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  1. If the source is 44.1 dont you want to upsamle to 352.8 and only to 384 when the source is 48? I know it's subtle, but in terms of accuracy why not be accurate if we can easily. This is what i want to achieve automatically.
  2. How do these Pi streamers compare to commercial hardware streamers? Will it auto set the output sample rate based on what you're playing (like tidal does in exclusive mode)? How do you stream tidal to it from a Mac? is it Mobile App only? The above 2 things are all i need...if not mode any other ideas? Cheers.
  3. Thanks, any chance you can you do a test and see if the sample rate is auto configured on Tidal MQA, Hifi and Spotify? I assume the Klein tells you will some LEDs what sample rate it is set on?
  4. Does the Bluesound auto detect sample rate and set the DAC per song? This is very painful on Mac. Only Tidal does it...in my experience.
  5. Does the Bluesound replace the mac mini and run tidal and spotify natively, connect via USB to my Ares? I have a modern macmini. What are the genuine advantages and improvements of a Bluesound over the mini? Would investing in Audivarna be another option to improve the mini? My main reason for thinking about it...when i push up to really high res (just really for testing) its gets choppy. Either my USB cable or the mini (i hope its not the dac) isn't up to scratch. I like to control everything from laptop (MBP). So Spotify remote play is awesome, much less awesome to Screen Share to the mini to do tidal, vox, itunes and maybe audivarna.
  6. The pre streaming industry was screwing artists too. Streaming is just a new flavour, bigger margins and great concentration of profit...the righteousness is misplaced. Purchased to own vs subscribe to access - these are the true choices.
  7. Yes i am very happy, now. Took me some time to figure a few things out. It was when i started using Tidal, if you select the output and select dedicated it has options, well these options change the settings on the Ares and you can see it changing the lights on the front and now its working nicely. Maybe on Windows people have more options for control but on the Mac there are none except in Tidal. I am very happy now...although i am not into the red LEDs...i can live with them...just.
  8. Item: Xbox One X Console, complete in perfect condition. Price Range: 3-400 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I am in Mornington, so closer is better. But Eastern side of Melbourne could be ok. Keen to buy this weekend.
  9. So...just to close the loop on all of this. To the idiot who posted about R2R and Ares...$%%^&* you. (in the nicest way) I've been on a 4 month mission of listening to the productions and my system and waiting for deliveries and almost driven myself insane. I've ended up with a Denafrips Ares2 and it suits me. Its lean and laid back while being very revealing. Other DACs i tried were clearer and more detailed in many ways. But didn't quite gel with my setup or my listening ideals. But it not flawless...in fact the D50 and the Klein has some qualities (IMO) that the ares does not and i can see why the Giesler ones are preferable in many systems...one day i will have it all...without spending more than i can justify...this is my current limit. It has these laser beam LEDs that make it look crap...but otherwise..only a few days old and i'm quite happy with it for now. I might even resurrect my tidal sub for a month or two. Thanks for the tips.
  10. Thanks, having received the airpods pro and used them along side the Airpods2 for the last 2 weeks intensively (hours and hours every weekday). I wouldn't buy them if your main use is conference calls (Teams, Zoom etc). The AirPods2 are superior for this purpose. The ANC makes it very difficult to talk (on any setting) as you cant hear yourself directly. I find the ANC is fatiguing after a couple of hours. The Airpods, you dont know they are there and they work as good in terms of mic/earphone. I have tried outside with windnoise or lots of background noise. I have a fairly quiet space to work. I dont play any music really, just use the for voice conferencing. Hope this helps some one else.
  11. Any thoughts on call quality? Is the mic good enough to replace wired pods for heavy voice use? I need to be very easily heard.
  12. Hey there, i am iphone And mac user. I use teams, zoom, facetime, voice all day. All over ear and inner ear have good enough audio, i need the best mic for voice conferencing. I was considering apple Earpod Pro, but they say only one pairing at a time. I need to be able to switch between phone and mac easily. IS the Apple Earpod Pro the best option or Sony or Senhesier? I prefer earpods but would consider over ear. I have read so many reviews, aside from jabra not having the best mic...apple possibly having the best mic, the rest is not easy to determine, especially how easily apple will switch devices. which is the best way forward?
  13. I still have mine in the shed from the 80s when i was a kid...not as impressive as yours...but many i found myself. i hope one day to hand a grandkid who is interested :)
  14. Its funny i am happy to pay for streaming and never priatebay any music...until i read an article about giant corps trying to enslave me into a lifetime subscription.
  15. I've walked past that hotel, in Shinjuku. My daughter is an excellent scrounger so she is happy to hunt around and find bargains... @candyflip i have more Japan questions...maybe we need a Japan thread somewhere?
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