in connections. And as for the sound. What can I say. Naim goodness Just stunning Its built like a tank. I have all the original boxes, so shipping is not an issue. Lots of fantastic reviews on the net Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  12. That’s a hell of a lot of speaker for the cash A real bargain GLWS
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