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  1. I really feel like i need to post again what a revelation that $16 cable is. I really feel like i am cheating a little bit. I dont have a fancy cable comparo to do...one day i'll buy a special one and compare, but against all of the other cables i have/had its unbelievable. I know this means all my other cables were total crap and that could just be me...or this is just a better cable? But how many of us are using simple things like this that are either just faulty or no where near spec? or is this just me?
  2. Further information: Photos: PLEASE READ Topping P50 (Black) and Topping D50 (Silver). P50 works perfect. D50 was working perfectly, until i unplugged it when i got my denafrips. Now it doesnt boot. Either its bricked or its not and you're getting a good deal. Both boxed and including original cables Whole lot includes delivery for asking price
  3. C-ra-zy! I ordered on Friday arvo, arrived Monday morning and i am testing it now. I am testing it against cable that came with another DAC and WOW. I am genuinely impressed. I think my old cable must have been faulty or something, its a big difference! Thanks for the recommendation.
  4. Hi ther,e my beloved NS690Mk1 with the vented woofer caps has a shifted magnet. i was there when it started sounding scratchy, turned it off and pushed the cone and i could feel the friction. second push and it locked up. so i guess it hasnt suffered - but who knows. Who is the best person in Melbourne to restore this without messing up the unobtainable cones and rubber surrounds? I want it perfect. many thanks
  5. I am thinking of this cable too. any reason not to get it? Anyone else used and have opinion on it?
  6. Suburbia here is the full movie...how highly you rate it directly correlates with how in touch you are with your teenage angst.
  7. For those who know about these things. Is it possible to have too much of the same thing? eg Ares and a valve amp vs Ares into SS amp? What i am referring to is that the Ares is reported to be ultra nice sounding, rather than perfectly measuring. Much like Valve amps are reported similarly. On paper (eg this is just general opinion) is it possible the Ares and SS are better matched and something more analytical into Valve is better matched? (yes i understand lots of real world stuff to consider). Whats your experience with the Ares and Valves?
  8. roughly, what is the value split of these 2 items...just curious.
  9. If the source is 44.1 dont you want to upsamle to 352.8 and only to 384 when the source is 48? I know it's subtle, but in terms of accuracy why not be accurate if we can easily. This is what i want to achieve automatically.
  10. How do these Pi streamers compare to commercial hardware streamers? Will it auto set the output sample rate based on what you're playing (like tidal does in exclusive mode)? How do you stream tidal to it from a Mac? is it Mobile App only? The above 2 things are all i need...if not mode any other ideas? Cheers.
  11. Thanks, any chance you can you do a test and see if the sample rate is auto configured on Tidal MQA, Hifi and Spotify? I assume the Klein tells you will some LEDs what sample rate it is set on?
  12. Does the Bluesound auto detect sample rate and set the DAC per song? This is very painful on Mac. Only Tidal does it...in my experience.
  13. Does the Bluesound replace the mac mini and run tidal and spotify natively, connect via USB to my Ares? I have a modern macmini. What are the genuine advantages and improvements of a Bluesound over the mini? Would investing in Audivarna be another option to improve the mini? My main reason for thinking about it...when i push up to really high res (just really for testing) its gets choppy. Either my USB cable or the mini (i hope its not the dac) isn't up to scratch. I like to control everything from laptop (MBP). So Spotify remote play is awesome, much less awesome to Screen Share to the mini to do tidal, vox, itunes and maybe audivarna.
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