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  1. SOLD: FS: Soldering iron GOOT RX-711AS

    Bugger The duck is quick
  2. Might as well be lol. At least she who must be obeyed lets me have 3 sets of floor standers so I’m good 😁
  3. PDX Dac (a quick thank you)

    Great read. And your right, Clay is an awesome bloke ( except for his dodgy taste in music ). Not only does he alway make great equipment, and I’ve bought quite a few from him now, he is always ready with advice and will do anything to help. A great SNA member
  4. Fark. That’s more amps than I’ve had r**ts
  5. FS:Ambience 1600 Hybrids

    Pm set with intention to buy
  6. FS:Ambience 1600 Hybrids

    When you say reasonable condition, what do you mean. The pics look pretty good
  7. Speaker cable basics required.

    Over the years, I’ve tried literally over 60 or more different speaker. cables It’s not all to do with thickness or length of cable. Can be huge differences in the Material used in the cable as well. Copper. Silver coated copper. Combination of those. The amount of strands, or solid core. In saying that, I’ve tried very expensive cables which sound great on one set of speakers, and crap on others Ive settled on a fairly inexpensive Canare cable, which works for my speakers. It’s a try and listen scenario. Good of luck with this topic lol
  8. Donations & Classifieds

    There are many members here that donate quite a bit of cash, and most that donate none. Over the past couple of years I’ve donated over 2K to SNA. I suppose only Mark would know if it’s viable to keep the site going as is or make it compulsory to either pay for ads or a small yearly membership fee. My my vote would be for a small membership fee, say $5 - $10 Everyone should be able to afford such a modest fee. ( a couple of cups of coffee really ). SNA is a wonderful group and a great asset for those of us that live and breath hifi. Or in my case lofi
  9. How MQA Works

    Great read Bill. I use Tidal MQA a lot. Now I know a bit more about what I’m listening to, and through Clays new GroB dac, it sounds bloody good
  10. (Another) Brisbane Newbie

    Welcome aboard. There are some great members based in Brissy I’m a 2 ch bloke, but I’m sure some of the others members will be able to assist you with any questions you have cheers
  11. Pm sent with intention to purchase
  12. Connecting speaker when you don't want bi-wiring

    Hi Andy it was just an illustration of what is required to jump .not the quality required I make much better from Van Damme cable Totally agree. Just use some great quality cable. Will do the job very well indeed
  13. Connecting speaker when you don't want bi-wiring

    Good quality jumpers will certainly make a difference. Something like this.
  14. Greetings from Adelaide

    There’s another type of P o r n than hifi. I better go google it