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  1. I played it backwards...its a nora jones ballad! 👍
  2. JPete9

    Roadbike Choice

    Nah its pretty sexy to me
  3. JPete9

    SOLD: FS: Topping D50 DAC

    EDIT: I am stepping out of this for now. @joz
  4. Forget those rich ex wife style medium sized sedans. I'd be looking at Falcon FGX XR8. All of the GT running gear, 400kw with a tune and instant classic. Last of the V8s, made in Melbourne. You'll get a low KM, almost new model. or a classic car - something old and restored...they're all appreciating in value right now - the trendy folks are shifting money out of investment funds into old cars, apparently.
  5. JPete9

    Roadbike Choice

    Thanks, solved this with an XJR1300. Maybe @blybo is right....Yamaha for me...
  6. Don’t mind me. Very interesting.
  7. JPete9

    FS: SONY FE 24-240 mm LENS

    Not after this lens, but do you have any other Sony emount stuff?
  8. Thats me...i've only heard my iDSD the cambridge dac magic and the airport express. I want the 1000 experience for 200
  9. Measurement is good to know if something has been made to a certain standard. but not really indicative of whether it 'sounds nice'. Its good to use these types of reviews to make sure the product is sane, but you'll need a human to tell you if it sounds nice, to them.
  10. JPete9

    Roadbike Choice

    I want something to commute on sunny days. 60km of hwy then 20km of traffic, each way. I like low down power and more=better. I dont want anything that makes all of its power at 11000rpm. My ideal would be a superduke/strada/monster s4 or speed triple maybe. But trying to keep the spend close to 4k as possible. I'm tossing up between the VTR1000 - had one before, liked it, but they're getting old and i'd like something different. I like that is faired, trusty and reliable. Got a bit of attitude and soul, but maybe a little too much weight on the wrists. VFR800 - Newest i can find, not afraid of VTEC. Upright, nice looking, easy on fuel - but havent ridden one. Cautious about the weight and nimbleness in traffic. XJR1300 - luuurv the look. But cautious about the lower power and weight, although lots of people say they are torquey down low. No Fairing for the HWY part? I dont like ADV style much. So no tiger or f800 Any other ideas?
  11. It has all this stuff i dont need. ill go for the D50 unless something pops up over the next 1-2nights. Also, any advantage using amazon for an extra 30 over ebay that i havent thought of? shipping time is same
  12. has anyone got one they want to sell? Measurement is one thing - be great if it sounds awesome too - most people reporting it does...keeping in mind i really only 2 or 3 to compare to.
  13. OBVIOUSLY! Thats why i asked for OTHER PEOPLE's opinions I get it, i'm just going to order one, but curious what was known, or what other people's opinion are about the difference between them. Try not to make many decisions like this, but no other way other than buying and selling lots of bits.
  14. I'm going purely on opinions now.But getting keen to try something. i only have the ifi idsd and cambridge dac magic v2 to compare to. Topping D50 $340 Pro-ject S2 for $490 Doesnt seem like a big difference, but i dont want to spend the extra 150 for .0001% of difference...or is it really likely to be much better than the topping? what do you get for the +50% cost?
  15. JPete9

    Any Idea on SpeakerBits.com

    I would only use them by dropping into the store and arranging to be back in the store on a certain day. They are small business, they dont have lots of expensive dedicated service staff and the one guy Tom is swamped with incoming and outgoing and calls - i dont think they malicious, just swamped.