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  1. Its funny i am happy to pay for streaming and never priatebay any music...until i read an article about giant corps trying to enslave me into a lifetime subscription.
  2. I've walked past that hotel, in Shinjuku. My daughter is an excellent scrounger so she is happy to hunt around and find bargains... @candyflip i have more Japan questions...maybe we need a Japan thread somewhere?
  3. Its doesnt have those Promo stamps on the labels...i'll get a pic tomorrow. Japan is so cool, we went as a family for 6 weeks and she had to go back on her own...yeah she is pretty thoughtful i am wrapped...these are my keeping and playing and enjoying copies.
  4. My amazing 18yo returned from a solo Japan adventure today and she has brought me a couple of Floyd gems. The Wall - Japanese First Pressing. (some call is a promo, but i think its a first pressing). The cover is like new. The spine is 100%, inners have never been used. Vinyl is Mint. Final Cut - UK First pressing. Cover and vinyl are new, i would say unplayed or something of that quality. Just a few Floyd records...but a pleasure to play, first releases and carefully selected by my intrepid Daughter - only 18yo and her second solo OS.
  5. https://audiobacon.net/2019/12/24/topping-d50s-dac-review/ Feedback on the filters for the D50 - they may correlate ? (may not too)
  6. I might have missed this - but does it have filters like the D50? Its an interesting point you make, it might be an awesome device, but its synergy with your exact system might not gel, but the next person and it work perfect.
  7. Show her, it's Valentine's tomorrow...my guess, tubes will greatly impress her, you will have new hifi AND hailed a hero!
  8. Ahh 2 Weston's that makes sense. Yeah i was there recently and he said he has a pile of amps to build - but he has the things that were slowing him down all sorted and is back into full swing. Maybe the KT120 version is what you want? (might not be too )
  9. If the amp sells minus the extra valves, i'll buy the valves. I dont know why it hasnt sold yet. there are many months leadtime on a new one. A gem, hand made in Victoria by a Gentleman without any Chinese components...(not that Chinese equals bad, but Earle doesnt use)
  10. Have you Derek and Clive - Cancer. I cant find it anywhere.
  11. Thanks i like that term better than wish list Vinyl has gotton more complicated than it should be...forget collectables and must haves. Now i am just buying stuff i really want on vinyl that i cannot get satisfaction on streaming from.
  12. Stupid thread...its gonna burn up so many hours of my life listening to all of these My son introduced me to the My Chemical Romance - Black Parade. It's very clever.
  13. I've wanted this album for so long. I remember it being marketed on late night TV, they must've printed a lot of them? I got this original 88 pressing from UK...was listed as M/M and i paid, plus shipping. It arrives and the cover is VG++ i wasnt that pleased...the but the vinyl is actually Mint so i just enjoy it.
  14. Anyone managed to compare to D50/P50 combo or similar? Any other comparisons? Be interesting to hear the thoughts of some one who has heard one.
  15. I am getting ready to give this a go. Do the labels ever get wet? I am not very keen on that. Is the authoritative process for both precious/collectables and market scores posted somewhere? eg do you use revirginiser/glue or purely the US cleaner? Do you wipe them with something special or how do you dry them? How long do you bath them for? Any other equipment needed? Cheers
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