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  1. I have heard good things about the rel, but the sunfire seemed to have pretty good specs for its price, maybe ill have to steer away from them unless I can get an audition before making a purchase, thanks for your input
  2. Hey, Looking for a sub to add to my Hi-Fi system, just wondering if anyone owns or has listened to the Sunfire HRS models, 10 or 12 inch ? - would you recommend them for a music only system, or can you recommend something better? $1500 range. thanks
  3. Yeah they are great,I cant complain with the set up, the amp has plenty of power for the tektons, wouldnt mind getting some high quality watts from a tube amp
  4. it was nice to meet you too, I'm planning on upgrading my amp, before the end of the year, knowing what I'm like it will probably be before the end of the month haha still undecided on pre and power amp, or integrated hmmm
  5. So I picked up those tekton speakers yestetday and even with a low power amp they sound great and pretty loud too, i will definitely be keeping my eye out for a new amp in the classifieds but im in no rush!
  6. Thanks for everyone's suggestions definatley going to look though the classifieds and see what's available second hand
  7. No after ridiculous bass just enough that my music wont sound like its missing too much from the low end, I listen to every thing to be honest, mosty rock, metal, alternative and electro
  8. What a noob :/ I meant to say $2000
  9. HI It said i have to post here before anywhere else so im new to the forum and here to get some audio adive
  10. Hey everyone Need some advice one buying new speakers leaning towards floor standing speakers with enough bass that i wont need a sub, i'm running a marantz 1040 at the moment so only have room for 20w per channel so maybe something on the higher side when it comes to sensitivity? , as far as budget goes i dont want to go over $2000 been looking around at the paradigm monitor series 11 & 9 and few Bowers & Wilkins models but not really sure what is out there and what speaker will give me the best bang for buck Cheers
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