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  1. Any thoughts on how this would pair with Osborn Titan Elites? I'm looking to upgrade a Denon PMA-2000R to improve bass control. I've also read a bit about Electro reliability and service. Any owners here who can comment?
  2. Where do you find them? There are a couple that I'd love to get my hands on if they're FLAC.
  3. They look amazing, as does the finish on your Titans. Not to my taste colour wise, but they fit the style of your home perfectly. They must be some strong stands. The Titans are seriously heavy. As an aside, I'm quite amazed with how the Titans are bringing my music to life (particularly the blues, jazz and americana).
  4. Hello Mr Grizzly. I don't know who you are, but I will PM you now. Are you Batman?
  5. So the stands are steel and create effectively a cube cage. As a result, I'm trying to use something that also makes sure the metal doesn't scratch the veneer. The speakers are 25kg each, so picking them up normally requires a bit of side to side movement. I might try these whites anti-vibration pads. They look grippy too. Also, apologies to the moderator (Marc deliberately not tagged), as I posted this in the wrong sub-forum and it has been moved!
  6. Hello all I've recently acquired some Osborn Titans and am loving them. Having never owned stand mounters of quality before, I'm trying to work out good value for money solution for the material between speaker and steel stands. Any suggestions?
  7. Watching this closely, as I'm in the same boat (without being in the sticks ?).
  8. Having heard both the K812 and K872, I can say that they shouldn't be assumed as interchangeable. 872s are heavier on bass and don't have the sparkle that make the 812s brilliant. Also, AKG support these days is horrendous/non-existent. Harmon and now Samsung have destroyed the company. I loved my K550s and always wanted to upgrade to a closed 812 type, but I had to give up on that dream. I rock T5p Gen 2s and love them to bits. Awesome soundstage and you can hear everything. They're also crazy easy to drive, so needing to upgrade/replace DAP/DACs is kept to a minimum.
  9. Hello and welcome. You might want to try posting in here. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/41-wanted-to-buy/
  10. This is a cracking little unit. I run some Beyerdynamics off this and think it is an absolute ripper for the money. Perfect for the desk at work (or home). Even for my 32ohm headphones, it provides a really clean sound that allows me to hear the texture on a snare drum in a song (Blood Brother by Leif Vollebeck) that I can't hear on any other set up.
  11. Yep. Saw that one. It's definitely an option, but there were a few bigger hitters (M6, RGi120ENR, B100 SST) for the same price a few months ago, which would allow me to upgrade both my main and secondary system, @soundfan Any other suggestions as to brands/models that hit the brief?
  12. Item: Bryston B60R / B100SST or Musical Fidelity M6/M5/M3 Price Range: $750-2000 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a good value integrated to either match to B&W CM8s and trickle down my existing amp to a new set of bookshelf speakers. Alternatively, take something with a little less power to drive the bookshelf speakers. Price will depend on age/warranty/condition/model etc.
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