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  1. My player is a mac mini, is there a way to use tidal on my laptop to control the player (macmini) in the same way spotify does?
  2. Yeeeowww! Great deal, i always seem to miss these too so quite happy. i have apple, spotify prem, tidal and amazon (maybe others?) now to actually use some of them.
  3. Seems like the Hyberboom is fairly affordable and designed for larger spaces. he is going to try these. I did a search on this forum, they dont get a mention. Has anyone tried them in person. Loud in large spaces, good enough sound?
  4. I was looking at these ;last night, does look nice, assume it has enough power for the space, these are not tiny space, more your small warehouse or very large room space. They seem to get very spendy very quickly. Plus we already have 2 pairs of speakers mounted. So will continue to look into your suggestion, but also need to explore the gumtree sourced used options of something like a receiver.
  5. You guys mean a chromecast or bluesound plugged into an amp? I was thinking, what amp will be able to easy power this, trouble free. Rather than running A and B speakers on a regular amp, better to look at receivers that have multiple amps for this stuff and the spotify and airplay built it? But as you say, failing the built in, Chrome-cast solves it easily.
  6. I have a mate who is looking for a simple solution to the following for 2 channel passive listening. 3 zones of or music. Imputs are streaming youtube, apple music or spotify from mobiles and ipads. 2 zones are adjacent and will play same music at the same time. 3rd zone needs to be able to play a different source. These areas are semi outdoors. eg bar, dining and firepit. Sometimes wants to play it loud. Havent selected speakers yet. Is an AV receiver with Spotify and Airplay and maybe an appletv/airport express going to the simple, lowish cost and fair
  7. Not sure about sound, but the 401 smokes them all in term of looks (IMO)
  8. Sounds like you want an Ares, but you dont wanna spend? Its only a few hundred more...save!
  9. I have this $10 delivered set of dig scales i have had for 10 years or so. and i have these ortofon copy / unbranded ones. I dont have away of calibrating them, other than weighing the same inert object on each. it was within 0.02g. When i weighed the tone arm, they were both the same. So for a modest system, close enough i think.
  10. There is an error says you cannot receive messages? Hi there, i am keen on the fans. What suburb are you in? I am in Mornington. Cheers.
  11. I have a digital scale here that goes to 0.00g. I will compare when it arrives. but essentially i use it for relative measurements anyway. DL110 is supposed to be on 1.8g but on my system that introduces distortion and crackling. 2.1-2.2 seems top be the sweet spot and 2.4 starting to feel heavier/dull. Whether than is exact or not probably doesnt matter much. my main issue is its the wrong shape/too high.
  12. I bought exactly that one for $40 delivered. This is the item 283581362121 (cant post ebay link for some reason?)
  13. thanks everyone, I ordered the ortfon ds3 unbranded from ebay for 50 Next questions. Has anyone calibrated the RPM app on iphone against a strobe or similar? Any chance some one here knows the ideal tracking force for a DL110 on a Yamahe PF800 dual tube tone arm? Looks like 1.8. But keen to hear any opinions.
  14. Hi there, i need to buy a gauge online. I would prefer its from within Australia. I am in the sub 100 range, sub 50 if possible. What's a reliable, worthwhile gauge people can recommend? many thanks
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