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  1. Working from home today, very relaxing 😎
  2. Well the D70 sounds great and there is no hint of the mild fatigue that I get with the D50 after prolonged listening. I'm still not discounting some sort of personal subconscious bias against ESS Sabre here 😉 My thoughts on subjective listening against the Qutest were that they were both nice and clean in their reproduction with the D70 being just a touch more liquid, perhaps a little more musical? Then I organised a casual blind test using speakers with both DACs connected to my integrated via RCA and instantaneous remote switching being done by my son. I didn't technically level match but my ears and an SPL meter indicated that they were very close, if not identical volume levels. The Qutest was on the 2V setting. The changing of inputs on my integrated amp is seamless most of the time with no indication or tell tale noise that the change was made. I failed this test miserably with the results being no better than a flip of a coin, so the subjective sighted differences evaporated (LOL). So that's a win for the "all decent DACs sound the same crowd" but good news for those wanting to get a very good DAC with lots of features including both balanced & RCA outputs and save money over something like a Qutest. Personally I'll keep the Qutest as I like it's quirky looks and my subjective listening suggests that there's a bit more difference between it and my Pavane compared to the D70 and the Pavane. I will continue to keep 2 DACs in my setup - I like the option of being able to choose between R2R NOS and newer technology depending on the material I'm playing and my mood. Edit: I compared both DACs on their default filter settings - filter 1 on the Qutest & filter 3 on the D70
  3. Well the D50 is out of my little comparison. As decent as it sounds, I have a long history of not getting on with ESS Sabre DACs when it comes to prolonged listening. I just can't ignore the tell-tale little ear ache that comes after a while even with well recorded dynamic material. Maybe it's just me or maybe it's a form of bias psychosis? Whatever the reason, I don't get it with the D70 or my other two DACs. I originally took my Pavane out to just compare the non R2R NOS DACs but it's back in now and all 3 DACs are connected to my integrated amp being fed from the Allo Digione Signature via the MiniDSP for a little room correction: Basically I have 3 very prominent filters 😁
  4. Got mine on Thursday after ordering the previous Friday from Shenzhen, so the free post was express. Of course mine is better than the ones on sale now because it cost USD 100 more 😉 There is one immediate thing I don't like - the inability to turn the display off as I leave my DACs on 24/7. Three brightness settings and none of them are off, I'm not sure why they didn't do it as they did with the D50? I've been doing a bit of A/B comparison against my Qutest since Thursday night and I've replaced the Qutest with the D50 this morning to see how the two Topping products compare. Edit: I'm running in DAC mode to my integrated amp
  5. Item: Primare DAC 30 Location: Perth Price: $650 or best offer Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: No longer required, I have way too many DACs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Owned from new and was the mainstay of my setup for 2 years with a nice smooth sound. Excellent condition with just a couple of very small marks on the top panel. Comes with the remote. As I no longer have the original packaging I will give preference to local buyers before considering postage at cost. Happy to demo for local buyers. Review here by The Ear to give you an idea of the sound and specs: http://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/primare-dac-30-digital-analogue-converter Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Item: Bowers & Wilkins CM Centre 2 Location: Perth Price: $650 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Series 1 CM Centre 2 centre speaker that I no longer use. In great condition and hasn't been in my setup for a few years now. Perth buyers only please, I do not have the original packaging. Potential buyers are welcome to inspect and test. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Item: Elekit TU-8200 Tube Amp Location: Perth Price: $500 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Never use it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Bought new & assembled from RFWaves in Perth well over a year ago for around $1k. Probably has 20 to 30 hours of use in total....I just don't use headphones any more and have no need for a small speaker amp. Comes with the original 6L6GC tubes and a pair of Gold Lion KT88s. Also comes with original stickers and manual. Perth pick up only, happy to demo. Very faint hum between tracks using Sennheiser HD650 but all good during track playback. *********ON HOLD PENDING PAYMENT********** Pictures:
  8. It doesn't seem to but I also use Dirac room correction via a MiniDSP DDRC-22D. I can't imagine not having it - brilliant!
  9. Interesting. I found the D50 in my setup to be very unlike previous iterations of ESS Sabre DACs that I've tried - as in a much smoother presentation and nowhere near as bright, and that was on mode 1. In fact compared to the Qutest I have, I would describe it as a touch too smooth with some additional warmth in the mid bass.
  10. In hindsight and given that I now firmly believe that the room contributes a substantial amount to what you hear (yes even more than cables 😉), I might have paid for advice if that advice came with a physical inspection of my listening space. To date, I can't remember one sales person that has asked about the room the gear would be going in.
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