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  1. A night shot of my setup with the classic ikea led light for the TT, I have them bend downwards when not using the TT and look pretty good to me.
  2. Hi, anyone knows where I can buy a stylus guard for a Denon DL102 mono cart? Thanks
  3. Casals Bach suites, just mounted my new toy Denon DL102.
  4. Items: see pictures below Location: pick up at Ultimo NSW2007 office hours or Lindfield NSW2070 after hours and weekends, postage $25 flat Condition: very good to excellent Price: $80 RFS: downsize Payment: as usual Extra info: misc classical lps, two box sets and some jap pressings. Around 16 records.
  5. My niece bought me this from Italy, anyone knows anything about this wine?@Mendes
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