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  1. The Moon 340i has got good reviews and it's good to hear your experience has reflected that.
  2. Yip, I have no doubt that your system is sounding amazing with the M Scaler
  3. I'm not sure if you have the space for it, but if you do, have you tried moving your speakers forward, away from the back wall to lessen bass response? Also you could try plug the ports on the speakers with foam plugs to lessen the bass. Irrespective of if you were to run a 2 channel preamp, getting that Rel running on its high level inputs could really be beneficial.
  4. When deciding to purchase the 390 I did make enquiries with a store to see the best price I could get it new. I did tell them about the secondhand option so they knew they had to compete. If you're interested PM me and I can let you know what is the maximum discount you could try negotiate if you ever decided to buy new.
  5. Would you need the pre to EQ the sub via room correction techniques, or just provide cut-off at a certain frequency to pass to the sub? If no room correction is applied to the sub (and if I recall you don't run Adyssey, even in bypass mode) then couldn't you use the high level input of your Rel? I've tried both high level input and traditional input to the Rel and I find I get MUCH better integration using the high level input. It did take me 2 months to get my sub set up perfectly this way playing around with positioning, rotation, crossover and level. By tweaking these I could really smooth out the bass and get a very natural bass response that really juiced up the sound but made the sub "invisible".
  6. Yeah, I read with great interest the thread you started on the M Scaler. It really revolutionised your listening experience and was inspiring to read. I would really love to hear it sometime. I was considering whether to go that route but what held me back was cost and complexity of setup. With the M Scaler solution I would require three additional pieces of hardware: a streamer, a Chord DAC and the M Scaler itself. The Moon 390 is a simplified one box solution for me as it is a high quality preamp, DAC and streamer in one and it works seamlessly alongside the Marantz AV8802A thanks to HT bypass mode. I wasn't really planning to upgrade as I would have preferred to hear what the M Scaler and other solutions could do, but in this case the price was right so I took a bit of a risk.
  7. So I've spent a few more days with the Moon 390 and I have to say I have been dumbstruck at how good it sounds. My jaw literally dropped as I played one of the 2L MQA tracks on Tidal. There was such a sense of realism to the instruments; honestly the closest I've ever heard to reproduction of a live instrument. I'd describe it as detail transformed into absolute realism. The texture of strings, the raspiness of brass, just so realistic, yet warm and musically engaging. And voices, they just appear in the middle of the living room, filled out by natural reverberation. While the Moon 390 plays well with mediocre recordings, it is so transparent that once you know what a good recording can sound like you're left wanting more from that sub-par recording, even if that recording has sounded better than ever. I guess I'm feeling honoured to get such faithful and engaging music reproduction in my humble little living room. And grateful that technology now allows us to stream almost any track on demand, to that same living room; and can you believe sometimes in hi-res MQA glory. We live in exciting times and I'm feeling very thankful right now.
  8. @betty boop thanks, I am now starting to realise the merits of dedicated 2 channel audio. I think this has now got me truly satisfied with my setup.
  9. @blybo yes, you have always been encouraging of this upgrade and you were absolutely spot on!
  10. So I've set up the Moon 390. My comparisons are to the Marantz AV8802A (using Audirvana to stream over Wifi). My reason for introducing the Moon 390 is I was finding the sound from the Marantz a bit grainy and voices a bit harsh, the overall presentation was also a bit bright, even though I love detail, and I guess my speakers are too revealing of this. Make no mistake though, the Marantz is an excellent performer, this aside. So my initial impressions of the Moon 390... things have improved substantially... sound is even more detailed but surprisingly has gained warmth. Both instruments and voices have superior realism; a greater presence, like the instruments and musician are in the room. Imaging is sharp and precise and the soundstage open and deep. On some recordings the differences are more subtle, on others there's a night and day difference. Definitely need to do more listening, but first impressions are very positive.
  11. Got a modular hi fi rack over the weekend in preparation for the arrival of the 390. Good to get the amp lifted a bit off the floor...
  12. @Ray H thanks for the feedback. I'm listening to the Marantz a bit tonight and while it does sound very good, there is a distortion in the sound that has been bugging me since I got the unit. It's particularly apparent on vocals. I think my speakers, being so detailed / analytical, really accentuate it. I've tried to sort it out with cabling and power conditioning; the former accentuating the detail and hence the perceived distortion, but the latter has helped somewhat.
  13. So... a few days ago I did a random search to see if there were any Simaudio Moon 390's available secondhand. I wasn't expecting anything to come up... but something did and it was based in Australia and at a reasonable price... so... I paused... briefly contemplated... and then clicked... BUY! I did so without auditioning the product and with limited knowledge of how it will sound in my system. The local Simaudio re-sellers were not at all keen to allow home auditions and don't allow for returns. So I did the purchase on a bit of a leap of faith. For me, I am wanting the Simaudio Moon 390 to better my Marantz AV8802A. I intend to run them in parallel, with the Marantz AV8802A coming into the Moon 390 via Home Theatre Bypass. The Moon 390 will then be run directly in to the amplifier. So the Moon 390 will act as preamp, DAC and streamer. The unit will most likely only arrive next week, but I'd be very interested to hear impressions of others that have this product (or other Simaudio DACs / preamps). Have I made a rash decision buying it on a whim? Are my expectations realistic that I should achieve notably better performance considering it is a stereo focused product compared to my AV prepro? And now, because of this I will need to purchase a hi-fi rack, a good pair of XLRs and a decent power cable... StereoNET classifieds I am looking to you
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