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  1. dwbasement

    currently drinking

    Celebration in a way as we are half way there with our moving plan. Some of my gears will be homeless as we might need to buy a smaller house in the area we want to move to....
  2. dwbasement

    ECM currently spinning

    Unfortunately he is not with us anymore...one of my favorite musicians.
  3. dwbasement

    currently drinking

    Sold my house today....I think I need a few drinks tonite...
  4. dwbasement

    PRICE DROP FS 4 inch back loaded horn speakers

    Still available
  5. dwbasement

    currently drinking

    At a Korean restaurant have chicken and beer with a few mates. Very nice combo man.
  6. dwbasement

    Classical currently spinning thread

    One of my favorite contemporary composers
  7. dwbasement

    Classical currently spinning thread

    I think this is her last recording...
  8. dwbasement

    ECM currently spinning

    A few additions arrived today.
  9. dwbasement

    ECM currently spinning

    Dominic Miller - Silent Light Great for night time.
  10. Price drop $60
  11. Price drop: 1 x CV4003 12AUWA (England, I think it is a Brimar?) $35 1 x 12AU7A (Japan) $10 1 x Mullard 12AT7 (Holland) $35 1 x Millard ECC81 (UK yellow label) $35 1 x Brimar (UK 45 degree getter) 12AT7 $35 1 x Philips 6SN7 $30 1 x GE 6X5GT $10 1 x CHU 6X5GT 1942 National Union $20
  12. dwbasement

    PRICE DROP FS 4 inch back loaded horn speakers

    price drop $390 or can swap with other audio stuff like TT accessories, RCA, Dac, headphone amp or headphones...etc
  13. All single 12at7 back on the list.