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  1. Bill125812

    SOLD: FS: Zaph Audio ZRT Revelator Towers

    Gorgeous looking
  2. Bill125812


    My dad had one of these. Bloody good TT. And at a bargain basement price. Absolute no brainer GLWS
  3. Bill125812

    Another Brisbanite

    Welcome aboard @Israel Uriondo Always good to have another Brissy bloke aboard. Your in the right spot. There is also Brisbane headphone club if you look under forums. Maybe the spot to try
  4. Bill125812

    PDX DAC project

    Yes I agree wth @scumbag There was certainly a marked difference.
  5. Bill125812

    SOLD: FS: Exposure 3010S2 integrated amp

    Holy crap. That amp retails over 3k now. Great pickup
  6. I’ve made up some solid core 99.99% silver using ETI Kryo silver termination recently, and found it absolutely revealing, definitely not too bright and maintained the bass frequencies nicely. They are now on my system.
  7. Bill125812

    FS: McChanson MarzE KT88 Tube Amp

    Eric makes great amps. I’ve had a few over the years. Have a kt88 at the moment. I’ve never been let down on quality or how they sound. And at this price a no brainer GLWS
  8. One hell of a bargain GLWS
  9. Build you own ultrasonic cleaner. There are a few threads on here already about this
  10. Best amp I’ve ever owned. Fantastic phone stage to. And at this price a true bargain GLWS
  11. Bill125812

    Gieseler DAC Reviews & Impressions

    Totally agree. All of Clay’s Dacs are great. But the GroB is just fantastic. I’ve put it up against so many other dacs now, and have never been disappointed. For the money almost unbeatable
  12. Bill125812

    SOLD: FS: Mcchanson 6EM7 Amplifier

    I have meet the seller before a few time. Great bloke. Buy with total confidence
  13. Bill125812


    IMO. Tidal masters is better. More detail. I’ve tried quite a few streaming services including Spofify premium and I definitely prefer tidal.
  14. Bill125812


    Tidal masters. 👌
  15. Bill125812

    SOLD: FS: Mcchanson 6EM7 Amplifier

    Now that’s one hell of a bargain Eric makes some great amps This one is no exception. Great with high efficiency speakers GLWS