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  1. dwbasement

    P9 owner thread

    Very good point.
  2. dwbasement

    currently drinking

    No soccer tonite, very strange feeling after so many late nites (early mornings...) Only good thing is I van stay home and have a glass or two. This is nice and cost nothing.
  3. dwbasement

    currently drinking

    No wine for me, world cup season, beer only at the club for me...
  4. dwbasement

    currently drinking

    Yum yum, very good value wine from Teusner
  5. dwbasement

    Classical currently spinning thread

    Carnival of the animals
  6. dwbasement

    Currently Spinning

    Classical trained pianist and composer Marina Baranova remixes some of the baroque music, wow it is great stuff. People who enjoy Nils Frahm, Hauschka...etc will love this [email protected]@Viognier
  7. dwbasement

    currently drinking

    How was it Lem? I have a few of these in my cellar, is yours at the peak or somewhere else?
  8. dwbasement

    Classical currently spinning thread

    John Kameel Farah, contemporary classical, new age, electronic, ambient and minimalism and he called himself the maximalist. Great music.
  9. dwbasement

    Nils Frahm

    There are still few tickets left on the boxes and quite a bit in the circle far back though...
  10. dwbasement

    Nils Frahm

    Just booked my ticket, we should catch up for a drink before the show[mention=120735]Viognier[/mention] [mention=144287]ABG[/mention] and others!
  11. dwbasement

    Classical currently spinning thread

    Very nice music, is that from the album Exodus?
  12. dwbasement

    Nils Frahm

    Thank you for the info @wim although I can't pre-book the ticket too soon (family commitment), hopefully there will still be ticket left when I can book!
  13. I use Eric 6AS7 SET with a pair of 8 inch full range, I believe your full range will be a great match to the 300b. The vocal is mmmmmm, I will let you to hear it to believe it.
  14. I had a listen to this baby last time when Paul was in Sydney, sounds beautiful and looks great, the paint was done super professionally, and custom made trannies cover. This is a bargain!