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  1. So, sold my dynaudio contour 2's, so I could literally fund my entire new theatre setup. (Minus the screen) What Im currently searching for are my 2 fronts, I've boiled it down to Wharfedale 9.6's OR Dali Concept 8's...guys...which set?? Very hard to audition now as they're both discontinued and well, old. I see that the rrp of the concepts was about $2k, the wharfedales realistically around $1300, which seems the better speaker? These will be for movies, music is a very distant second in this setup. thanks J!
  2. Hunting for a set, any colour, slight ware and tare is 100% a-ok! Let me know if you have some just laying around ;D I'll pay for shipping to my place from anywhere in Australia! (I'll get a courier to pick them up from your house) thaaaanks Jaye
  3. Hi gang, Just came on board cause I am hunting for a set of wharfed ale 9.6's, used to run a dynaudio/velodyne setup, sold it all when I moved to sunny? melbourne so rebuilding my set! this time much more movie orientated rather than music! My focal utopia 4way active car install is my music maker cheers Jaye
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