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  1. I'll take it pm coming
  2. If this was in Sydney, it will be sold by now.
  3. Conditionally sold, pending pickup and payment...thanks
  4. Sorry, i only have used it for music so no idea how it performs for movies...maybe someone would be able to comment...
  5. Item: Rel T5 subwoofer - Piano BlackLocation: Sydney WestPrice: $450.00 Item Condition: 9/10. No dings or scratches. Some very minor scuffs on top surface, only visible under harsh light and close distance. not noticeable as is very minor. Comes with original packaging. The previous owner cut the Speakon cable to around 1.5 meters (good for most set-ups), and around a 7m length.Reason for selling: no longer neededPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, direct deposit. Extra Info: Pick up for now or meet up within reasonable distance. from the original Ad,
  6. SOLD: On hold: Rega Apollo CD player $50

    Second in line thanks
  7. SOLD: FS: Denafrips Ares D/A converter

    Yeah have one of this, very nice little dac...good price too..
  8. Really nice little device, works a treat
  9. FS: Rel T5 subwoofer - Piano Black

    I'll take it, pm coming
  10. How about us who are already here in Sydney, will we get invited too ? Just kidding, a dream speaker for me, this will be really good with my MC452...wish i had the $$$...but sadly i don't... GLWS....nah you don;t need it with this...
  11. checking the web, found below: http://www.sasaudiolabs.com/sasaudio.htm
  12. Wow, is it possible to have a listen too if i have the $$$ these would be ideal for my MC452 GLWS !!!
  13. Amp - isolation platform

    Ordered this Auralex Gramma, i'll see what it does...for $89 i guess it's worth trying I'll report back once received and tested...
  14. Amp - isolation platform

    Thank you Sir.