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  1. I also did connect my harddisk to the vertical USB, I think it sounded good but cannot say if better I'll leave it that way..thanks
  2. Hi Mark, so your 6tb Seagate Ironwolf NAS is connected to the vertical output USB as Bilbo has suggested? Thank you
  3. I have one in black and very happy with them, great sound for so little space required... GLWS.
  4. If these were in Sydney, you will have your $250 by now
  5. May i ask if there were any modifications done on this preamp? Thanks
  6. My dream speakers, wish i had the money...oh well just be content with the S1.4 for now....
  7. This is where i started my McIntosh journey - MA6900, then followed by MC275s in monos then MC452+C46....love Mc sounds👍
  8. May i ask what amp you used to drive this? Cheers
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