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  1. dwbasement

    Tapatalk login

    Yes, it has been almost a week....hopefully it will be fine in the next day or two. It is a pain to log in to a cpu or iPad to post...
  2. dwbasement

    SOLD: FS: Transcendent 1.5 W OTL power amplifier

    What tubes are they? And is this Sungle ended? Thanks
  3. dwbasement

    Show us your tubes

    Raytheon JAN CRP 6X5WGT 1952
  4. I also bought the valab after I've read that shot out review and heard it at Greg's system. I also have couple of other phono and valab is a bargain, SQ and flexibility is well above its price. I also have GCPH at the same time but now sold as I found valab is a bit better than the GCPH.
  5. dwbasement

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Blue mind 45rpm, impressive pressing.
  6. dwbasement

    Random smartphone pics of interest.

    Yes, I wasn't gonna post but it is an experience that I've never had before... Yesterday arvo chopper was getting water from the river. I have to say, salute to all the fireman! They have been overnite non stop fighting the fire.
  7. dwbasement

    Random smartphone pics of interest.

    We were just on the other side of Sandy Point bushfire...last nite.
  8. 2k for P9, I would buy another one as spare mate.
  9. dwbasement

    Show us your tubes

    They look gorgeous!
  10. Item: as above Location: Sydney, pick up Ultimo NSW2007 office hours or Revesby NSW2212 weekend after hours or post flat $15 Condition: new, opened to test Price: $35 RFS: unwanted gift Payment: as usual
  11. dwbasement

    MM Vs MC

    I have 8 inch too, not to my liking with the Hana. And I am not a bass person...
  12. dwbasement

    FS: Topping VX1 DAC/Amp/Headphone Amp

    $80 posted.
  13. dwbasement

    MM Vs MC

    The Hana is a great cart for its money but I found it not suitable for full range speakers or speakers short on bass. I have had the SL on my full range setup but unfortunately just can't get enough bass to my liking otherwise, very nice vocal and clean sound. As a reference, It is better than 2m black I had before if you want to compare with a MM cart IMO.
  14. dwbasement

    Currently Spinning

    Andrew, where did you get yours from? It is on my watchlist for a while and have had same not so good experience with ETR.