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  1. Thanks a.dent Im not really good at DIY... Have since had Ghent Audio custom made them for me : )
  2. Now will include for free a pair of Anticables speaker cable (7 feet level 3.1 speaker cables with spade terminals at amp end and banana terminals at speaker end). This is probably the most organic sounding speaker cables I’ve ever heard!
  3. Fantastic unit. The buyer will surely be very happy!
  4. Dear fellow audiophiles, Im building my first music server as my modded Macmini (Uptone LPS+MMK) died on me three weeks ago. I’m planning to use LPS to power two SSDs and would need some customised DC-SATA power cables like the ones below. Could you please let me know where I can have these cables custom made? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. @DMax Nope, not really trying to convince anyone to buy. Just sharing my honest opinion. If you read the link I posted above you’d realise that I was quite passionate about Pandora and was thinking of upgrading the Pandora to the Eclipse version until I realised the upgrade cost ($9000AUD) is out of my budget. I’m sure @Darren69‘s Ayon Sigma is a wonderful piece as I’m using Ayon S-10 and I’ve been quite impressed. Having said that I do occasionally miss the deep emotional engagement that Pandora gave me. Not sure about you @DMax, but I think each DAC has their strengths and weaknesses(in relative terms) even the high end ones.
  6. Here you are. @kramered‘s take on the Totaldac: “Yes, the Totaldac products are first class. I own the D1-core with the streamer and server options. All the DACs from Totaldac are R2R designs with the variations being the amount of resistors per bank (how many used on each design). I've owned and professionally reviewed dozens of digital products and to me the Totaldac remains my favourite. For an insight into my system as it stands now check out my review of the Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2 (which I own as my reference) https://www.soundstageaustralia.com/index.php/reviews/84-wilson-audio-specialties-alexia-series-2-loudspeakers At the bottom you'll see the rest of the gear list. So the Totaldac is playing with some heavy hitting gear and it shines. Very dynamic and most importantly, very natural in terms of tone without losing any detail. The D1-core has a built-in volume control so it can plug directly into a power amp. It has multiple inputs including USB. The server option is Roon Ready, accepts a network connection, can take a hard drive, etc. As George hinted, I'm toying with the idea of moving up the Totaldac ladder but the difference in price between the D1-core and the model where the benefits really show (according to Vincent Brient, designer) is a big hike.”
  7. Yep, tubes are addictive, aren’t they? : ) I have since acquired an AYON S-10 Streamer/DAC/Pre. The AYON sounds organic, detailed, transparent, live and holographic. However, Pandora has a much bigger sound stage and heavier punch. When it comes to emotional engagement, I reckon Pandora also have a slight upper hand. Pandora is more tube rolling friendly so that the sound can be fine tuned to your like as well.
  8. Item: Aesthetix Pandora Tube DAC Location: Hills District Sydney Price: $3,400 including postage (RRP $8,500) Item Condition: Excellent without a mark on it. Original packaging and a brand new unopened remote still in bubble wrap Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank T T Extra Info: Upgrade of tubes to NOS Telefunken 12ax7 smooth plates. Tubes only a few months usage. Also included in the deal are the below used tubes: Tungsol 12ax7 x 2 Tungsol 12ax7 gold x 2 Electro Harmonix 6922 x 2 I'm the second owner, bought it from an SNA member here. This is the probably the most musical DAC I have ever heard. Extremely emotionally engaging and brings soul to your music. Please see below as to how it compares to my previously owned PS Audio Perfectwave Mk2 with bridge: A few reviews for the Pandora DAC (Note that Aesthetix’s Pandora DAC is identical to the Romulus CDP minus disc transport): "This all-tubed CD player and DAC is one of the greatest bargains in high-end audio today. What makes the Romulus special is that it sounds so "un-digital," particularly at this price. Rather than sounding flat and congealed, the Romulus opens up the spatial presentation and gives instruments and voices room to breathe. The player has an expansive quality along with a sense of top-octave air and openness. The tonal balance is rich and warm in the bass, which, coupled with the treble smoothness, results in an immediately engaging and fatigue-free presentation. The Romulus doesn't sound "tubey" in the classic sense, but neither does it sound like solid-state. The design and build-quality are beyond what's expected at this price. If you have no analog sources, the Romulus can serve as a preamplifier and DAC with multiple digital inputs, provided you purchase the variable-output option ($1000). Thanks to an innovative hybrid analog/digital volume-control, there's no loss of resolution no matter what the volume setting." -Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award (September 2014) (note that ) "Excellent dynamic impact and bass slam with sweet mids and highs." -Jon Iverson, Stereophile Class A Recommended "The Romulus is another home run for Aesthetix, combining innovative circuit design, premium-quality parts and construction, and first-rate sound. This player was never anything less than musically communicative and immensely enjoyable, even in the context of a cost-no-object system. The Romulus is a flat-out bargain at its price, and invites comparison with much more expensive players. In fact, I’d call the Romulus a giant-killer, offering one of the highest price-to-performance ratios in digital playback today". The Absolute Sound Pictures:
  9. Item: Aesthetix Calypso Tube Linestage Pre-Amp Location: Hills District Sydney Price: $3,200 including postage (RRP:$6,000) Item Condition: Excellent without a mark on it. Original packaging and remote. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank TT Fabulous sounding tube pre-amp. Musical and emotionally engaging! A sale I may regret later. Upgrade of tubes to NOS Telefunken 12ax7 smooth plates. Tubes only a few months usage. To sweeten up the deal, I will also include the below new tubes: SOVTEK - 12ax7 x 2 Gold Lion - 12ax7 x 2 Mullard - 12ax7 x2 All these tubes alone are worth a couple of hundred $ Stereophile Class A rated! - "The Aesthetix Saturn Calypso was one of the most enjoyable, musically satisfying preamplifiers I have had the pleasure of reviewing. Your $4500 USD buys you a beautifully built, smartly designed, crisply functioning, versatile, and, most important, sonically brilliant preamplifier. I could live with it happily ever after. You could spend a great deal more and get more for your money, but you're just as likely to get less—that's how good the Saturn Calypso is." What Hifi 5 star rated! - "This pairing is one of the most natural-sounding amplifiers money can buy. It delivers Jill Scott's vocals with a full dose of passion and soul intact: there's agility, an astonishing amount of detail and just the right amount of solidity. When it comes to rendering voices or acoustic instruments, this two-boxer even makes our reference Bryston pairing sound mechanical." Pictures:
  10. I had silimar experience before except my system sounded better at early morning. I think it’s to do with two things: ambient noise and AC power noise. Ambient noise may require some acoustic treatment. AC power noise may require power conditioning. I had good result with Isotek power boards which is within your budget.
  11. Thanks @georgehifi, just sent a pm to @kramered.
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