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  1. garymel7alpine

    Annoying Pictures in Classifieds

    Bug still exists, reoccurring pics on iPhone xr
  2. garymel7alpine


    PM sent with offer to buy
  3. Pm sent with intent to buy
  4. garymel7alpine

    Cairn Nitro preamp manual

    Hi guys,anyone have a manual on this they could help me with,just purchased from a SNA member but not a lot of info on the net.thanks in advance
  5. garymel7alpine

    SOLD: Cairn Nitro preamplifier

    Pm sent with intent to buy
  6. garymel7alpine

    SOLD: FS: Monrio Asty Line Preamp

    Pm sent if still available
  7. garymel7alpine

    FS: Musical Fidelity KW Preamplifier

    Hi,remote included with this?
  8. garymel7alpine

    Creek Evo2 as a preamp

    Am currently looking at a Bel canto pre 2 line stage,from reviews ive read seems to be well regarded.I am running an Acurus A200 amp with the Evo atm and am happy with it but curiosity has got me.
  9. garymel7alpine

    Creek Evo2 as a preamp

    Hi all,was after some opinions on the creek evolution 2 integrated used as a pre amp.In a seperates set up would this be sub standard to a stand alone pre?I initially was using it as an integrated and recently purchased a seperate amp with a marked improvement,so would the same be true with a seperate pre? Any thoughts appreciated
  10. garymel7alpine

    Hi from Melbourne

    Hi guys,am looking to improve my knowledge and get some great advice.Thanks