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  1. Welcome aboard Amelia. Lots to learn and do here. Enjoy
  2. Hi James i’ve been making cables for the forum members for about 7 years now. I have quite a few options. My cables are significantly less expensive that normal commercial cables. And will out preform cables a many times the price As for termination. I actually think that either sawtooth banana plugs are great and for the best connection, locking banana plugs do a better job that spades. But spades do have their place on certain older speakers PM me if your interested Bill
  3. @kelossus Have you still got the weston mate
  4. Thanks everyone for your great comments. I’m sure I’ll keep busy with cables and a spot of fishing. 😁
  5. Hi Mate Yes I replied to you on Tuesday I’ll send you another PM Cheers Bill
  6. Hey guys As many of you know, I work as a surgical rep full time and make cables on the weekend. On Monday I put in my notice to retire from my day job. Next week I’m going on a weeks holiday, then work for one more week after that. Then retirement. What this means Is that I will be able to get orders out faster, as I’ll be an old retired bastard needing something to do lol I will try and get most of the existing orders out by this weekend. I’ll still be answering questions and taking orders next week for deliver ASAP. Cheers Bill
  7. Whatmough AV8 bookshelf speakers. $130. Seems like a good price https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/303771537920
  8. From his website https://audioprincipe.com.au/australian-power-cables/signature-shielded-power-cable/
  9. Peter Graves makes a great power cable. I have a couple myself and at this price a real bargain GLWS
  10. Guys. It’s not SNA policy to discuss a sale in the general forums. Maybe you could take it to PM. Then you can discuss anything you like 😁
  11. Peter Graves is a member here and runs Audio Principe Great guy to deal with and make a couple of different power cables. Very good indeed https://audioprincipe.com.au/australian-power-cables/premium-shielded-power-cable/
  12. @Sean Perth Another review that was PM’d to me. I’ve posted it with Sean’s consent Just wanted to tell you about your silver XLR cables i have what I thought a decent set of lenehan foil flex rca think retails for over $600 the difference between the 2 is outstanding your XLR have more clarity there brighter and more depth really impressed with them cheers
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