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  1. @Gwhitten thanks for the feedback, good to know. I’ll be getting Orange fuses in the next few weeks. What spec fuse did you get for the P20? I know the distributor said it takes 5A slow blow small fuse. Some people go up one notch on the amperage rating so the fuse is less prone to blow prematurely. Definitely experiment with the directionality of the fuse. While it sounds very far fetched there is a distinct improvement with the fuse in the right direction. You will hear more detail with the fuse in the right way.
  2. Here’s a video review of the EtherREGEN. Some useful information about tweaking it with different LPS’ and also a comparison with some of the other switches out there...
  3. Thanks, apologies for not responding to your last message earlier. For some reason I missed it. I have decided to go for SR Orange.
  4. So I received my EtherREGEN on Monday. Firstly I must thank the kind members on this forum who opened my eyes to the benefits of streaming via Ethernet, and also optimising this streaming path. To be honest, just a few months ago I hadn't dabbled at all into Ethernet tweaking and some of you may remember my thread entitled "Streaming via Ethernet versus Wifi". Whist this thread is not accessible anymore it did get me to try streaming over Ethernet, then to try a better cable and also to try a Baaske isolator (which a kind forum member lent me). I was kinda stunned at impact the Baaske isolator had on sound quality so that really opened my eyes to the EtherREGEN; and thanks to @Snoopy8 who started the initial thread on this product, I wouldn't have otherwise know it existed. The EtherREGEN has finally fixed the problem I've had with my system since I initially bought B&W 804D3 speakers two years ago. The issue was that these speakers are extremely transparent (possibly to a fault) and as soon as I installed them it exposed all the weaknesses in my components. I've since upgraded amplifier, source, cables, even installed a power regenerator. All have made substantial improvements but I'd been frustrated, that with all these upgrades things still weren't sounding completely right. Sure, the system as a whole was sounding very good but there was subtle distortion and unnaturalness to the sound that would irritate me on some days. I thought perhaps the speakers were just too bright. So now I sit, with about 24 hours on the EtherREGEN and the following descriptors come to mind: clear, alive, holographic, realistic, impactful and detailed bass (which is quite addictive I must warn) and a sense of space between instruments and voices. It's definitely elevated my system and I think completely removed the issues I've felt I had with my system, though I'd need more time with it just to be sure. (My system details are below in my signature.) Definitely for those on the fence I would recommend giving it a try. It's pretty painless to install. I was up an running within minutes. I'd rank it now as an essential component.
  5. Thanks @snoopy8 for this tip! Hopefully people will keep em’ coming as this thread evolves!
  6. @Snoopy8.thanks for setting up all the EtherREGEN threads. Really helpful and seperates the related topics very effectively. I am due to receive the EtherREGEN in January batch and am most interested in finding a good ethernet cable for the B side of the EtherREGEN (to streamer/DAC). I’ve currently got two low cost Tera Grand cables (both the flat and double sheilded) on their way to try out, but would definitely be keen to hear other’s experiences. I will use an Elecom CAT8 to connect the EtherREGEN on the A sie (from modem/router). I understand this cable may have shields connected to the plug on both sides so may not be ideal for this purpose. I understand this would only be a problem if I connect other devices to the A side?
  7. https://www.essentialsound.com/power-cable-technology.htm refer to the section on null tests. Granted this test is from a manufacturer that has a vested interest though they do offer their results in digital format for upload and self comparison.
  8. In fairness there are heated debates on multiple forums (such as AVSForums) that debate: - whether hi res audio sounds better than 44khz - whether all level matched amplifiers sound the same - if all modern CD players sound the same - if all modern AV preprocessors sound the same In my naive youth a few years ago I made the serious mistake of getting involved in one of these debates. It caused me extreme frustration and the surprise is that I was not debating with fools. One of the proponents of the "amplifiers sound the same" camp was the inventor of MP3. @Ittaku this is the exact rationale used to motivate that CD, amplifiers and preamplifiers all sound the same. People struggle to find properly conducted double blind tests; and ironically there are heaps of double blind tests where people are unable to successfully pick out the differences between amplifiers / CD players (though these tests are not well conducted and usually set up with a biased agenda). I even recall a peer reviewed study with decent sample size that showed that people could not detect differences between 44khz and hi res. I suspect most on this site would disagree with these outcomes but the debates do continue to rage on and they all use the four points you mention as rationale.
  9. Item: Synergistic Research Blue Fuse 5A slow blow 5x20mm Price Range: To be Negotiated Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I'd like to use this fuse for my sub-woofer. Perhaps someone is wanting to upgrade to the SR Orange and looking to sell their SR Blue.
  10. I have this sub as well, beautifully musical and integrates remarkably with stereo speakers. GLWTS
  11. That's @cyberkank for bringing this up. I'd also be interested in experiences with changing fuses on the P series range of Power Plants. There are two on my shortlist: Synergistic Research orange fuse (will be released in about a week or so) Audio Magic Ultimate Beeswax SHD @Anthony1 thanks for your very comprehensive and informative comparison of the P15 vs P10.
  12. This cable made a big difference to my system. I compared it with the Isotek Optimum and it won hands down. GLWTS!
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