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  1. Have that Delerium CD also, some smooth tunes, including Silence (Sara Mac)..good get! Track 6 -"Lamentation" great track
  2. Wife and kids aren’t home atthe moment. Found this single. Enigma-Carly’s Theme track 2 (Jam and Spoon remix) Goodness knows it would sound pretty impressive on other members systems, (TAD’s, JBL’s, Hulgichs, Duntechs, Focal’s, PMC’s, ATC’s ....is there anyone else’s speakers I haven’t mentioned!) Denon giving plenty of bass to the Kantu 9’s)
  3. These were 2 amps i researched, be interested how they would be in comparison to what i eventually purchased, a Denon PMA2500. As the others (previous posts)have suggested, more credibility in their experience than me, have a listen if you can. Think they (either amp) would drive those MA's with aplomb. Nice looking speaker.
  4. Even though I don’t know any of you personally, enjoying reading the banter, oh yeah, not a bad looking turntable and system either.👍
  5. That was on that Kharma system, yes it did sound pretty good. It was that ridiculously priced system.
  6. Denon PMA 1600NE or 2500NE Plenty of juice that would drive the Special 40's My2c
  7. Thomas Newman - The Horse Whisperer- Original Score Have this on CD and is brilliant, easy listening and somewhat majestic in some arrangements
  8. Geez, I remember this model at the time. Can't remember how much they were, but knew at the time couldn't afford one. Think there may have been an article in Aus HiFi mag back in the day. Ended up getting a NAD 306 (drove my Tannoy M20 Gold's). Ahh...memories.
  9. Couple of Mark Knopfler’s Sailing to Philadelphia Ragpickers Dream
  10. Surprised no-one has mentioned this classic......Blade Runner Don't know if this one had a cult following:,
  11. Maybe one of these, gets pretty good reviews. https://www.rio.com.au/product/z240-stereo-amplifier-myryad/
  12. Another Australian one to consider: Legend Kantu 10
  13. Hi Matt, Look at Krix, may have packages relating to home theatre, and have a bit of an in ceiling range going by their website. Or, look at used. You've come to the right place here at SN. Plenty of experienced advisors here to steer you in right direction.
  14. Thanks Josh, have always aspired to own one of their premium amps. Check out their Japanese site, have a few more lustworthy amps, that are unfortunately only for their domestic market. Seem to have reasonable credibility in Europe and Asia. Russians seems to like them, going by You Tube, pity I'm not that fluent in deciphering Russian dialect!
  15. Cheers, and thank you. Positions have swapped around now, got sick of bending down to adjust volume etc. Yes, good for the abs getting into the rack.......again....25kg!! While i write this, enjoying a Glenlivet and listening to some vinyl (Pink Floyd- The Division Bell) ......just finished work and have a few days off.
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