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  1. JPete9

    New NS-1000m build

    The first pair of custom cabinet yammys i like the look of. Looks like a genuine high end upgrade!
  2. JPete9

    New NS-1000m build

    Err Dude, you have pink toenail polish in one of those pics...
  3. JPete9

    SOLD: FS: Chord Mojo MELB relist, price drop

    Thats harsh IMO. yes it should be via PM...but more than 75% of the asking price is not lowball.
  4. I run these as my TV speakers in a 2.0 configuration...they're brilliant!!! Of course they make great hiFi speakers too
  5. JPete9

    SOLD: FS: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

    If it falls through i'll take it. Just message me.
  6. If you decide to seperate the Lenses please let message me with your prices. thanks Pete
  7. JPete9

    Room modes

    Whats the room measurement, speaker and listening position? Are you saying you have a 4m x 9m room? I also have a small rectangle room, its a challenge, i spent hours and days and hours moving the speakers 50mm at a time and measuring and listening. Sealed speakers, great bass against the wall...no imaging or life...bring them fwd and imaging but issues with bass. An optimal spot can be found, but its finite. At least you have the flexibility of the sub. Once you have as close as you get it (measurement and to your ears) and there is a bass dip, find the freq of the dip, use REW to play that freq tone constantly and move your sub (or speakers or LP) around until you've tamed it...also use the REW room tool, its surprisingly close, don't under estimate how much height plays a role. Mine is now susceptible to very minor changes. I was listening recently and the sound seemed very lopsided, the image of the singer not centered on tracks i know it should be...i thought i had a damaged speaker or loose cable or something, after a while i worked out when i had changed my speaker stands i had moved one speaker back just 50mm. This is one of the best calculators to help you visually see where the standing waves/nulls will be https://trikustik.at/raummoden-rechner/ you can use it to see what portrait vs landscape will be like. I wonder if that one at 35hz is something to do with your sub/crossover rather than the room? My tip, dont spend months trying to manage that dip at 200, if the rooms sounds good and thats the only big dip you have...might not be that big of a deal...maybe focus on the suck out at 50?
  8. JPete9

    FS Cerwin Vega E12 Towers

    I used to have these i loved them.
  9. Thanks, i've read all of the comments above. I am on a quest for cost effective/best sounding, i'll just never spend 000s on a DAC. I have carefully selected speakers and amp, treated my room etc. The DAC is the last piece. I've only spent an hour with it. But i've left it on for 24hrs. My system has a tendency to be bright, with Be drivers. But tuning down the tweets tamed it nicely. The D50 has the Hi Freq very forward and the sound is very open? eg there is a bit of space between the instruments, compared to my IFI. the IFI can sound a little 2d by comparison, i think D50 adds some more space/openness. I've been setting up my room all year, i've very familiar with my test songs, i can notice small differences...but they're getting repetitive I'll give this a real good go over the next couple of months. Thanks!!
  10. JPete9

    John Lennon Art Works (prints)

    If anyone is interested in these as a set let me know.
  11. So i finally bought a D50...i havent spend much time with it, but initially, its very bright compared to the IFI i have...i had to turn down the mid and highs on my speakers to make it bearable. Is there a reference somewhere on what the modes do? I cant find anything online
  12. JPete9

    Roadbike Choice

    Wow is that uncleared or restored?
  13. JPete9

    Roadbike Choice

    Nah i'd love to do more testing riding...but its not that simple and i dont know how much you'll learn in 15-20min...plus the paperworks etc, its like renting a car. I agree most cars and bikes are much of a muchness. I think the XJR1300 has a lot of character and style in the looks, handling and power department - but not so much in the sound department. But i am not spending 800 on a muffler, its a rip off. I am not interested in a sports bike for the road at all. Yeah, fairings are ok for FWY riding and i did hit a swarm of bees 2 weeks ago, i am pretty used to naked and i dont like cruising for long periods at 110 anyway...i'm not doing interstate trips. The more i ride this the more i like it and every time i see it makes me smile...so hanging on to it for now.
  14. JPete9

    70's Yamaha with Bluetooth Mod

    I have a 1040 chassis, including that whole tuner assembly, faceplate with meters, boards, all switches etc if you want to pay for the shipping.
  15. JPete9

    SOLD: FS: Whatmough Typhoon Sub

    Who is Colin. What upgrade was done? eg replacement driver/amp?