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  1. currently drinking

    They don't have 2013 yet...will have to wait. I just ordered a few st henri just in case, found some 2013 at VC. I wish I am in HK, I found two wine shops in HK import the wine from Guigal, you won't believe how much they cost. I thought I would be lucky cus I have a friend coming over from HK for holiday and could bring couple of bottles unfortunately the shop only sells by dozen... They are selling AUD100 a bottle free delivery in HK! I think our tax is one of the reasons.
  2. PRICE DROP Fs Shure and JMtec cart

    Still available.
  3. FS 6 x vinyl

  4. currently drinking

    Crackling Steve
  5. currently drinking

    Aged beautifully this one. Cooking veal with sage and mushroom sauce tonite.
  6. currently drinking

    Hi Steve, do you know where I can find the Guigal? Cheers Dennis
  7. currently drinking

    RWT and Maggie won’t go that far. I can’t justify to spend that much for Grange, 707 is the same over priced. Will probably get the Guigal as Steve suggested and a few st. Henri which can go as far as 35yrs with 2013 vintage.
  8. currently drinking

    Cheers. Have plenty 389, just want to get a few other different ones. Will check out the Wendouree.
  9. currently drinking

    Yes Steve. I will definitely check out the Guigal, i might buy a couple different ones in case we have more than one party haha!
  10. My phono is picking up a radio station!

    It is getting very technical now, i hope i dont need to go that far...
  11. currently drinking

    Hi Steve, any Wynns you woyld recommend as well?
  12. currently drinking

    Thanks Dave and Steve, will check them out
  13. currently drinking

    Want to get a few different red to put away for my son's 21st, 30th...etc from vintage 2013, any suggestion? Budget up to $250ish a bottle.