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  1. Hi Alex I have a Naim Unity Star driving Spendor D9’s. Both being British there seems to be a wonderful connection. I’ve been through an awful lot of systems over the years, but this one isn’t going anywhere for quite some time. Match made in heaven. so maybe try the Spendor 6SE Cheers Bill
  2. The shop in Carindale Westfield Brisbane closed a couple of years back. I just feel sorry for the people loosing their jobs. Sign of the times Sad really
  3. Those bills cables are pretty ok. 😜. Good price to
  4. I’m a huge Naim fan now. Went from Luxman to a Naim unity star. Loving the Naim sound You won’t be disappointed
  5. I had this Exact pair of Auditone speakers Made by Todd’s Hifi. In Brisbane. They were regarded as great speakers in their day. I can remember these were certainly wonderful. Would make a great second system for some lucky person GLWS
  6. I’m has just -Ickes them up mate. He’ll drop them off to you soon cheers
  7. Stay strong mate. If there is anything I can do just say
  8. If they are serious, most people pay instantly, or at least in the same day. If this hasn’t happened, I would message them once ( just in case they are old like me and their memory is crap ). Then move on to the next offer imho cheers Bill
  9. Hi Tim yeah was a hard few months. But I’m hoping that big C is beaten back a bit now. Good to be back. Your welcome to pop over and see what you want mate cheers
  10. Canare 4S11 is a great cable. They look well made. And at a really good price. Someone will pick up a bargain here
  11. So all I had to do was dress up like a hamster and I could have gotten all the chicks. Bugger. Bit late now.
  12. Not even close. More like a tall Danny Devito. and yes gravity has certainly taken its toll Everywhere
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