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  1. Hi Joz mine. I use canare cable and Neutrik xlr’s
  2. Hi mate. There is a isolating material between the outer copper strands and the core as well as the thermoplastic. These totally insulate the two cables.
  3. Item: Magnepan MMG speaker mahogany sides and JBL powerbass PB10/230Location: beautiful Brissy Price: $750;+ postage if required local pickup preferred ( I paid $800 7 week ago not including Sub ) Item Condition: 9/10Reason for selling. Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: i bought these from a fellow SNA’er a 7 weeks ago or so Was just interested in having a listen. They certainly are a fantastic speaker. Lots of detail. I have now added a JBL sub I do have specifically made ply boxes for transport, but in saying that, I would prefer local pickup Pictures:
  4. FS: EOI. Zu Audio Essence Speakers

    The Zu’s would love that amp. Would be a very good match I would think
  5. FS: EOI. Zu Audio Essence Speakers

    Sure. No worries at all. What amp do you have
  6. Yes mate. I have both active and attainable by the bluesound at the same time
  7. Item: Zu Audio Essence Speakers Location: beautiful Brissy Price: EOI. ( $1700 ) Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these from a SNA member 2 years ago and have preformed faultlessly. Great sound. Fantastic soundstage. Ample bass. And at a sensitivity of 96 dB very easy to drive. I’ve driven them easily with a 3 wpc valve amp. I’m in NQ at the moment for work, but thought I would see if there was any interest in these big beauties. I don’t have the ugly metal grills but who puts them on Zu’s anyhow. Very heavy so local pickup preferred. The pics are all I have on the iPad at the moment. I can send more once I’m back home Friday Pictures:
  8. SOLD: FS:Musical Fidelity M1 DAC

    That’s one hell of a bargin GLWS. But somehow I don’t think you will need much luck
  9. I’ve had a node 2 for quite a while now. I have a WD nas drive which it connects to quite well and also a HD plugged directly into my Router. The node 2 reads both easily
  10. Agreed. The theory is certainly correct and your cables are a testament to real research and quality. But as I stated before, the coax Van Damme seems to sound fantastic in combination with the metal rca’s I suppose it’s all about what sounds good, and certainly for the money, they sound fantastic, and it gives those who can’t, or don’t want to spend a lot on cables a chance to ditch the generic ones that come with equipment, which has always been my intent
  11. Hi Geoff As Picco Wattson mentioned, I prefer the coax cable. I have tried both your suggestions, and to me the coax seems to produce a better sound teamed with the AMPHENOL RCA’s. I suppose it’s all a question of personnel preference.
  12. Speaker Cables

    Well. You have probably reopened some deep wounds here. There are so many discussions on copper vs silver. I have been trying different combinations of cables for decades, and now make my own ic’s and speaker cables. Im my experience, pure silver can be somewhat harsh and gives the impression of more detail or opening up your speakers Copper on the other hand to my ears sounds warm. There are of course combinations of copper and silver, which IMHO sounds pretty Damn good. Its all about what you like in the sound your getting from the cable and speaker combinations My advice is if you like the sound, then keep the cables
  13. Hi Tim sure mate. Just pm me please cheers
  14. Luxman PD-284 turntable

    Now that’s a bargin. I accuired one of these when my dad passed away. Loved the thing. Wish I hadn’t sold it GLWS
  15. SOLD: FS: Yamaha AS-1000 Amplifier

    One hell of a bargin. Why is this still here GLWS