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  1. Hi Ann Great to have you aboard. Lots of forums to enjoy and learn from on here
  2. Saw them quite a few times in Brissy
  3. Item: Lowther PM6C full range Drivers x 2 Location: beautiful Brissy Price: $250 inc postage Item Condition: 9/10 only because they are opened boxes Reason for selling: project I just don’t have the time for Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: no need to say much about these little beauties. Great way to get into DIY speaker build Pictures:
  4. Item: Yamaha A U-671 Location: Beautiful Brissy Price: $220 inc postage Item Condition: like new Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I’ve had this amp for about 1 year. Hardly used it. So it’s like new Features: Natural PWM-type digital power amp that reproduces high-resolution sound sources with remarkable purity In order to vividly portray absolutely everything in various high-resolution sources—from the most delicate performance nuances to the highest energy-filled dynamic musical passages—Yamaha has built into this amplifier a digital power amp that outputs a maximum 70 watts/channel and features powerful drivability. Natural PWM type digital modulation with an extremely simple circuit configuration provides both natural, uncoloured sound quality as well as high efficiency. And the low-pass filter of the latter part of the power amp, which significantly influences the sound quality, is a large coil made of low-loss, low-distortion OFC (oxygen-free copper) wire material. This simultaneously maintains the purity of high-resolution sound sources, while enhancing the power of the bass and ensuring warmth in the mid- and high-frequency sounds—all to deliver the best quality sound reproduction, rich in musicality. The component also features a Pure Direct Switch, which bypasses the tone/balance controls and back buffer amp to improve the purity of sound. DSD 5.6MHz native and PCM 384kHz compatible high grade USB DAC function Built into the unit is an exceptionally high-grade USB DAC which can reproduce high-resolution sound sources with all their original quality. It is compatible with native playback of the DSD 5.6MHz (DSD128) format or 384kHz/32-bit playback which records music information with extraordinary detail by sampling up to a massive 5,644,800 times per second. The D/A converter is the 32-bit/2-channel specification, high-performance SABRE 32 (ES9010K2M) from the U.S. company, ESS Technology, and its USB device controller IC is the latest product from XMOS, the semiconductor firm. By restricting shutter noise through asynchronous transference, this delivers pure reproduction and optimum sonic quality. Fully enjoy the quality of high-resolution sound sources with your favourite head phones Another major benefit of the USB DAC function allows it to also be used as a high quality head phone amp for computer audio. Its internal high performance D/A converter draws out all of the quality of high-resolution sound sources to give you the purest, most intimate enjoyment of high-quality sound. Pictures:
  5. Hi Ed Had a pair of ML Ethos a few years ago. They didn’t disappoint
  6. Lovely speakers. Great price What are you upgrading to Ed GLWS
  7. I had one of these a few years ago. Nice amp. Quite refined. And at a good price GLWS
  8. Luxman 507u pushing Spendor D9’s. Not really just an amp. But my present Naim Uniti Star pushing the same Spendors is pretty damn close
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