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  1. Further information: PS3 60GB which supports full multichannel and/or stereo SACD though HDMI. (To bring costs down Sony removed SACD playback in the later PS3 models.) Includes a number of accessories, these being: - 3 x PS3 Controllers, one of which is a DualShock 3 controller - 1 x Sony PS3 home theatre remote control - 1 x PS3 Eye Camera - 1 x PS3 Wireless Keypad - 2 x Singstar mics I do have 20 games which are not included in the price. If interested in those let's discuss, otherwise I can trade these in at EB Games. I also have
  2. I'll also chime in, Moon fan as well, these are killer amps. Took me a while to get my source gear up to par to get the most out of the Moon amplifier, they are super transparent and lush. GLWTS
  3. Great post @Snoopy8. With all these possibility for tweaks with Ethernet and EtherREGEN its got me thinking what upgrades to prioritise first. So my setup is simple... MacBook Pro 16 (running Roon) --> WiFi --> TP-Link Modem/Router --> 5m Elecom Ethernet --> A EtherREGEN B --> 1m Elecom Ethernet --> Moon 390 Streamer/DAC/Preamp I have no LPS to any of the devices. So some options for upgrade could be: 1. Add LPS to EtherREGEN 2. Install improved 1m Ethernet cable from B side of EtherREGEN 3. Get fibre between TP-Link Modem/R
  4. @Gwhitten thanks for the feedback, good to know. I’ll be getting Orange fuses in the next few weeks. What spec fuse did you get for the P20? I know the distributor said it takes 5A slow blow small fuse. Some people go up one notch on the amperage rating so the fuse is less prone to blow prematurely. Definitely experiment with the directionality of the fuse. While it sounds very far fetched there is a distinct improvement with the fuse in the right direction. You will hear more detail with the fuse in the right way.
  5. Here’s a video review of the EtherREGEN. Some useful information about tweaking it with different LPS’ and also a comparison with some of the other switches out there...
  6. Thanks, apologies for not responding to your last message earlier. For some reason I missed it. I have decided to go for SR Orange.
  7. So I received my EtherREGEN on Monday. Firstly I must thank the kind members on this forum who opened my eyes to the benefits of streaming via Ethernet, and also optimising this streaming path. To be honest, just a few months ago I hadn't dabbled at all into Ethernet tweaking and some of you may remember my thread entitled "Streaming via Ethernet versus Wifi". Whist this thread is not accessible anymore it did get me to try streaming over Ethernet, then to try a better cable and also to try a Baaske isolator (which a kind forum member lent me). I was kinda stunned at impact the Baa
  8. Thanks @snoopy8 for this tip! Hopefully people will keep em’ coming as this thread evolves!
  9. @Snoopy8.thanks for setting up all the EtherREGEN threads. Really helpful and seperates the related topics very effectively. I am due to receive the EtherREGEN in January batch and am most interested in finding a good ethernet cable for the B side of the EtherREGEN (to streamer/DAC). I’ve currently got two low cost Tera Grand cables (both the flat and double sheilded) on their way to try out, but would definitely be keen to hear other’s experiences. I will use an Elecom CAT8 to connect the EtherREGEN on the A sie (from modem/router). I understand this cable may have shi
  10. Item: Synergistic Research Blue Fuse 5A slow blow 5x20mm Price Range: To be Negotiated Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I'd like to use this fuse for my sub-woofer. Perhaps someone is wanting to upgrade to the SR Orange and looking to sell their SR Blue.
  11. I am considering the purchase of a new DAC, my key requirements being: It supports MQA It has a preamplifier built in with Home Theatre (HT) Bypass (supporting balanced XLR inputs from an AV preprocessor) The sound quality should be a substantial upgrade over my Marantz AV8802A AV preprocessor Not essential, but it ideally should have network streaming built in, with the primary objective to stream Tidal I’m finding it surprisingly difficult to find units that tick all the above boxes. Specifically very few DACs have HT Bypass. I’d like to connect the DAC
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