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  1. Further information: approx 5 years, fine condition, bought from Trevor Lees Audio unbranded not sure who made them 4 holes in base plate for spikes top plate approx 200mm x 200mm pickup preferred as they are heavy Photos:
  2. I have worked in international shipping (in the wine export industry), sea shipping costs are negligible between Asia and Australia at distribution volumes
  3. mate, this proves the point, Australia tax is not a real thing, its just profiteering, the Australian distribution team behind Rotel are working at tradition wholesale/distribution margins (10-20%) whereas the distribution company behind brands like; for example here (Denon) and and another local offender (Cambridge Audio) are working at a retail margin (50%+) hence creation of the Australia tax
  4. In the news section of stereonet AU, there is a product announcement for a new Denon high end integrated PMA-A110, it looks interesting and the sort of component I might test or buy in the future, the article goes on to declare the AUD RRP as $9,999. Assuming this is not an error WTF? The same product is listed on Denon's USA website at $3,500 USD (~$4,800 AUD). That's a 100% Australia tax. At $4,800 AUD minus standard 20% discount I'm buying at 10k no chance.
  5. damn, glad I found this thread, I thought it was my home wifi, I had no idea this was a common problem
  6. Further information: Purchased from Addicted to Audio in Kew about 1 year ago, RRP is $690 This unit is in perfect condition and has been driving my Weston power amp, works great, relay switched stepped attenuator with remote An all-solid-state ultra-high-end preamp Passive or Active output Discrete JFET buffer Custom remote control Designed and Built in California Photos: last photo is from Schiit website
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