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  1. Show us your tubes

    Great write up mate. I will try the 8162 this afternoon and hear, atm have amperex 6201 on. TS65 is interesting, will see if I can find a pair to try. Tele 801s is great but my speakers need more of it, still use ggem every now and then as it is a very good tube.
  2. MC cart recommendations

    Thanks mate, saw that but unfortunately a month too late for me... unless someone wants to buy my hana haha
  3. MC cart recommendations

    Got the Hana SL for now but will keep my eyes open for future upgrade. Atm I need to sort out the arm for my second tt as first priority. Cheers
  4. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    You might like this too John.
  5. currently drinking

    Finally got them, beautiful packaging in wooden box.
  6. Free: Ikea 2 seater Klippan

    Still available
  7. Rega Turntable, Old and New

    I will not consider P1 or 2 because you will be selling it and upgrade to P3, p3-24 or above in no time.
  8. New Krispy Audio Store!!

    Genius loci!!!
  9. currently drinking

    Not a very good vintage but not bad at all
  10. Classical currently spinning thread

    Not spinning yet... New addition to my Bach suites collection.
  11. Better hurry, P7 has a RB700 arm and ceramic platter so I would get this instead of p6 IMO
  12. FS: Rega P7

  13. There is a p7 listed just now mate. Should be better than the 6.