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  1. mattd2308

    4K on a budget

    Check out Aldi latest catalogue for Saturday, 15th December, have 50" 4k on sale for $399 !!! Fair chance they'll be popular and be a queue.
  2. mattd2308

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Good to hear Tim Lane again. Damien Fleming adds a good bit of humour, Slater just keeps on talking incessantly, nothing changed there. Been a great start, fielded and bowled very well. Starc's 1st ball of match, 144kph, nice loosener!
  3. mattd2308

    Floorstanders with inbuilt active subs

    Audio Physic is another brand to consider. Pymble Hifi and Sydney Castle Hill Hifi stock them.
  4. A Bridge Too Far.... Had every known actor you could think of from the mid seventies. I was 10 when it came out. Big brothers must have taken me, crikey seems a bit young when I think of it.
  5. mattd2308

    Amp for B&W CM10's

    Denon PMA2500NE or Musical Fidelity 6Si
  6. Just ordered a white MMF2.2 for my daughter, for her 13th birthday in January.
  7. mattd2308

    F1 -- 2018

    I'll cut to chase, same as the treatment Mark received, they're not European drivers, in a nutshell. David Croft stated on Sky (I streamed it Monday morning) he's (Dan) has 11 DNF's in the last 23 races!, Compelling really! Max is great driver, however has the charisma and personality of a cardboard box. Yeah, he may be quicker, if they had the same cars may be a different result. Have been following F1 since from 2002, when Mark was at Minardi. . Have a look at animated clip of Dan promoting US GP , you can't help but laugh, (you can hear the crew in the background trying to keep it together). Either he's know something about what Renault will be able to provide him next year than what we do, we will wait and see. He is a gun.
  8. mattd2308

    Mark knopfler's new album

    Just checked his site, has announced 2019 tour, as always no dates for Southern Hemisphere. I’d think he would have a few participants willing to see him in Australia. Never seems to tour here, which is a shame. Possibly that everyone would expect a strong contingent of DS material, instead of all his solo work, maybe. He would be terrific at say, Hamer Hall.
  9. mattd2308

    Amp for PMC Twenty5.21

    Denon PMA1600NE, tipping would have plenty of grunt (ie:current). I reckon the PMC's would like that. My 2c.
  10. mattd2308

    Currently Spinning

    Did he get a standing ovation? He did at Hamer Hall Sat night. Bass was prominent on the title track and track 2 (Sunson), got the crowd going. Huge noise. Anyone got any knowledge of the playlist ? Glad I went. Matt
  11. Song is called “No Sanctuary Here” by Chris Jones. Stockfisch Records. Check out also Allan Taylor, also from same label. German label that have a good selection of artists, and very well pressed and engineered vinyl. Also do SACDs. Cheers, Matt.
  12. mattd2308

    Nils Frahm

    Yes, also there last night, 2nd row right in front of his main keyboards and piano.!!! Checked my ticket, yeah this is my seat! Fantastic stuff, huge bass, love it. Thats the view from my seat! Signed merchandise after show, already have his album, I’ll get him to sign my ticket then!
  13. mattd2308

    AFL 2017 & 2018 - In memory of Nude

    Go Pies!!! Yes, I am a realistic supporter, course I thought we'd be playing off in the GF....yeah, right. Content on making the 8 would have been a pass.. Looking at the draw at the start of the year, I thought we might beat Carlton and be 1-6, whatever, and I thought Bucks would be gone. I think a lot has to got our assistant coaches, Gary Hocking, Justin Longmuir, Brenton Sanderson and Rob Harvey, of whom has been there for a few years now, and Bucks not being so intense with his approach as such. They were impressive last night and they seem to all gel, (established throughout the year) ie: selfishness is not tolerated. Dusty wasn't right, nor Astbury. Even up by 44 points at half time, they still have to kick 8 goals to zip, mind you when Howe went off, momentum changed a little, however Mason and JDG did enough. When Treloar and Grundy kicked their goals, yep we're home. No too concerned who we play.
  14. mattd2308

    Phono Pre-amp recomendations

    Lounge Audio LCR MkIII or Vincent Pho-8 just my 2c
  15. mattd2308

    Currently Spinning

    Have both COTC & CWC On Audiophile pressings, brilliant. Going to see Roger Hodgson in Feb ‘19, will be good. Bit of “Lady” and “The Meaning”, c’ mon!!