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  1. Bargain, surely tgis will give tou much better sound than the standard ones you get say from JB or Jaycar.
  2. Finishing left over with some snacks, and Uber eat tonite...having a break from cooking. 😄
  3. Beautiful day here In Sydney, BBQ for tonite with the lovely Blockers.
  4. It is certainly an very interesting time, it gives everyone some quiet times and a very good break from everything, however it will be very difficult times for some people...
  5. Just want to share this recipe of roast chicken to everyone, it is very good for what we are facing at the moment. It gives loads of nutrients for our well beings. It will give you the western chicken soup like benefit, killer garlic, vitamin C, and herbs that good for your lung. Oh and some alcohol as well... I prefer everything free range and organic if possible but you dont have to. Here it is: Slice some onions, lemon and garlic and put it at the bottom of the tray, get a chicken deboned, rub the skin with some butter on the skin then rub it (all over) with a chopped mixture of salt, pepper, garlic thyme, rosemarry and one of your favorite herb (i use sage tonite) proportion is 3:2:1. Then add half a lemon juice over the chicken. Add some chopped up (bite size) potatoes around the chicken. Pre the oven 220 degree, put the tray in for 45 minutes and rest for 5 to 10 mins. Done! Crispy skin, juicy chicken and herb and chicken juice infused potatoes with some crunchy skin, don't forget all the juice on the bottom of the tray as well. And a few glasses of wine of course. Hope you guys try it one day and let me onow what you think.
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