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  1. The D590 has a single down firing woofer while the 707 has two internally in push pull configuration
  2. Does anyone know if balanced and rca are active at the same time so I can hook up to two preamps?
  3. Never seen one for sale second hand. Absolute beast. Bargain for someone who can fit such a big beast.
  4. Item: Jamo 707i Location: Toowoomba Price: $800 Condition: good 9/10 Reason for selling: too many speakers Payment: cash on pickup Extra info: these have the unique twin 8” drivers internally, also from back when these where actually made in Denmark. Photos:
  5. In case somebody was interested, i Bought a bash powered xv30fse over 6 months ago and have been giving it hell regularly with no problems. Chris
  6. This seems like a bargain, am I missing something? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/daisy-hill/speakers/proac-response-d15-floorstanding-speakers/1193674055
  7. Just to follow up, hooked up the canare 12m runs just bare wire for now. Sounds fantastic. Probably due to last stuff being rubbish, cheap fig8 cable from jb probably plated tin. Much more dynamic, seems clearer. Very happy thanks for all the help
  8. Do you think the set screws make good enough contact? Why do they call it cold welding, that can only Be obtained by high pressure crimping.
  9. Ok, I went ahead and got the 4s11 from cliff electronics. Great price and service and turned up overnight. So now I just need decide on termination. I would prefer banana plugs either solder or crimped, that will accept the 11awg of the Canare. Anyone know where I can get some? Don’t want the cheap rubbish from jaycar etc or the high priced brand name stuff for hundreds. Locally would be preferred if someone can help please.
  10. Longest run is 12m and speakers are paradigm 9se Fairly efficient speakers.
  11. Thankyou Before I go ahead and purchase, Any feedback to using Canare 4S11 for 12M runs to my Paradigm 9se. One cable per channel so will be joining the two together for 11AWG
  12. Does anyone know the best place to source 4S11 in Australia ? I need about 35 Meters for some long runs in my theatre room. thanks
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