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  1. JPete9

    Currently Spinning

    We bought that one when it came out and no other album our family has has been thrashed like that one...one of the best hits albums of all time!
  2. I have a similar sized room and i biggest bang for buck was the 500 or 1000 (who knows) measurements i did with to find the exact optimal position for me and the speakers. Vertical speaker position was very important for my speaker too...dropping them 50mm made a massive difference. Also found that what measures awesome might not sound awesome...although decay and RT times good measurement results = better sound. I can get rid of all of the dips in bass, but kills imaging and depth, i can have some most imperceptible dips, that visible in the measurements, but have excellent imaging and depth . The treatment complimented the proper setup. i doubt, from my limited experience, that any amount of treatment will overcome improper setup for your room. When you get to putting in the treatment you need, do a lot of reading on area vs depth (or mass). There is a min or optimum for your room treatment area that needs to be achieved before depth/mass added, for maximum benefit.
  3. New ones, the dark, shorter ones on the left are the same as yamaha spec https://audio-heritage.jp/YAMAHA/etc/sps-500.html the others i am going to remake and use on thier side for 690 stands.
  4. I had to remake mine to yamaha spec. and went darker....now they dont look so odd/high.
  5. JPete9

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    What kinda happy horse **** is this...6 pages and no mention of the Falcon - made in Melb, 4.6sec 0-100 and mid 12s on the 1/4 stock as a rock and under 40k new, prolly close to 30k now. Leaky door and windscreen seals from standard...unionised build means all the engineering is awesome...put together by mutant union workers to around 75% accuracy/quality standards. this is about 25% betteer than china/indo/thai standards of your VWs. Every single unit needs a new diff and brake master at 35km - cos Ford just dont care about quality no more. But if you can manage your dealer/warranty/bs ...no poncy Golf or 135i will beat it at anything other than really narrow parking. Suitable for the denim jacket or even your evening or sport jacket wearing gentle person. Your 10L/100km hwy cruise or your 'absolutely will not be edged out by anyone for anything not matter what' commute at 14l/100 its a nice to drive Aussie car that'll let you leave any corner at any speed fully sideways with both rears sanely and safely and fully lit up. Turtle neck wearing golf drivers need not apply. You're welcome!
  6. JPete9

    Show your motorcycle ride

    My backyard is about an hr from the Island. I'f anyone wants a small group tour around Mornington Peninsula either side of GP weekend i'm happy to organise if it helps. (or maybe the Saturday of) Be great if some one else can share lead or back marker with me, otherwise i'll bring a mate who can handle it. It needs to be close to speed limit that weekend, its cop saturated during that time. Can do a short/quick tour or an all dayer with lunch etc.
  7. JPete9

    Roadbike Choice

    we have a K5600 for the track...1hr to the Island, 3 weeks to go!
  8. JPete9

    Roadbike Choice

    Thanks, i've got it dialled-in pretty nice right now. Comes standard with Ohlins. Had a big dive in the corners when i got it, but some considered setup its very stable in corners now, so confidence inspiring. Got less than 10mm on the chicken strips remaining - i'll be happy with that for now. To be honest i am past trying to ride like Rossi on the road. Its just too risky. We have a track bike (well my wife does) i'll just use that if i want to go crazy.
  9. JPete9

    Roadbike Choice

    Had a few Huskies...450s in our family, but a mate had the 510...my fav is the 300 though and i'll get another when i go back to dirt. I think the Super Duke and MV would be very very nice to ride, but i cant get into the ultra modern transformer look...i know you cant see yourself when you riding...but as they say, it needs to give you a little wood each time you walk into the garage
  10. JPete9

    Roadbike Choice

    I've read about the MT10...its the first one of the 'tourers' to just take on thew race tech, but in a different config, without detuning it. Sounds nice, but not much use on the roads in Vicco...the whole state had had 20kmh knocked off the limit...and the tolerance is 0. What are you riding?
  11. JPete9

    Roadbike Choice

    Havent done it yet...i'll do it this week. Too wet lately and i am too soft I've done a few hundred KM on it so far, i'm loving it. Everything about it works real well for me...i thought i had to have the twin, but this 1300 4cyl has bulk smooth power and a fair bit more torque (seat of the pants ometer) that the VTR. I'm getting old and the speed limits/cameras/cops have sucked most of the fun out of this on the street. This bike kinda feels fast even at low speeds, which is nice. Its only 12000km, its like new, it wont be going anywhere for a while!
  12. I played it backwards...its a nora jones ballad! 👍
  13. JPete9

    Roadbike Choice

    Nah its pretty sexy to me
  14. JPete9

    SOLD: FS: Topping D50 DAC

    EDIT: I am stepping out of this for now. @joz
  15. Forget those rich ex wife style medium sized sedans. I'd be looking at Falcon FGX XR8. All of the GT running gear, 400kw with a tune and instant classic. Last of the V8s, made in Melbourne. You'll get a low KM, almost new model. or a classic car - something old and restored...they're all appreciating in value right now - the trendy folks are shifting money out of investment funds into old cars, apparently.