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  1. Audeze on the left, Hifiman on the right, what's that good looking headphone in the middle? Is it stax?
  2. Of course. I assume the dampening in the cups of the lcd-xc would be stuck to the cups so when they're removed & replaced with grills it would not have the same dampening as a stock lcd-x. The front driver of the stock lcd-x would probably also have different dampening compared to lcd-xc cos the xc has treble resonance that needs to be tamed. Lots of guessing on my part. Thanks for the information.
  3. What a great idea. I always wondered whether the lcd-xc could be converted to an lcd-x but never knew that it had been done. Does it sound much different when you swap the cups with grills & have you compared it to the stock lcd-x?
  4. Hi everyone, just joined from QLD. looking forward to being a part of the StereoNet community!
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