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  1. JPete9

    Spotify - Security

    Im a member of a family, but i dont have the family admin account, i run my account on a 3 devices without issue? but only one device at a time.
  2. JPete9

    New NS-1000m build

    NS690 mk1 cabinets. nice idea.
  3. JPete9

    Treatment Options

    I am trying to explore this null at 82, i know its probably not even audible, but i want best response before i make frames and fix everything in place. I was look at how i might EQ this area. But the min phase changes between samples. I resampled a few times and got a different result each time...is this just how this mode affects this room? I tried varying the volume a little in each test, but in others i did nothing and it still changed a little each time. Do i spend any time in rephase or just move on and not worrying about it? ... My understanding is that this is shows the SBIR of this rooms/speaker position? I guess i am asking, do i try and manage any of this in rephase or just ignore singe they are narrow dips anyway? or is this just showing me where the wave is being reflected and cancelled eg boundary intereference?
  4. I meant the box. Gear slutz has a LOT of controversial discussion on these. I have the stuff to make one, a big one or a few smaller ones and i have the calc. But for now i will finish making my absorption panels, and reserve the Helmholz for tuning anything 'special' once i have solved the main issues.
  5. JPete9

    Help rescue Focal 816

    Paint remover, sand, polish and re finish. There might be a respon he painted them, you might find it...i guess you can re paint...or if thye're nice re finish.
  6. I have the material to make one and was considering as an experiment at weekend, but anyone got any verification they work?
  7. JPete9

    MOTOGP 2018

    Didnt notice this thread. Havent missed a race in about 20 years and watch regularly since the 80s. Love motogp! MM would be like a 1.10 favourite after Lorenzo took everyone out last week? Miller had some good luck, he seems to fade a lot - but - he isnt crashing and respectable finishing positions! Rossi (GOAT) was seemingly stuck in his position, until he realised 3rd was possible and all of sudden he dropped 2 sec a lap!
  8. JPete9

    Treatment Options

    I hear what youre saying, at the front wall i cant go floor to ceiling permanently. With 50mm absorption and 60mm air across the bottom and top of the wall and a big glass area in the middle - for now. The measurement and hearing tests didn't change very much between half height and floor to ceiling at the front wall. At the rear wall, the floor to ceiling 100mm in both rear corners creates problems. Brown = 50mm floor to ceiling front and 100mm rears, all straddling the corner. Left rear was laying down and only 1200high Red=50mm floor to ceiling front and rear 100mm floor to ceiling - i measured this several times to make sure i wasnt dreaming. Green=1 x 1200x1200 behind each speaker, and another to each side and whole width of the rear wall to 1200high and just the rear left floor to ceiling. I'll be working to try and tame the 62 and 75hz issues without introducing any others. Using my ETC i think i have some ceiling treatment to add and then re test.
  9. JPete9

    Treatment Options

    I had the 4 panels in each corner and then one on each side at 1st reflection 1200w and 2400h when it sounds very odd. even just walking in the room was pretty odd. kids didn't like it at all...half height seems to give a really nice balance. I've got it half sorted now. Framed a few today, frame and cover the rest next weekend - apparently its bad form to spend Mothers day in the shed! Front wall, behind the speaker is 1200 x 1200 x 50mm + 60mm air. Rear wall is a combo of same absorption and glass and the floor to ceiling straddled corners 1200mm wide To make: ceiling panels and side panels. Ceiling will be first reflections and rear wall to ceiling. I will make a BAD or 2. I'll route something into a nice pattern like the vicoustic once i've done everything else. thanks for the comments...very much underway now.
  10. JPete9

    Yamaha SoundBar

  11. JPete9

    Treatment Options

    Hope it helps the next person considering thickness vs surface area. Tried adding 100mm to the rear corners, 1200 wide straddling the corner and all kinds of air gaps with next to no better effect than 50mm with an air gap. Tried all over the room. Tried all kinda of combinations and there is no doubt at all. In my room, more surface area gave the best measurement result overall. But it was very hard to listen to, it didnt feel very nice. Over did the absorption. Probably needs the panels wrapping in plastic which seems to be widely written...but interesting to experience. Adding a 50 or 100mm corner straddling to the left hand rear introduces a huge, wide dip 90-100 every time.. i have 200mm x 300mm space between the bookcase and the wall in that corner of the room. The other rear corner is 45deg for 900mm First impression is that is sounds very different!!! its more 3d, sound appears not to coming from the speakers... Speakers have moved a tiny bit accounting for the dips 150hz i'lll keep playing with this. Only need to move them 50mm to make big changes to the response graph... so it s a bit of hows it going overall rather than pure measurement comparo. I'll put the mic away for a while and focus on it sounding nice and making frames for the panels. I am not really aiming for perfection, rather, reduce or remove any big issues and get sounding nice. I'm pretty happy with what i have actually Thanks for the responses and tips so far. Pls excuse the couple of resolution mismatches between before and after. Before After Before After Before After After 450ms view - that 40hz finishes at 550ms, not worth worrying about IMO, my speaker range starts at 39hz Before After Before After REW EQ. ..
  12. JPete9

    GT-1000 or Pioneer Pl-50L11?

    Not sure, might not be the guy we're thinking of. But, make sure you confirm leadtime and make sure the items are landed in Oz before committing. Some people are selling the items based on pics when they havent shipped them here yet.
  13. JPete9

    GT-1000 or Pioneer Pl-50L11?

    Pretty sure its your mate from over there