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  1. Have lowered the price by $200. Feel free to make me an offer.
  2. Item: Audiocraft AC-3000 MC Silver Tonearm Location: Hawthorn Price: $1950 $1750 Item Condition: Unused Reason for selling: Not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased this arm with the idea of fitting it to my Dr Feickert turntable but am really happy with the Stogi S and prefer a black arm on a black table. This arm has never been used. Pictures:
  3. I just bought some Magnepan mg-2.6/r but sadly the tweeters are ripped. Does anyone know someone who will repair these in Melbourne? I spoke with Bill from MCCleans but he could not recommend anyone. Thank for your help!
  4. Item: Sonab OA-4Type 2 Speakers Location: Hawthorn Price: $200 Item Condition: VG Reason for selling:NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Bought these of this forum a few years ago, gave them a good clean, enjoyed them for 6 months in my office system and then they got pushed into the corner by another pair of speakers. These are great sounding speakers and the really throw their sound around the room. Pictures:
  5. DutchNote

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    I am using the Luxman 507UX which is a nice match.
  6. DutchNote

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    I have them about 30cm from solid brick sidewalls and maybe 50cm from the back "wall" which is all 3mm glass....
  7. DutchNote

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    Thanks Blakey 🙂 The 25.22 are awesome speakers but once I heard the mids on the 26 could not go back. Really for the price difference the twenty5.22 is a much more sensible choice and a speaker I could easily live with but I was able to get the 26 for a "reasonable" price due to some slight damage to the speaker exterior. If anyone is interested I may be putting the twenty5.22 up for sale soon - been keeping them for an office system but not sure if I'll get around to that anytime soon. Also have a spare paid of DB1+ which was my entry into the world of PMC speaker.
  8. DutchNote

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    I have these speakers in a similar size room and they sound great. I have them in the far corners of the room and pretty close to the wall but don't experience any boomy bass - which I was expecting. I started off with some twenty5.22 but these are now boxed up in storage as the 26's just blew them completely out of the room!
  9. Item: EPOS ES14 with epos stands Location: Melbourne Price: $600 Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased these last year from Snapper. Great speaker to listen to and look at. Here is the listing from Snapper: Pictures:
  10. DutchNote

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    Congratulations! I have the same speakers in a similar size room and it works like a treat. I first drove them with an Emotiva pre and power rated at 300w which drives them with ease. Have now swapped over to my 110W Luxman 507ux which has no trouble driving them - a beautiful combo. I was expecting to have issues with the bass in such a small room but so far so good. Only when I play them really loud they can become a little boomy so it's nice to have some tone control and be able to pull the bass back a little when needed. I also love the loudness button at night with the kids in bed - makes listening at low volumes a lot more pleasurable to my ears. I don't think you'll have any trouble driving these speakers with the Vincent.
  11. Thanks @andyr I'll check that out!
  12. Wow I am going to have some fun bending these cables to my will! So to recap, 4 runs of building wire to each speaker to server the bass and 2 runs of the coax for the HF would be ideal. 2 runs of building wire and 1 run of coax would be adequate. Any tips on how to bundle these - just use some tape?
  13. @Zaphod Beeblebrox thanks for your contributions! have reread all the post and I think I am still missing something. First of all I understand my setup is not ideal. In the shop the amp is there for both looks and sounds which is why hiding this sort of equipment close to the speaker is sadly not an option. The acoustics in the shop are also less than ideal so I am really trying to make the best out of a less than ideal situation. Atm the speakers are hooked up using cheap 12awg cable. The bass is a bit loose but the sounds is still satisfying but hoping there is some room for improvement. The new amp hasn't blown up yet but if I ask it to play loud the warning lights on the MC302 start to come on.... All the cable calculator charts I have seen, including the one included in the MC302 manual, state that I need to use 10AWG cable for 2-4 ohm speakers over a ridiculous length like 22m. I just checked the RG213/U cable here: https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/coaxial-cable/5217972/ it says it's made up out of 7 strands of 21awg. If I run that through this calculator: https://www.wirebarn.com/Combined-Wire-Gauge-Calculator_ep_42.html It comes out with an effective gauge of 13AWG. I first presumed that I would need 2 RG213/U cables per speaker but I saw on another post that one cable was user per speaker and used the braid for one side and the core cable for the other. Is the core and the braid them same gauge? Is this the recommend usage or do you run 2 of these cables per speaker and join the braid and core? Or should I run 2 cables to biwire the speakers using the cable cores only? So I (hope) I understand the following correctly: Resistance Long cables cause high resistance which causes loss at all frequencies. The is (partially) negated by using thicker (10awg) cables? Inductance Inductance opposes currency flow so we want this low. Inductance increases with longer cables. What is the audible negative effect of high inductance? Does it simply reduce volume over greater lengths? Capacitance Low inductance causes higher the capacitance which can send amps into self-destructive oscillation. Should I worry about this much with the MC 302? Remaining questions How many RG213/U cables should I run to each speaker? Is bi-wiring worth he cost and effort in my scenario Should I worry about the RG213/U gauge being 13AWG which is short of the recommended 10AWG Again, thank you for your time!
  14. Thanks Bill, will contact the supplier. Would I be better of running 2 x 10awg wires and bi-wire the speakers using something like this: https://www.uglycable.com.au/ugly-10-awg-speaker-cable-672-strands-ug10.html
  15. Thanks Andy, have sent Zaphod a message. See what he says :-)