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  1. Bill125812

    FS: Goods Transport. Syd. Can. Melb.

    @t_mike Totally agree. We should offer these trips if we can.
  2. Bill125812

    SOLD: FS: Sunday arvo giveaway

    Gone to a good home. Thanks guys. Ordering my Roller now @scumbag @huxmut oh. Moved house. Found some stuff. So you never know what might come up
  3. Item: Sonus Boost Location: Beautiful Brissy Price: nil. Naught. Nothing. Free Item Condition: like new Can post Reason for selling: cos I can Payment Method: Nothing. Extra Info: sonos boost will extent the range of your Sonus equipment from your router. Pictures:
  4. Bill125812

    Systemdek (Ariston) Record Player

    @garthevers36120 Your better to list it in the classified section.
  5. Great arm. And for anyone who wants the ultimate Rega tonearm upgreade, a no brainer at that price GLWS Geoff
  6. This is one hell of a bargain for anyone wanting to dip their toe into the dark side Really good TT. GLWS
  7. Bill125812

    Soldering classes / lessons in Melbourne

    Totally agree. It’s all about practice. Have a look at those tuition vids. Then have a go. You will get the hang of how it goes. Then just practice until you get the solder flow down pat.
  8. Holy crap. That’s a bargain Great pickup
  9. Bill125812

    Soldering classes / lessons in Melbourne

    @Heifetz There are some great YouTube classes if you can’t find anyone local.
  10. Bill125812

    Recommendation for silver speaker wire for DYI project

    Hi Graham Have a look any Aurealis audio. Geoff has some nice wire for DIY cheers
  11. Now that’s one hell of a good buy. If I didn’t already have them myself, I’d be all over this GLWS
  12. Bill125812

    Toshiba SB-514 Quad Amp

    Wow. That’s an impressive amount of buttons. 3 phono Inputs alone. GLWS
  13. Bill125812

    GIESELER Groß DAC Review

    Just thought I would post a couple of pics of my GroB with the outer silver body powder coated in black. Looks bloody good Now that I’ve had the DAC for a few months, and have bought a pair of Spendor D9’s the imaging, detail and overall musicality of the dac never ceases to amaze me. This is one amazing piece of gear. Why pay 8k or more when this dac is every but as good, if not better You really are a magician Clay
  14. Bill125812

    FS: Vinyl Records Part 2

    Hi mate. Long time no buy. Can an I please have Yardbirds The Best of the Yardbirds VG+ EX- Not On Label Japan Rare Japan only issue $50.00 Three Dog Night Seven Separate Fools 1972 VG+ EX- Probe IPP80567 Japan 10 page booklet $25.00 Three Dog Night It Ain't Easy 1972 VG+ EX- Probe IPP80609 Japan  GateFold Insert $25.00