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  1. Pretty imposing looking amp, were these only for the Japanese domestic market? See they were around 1998, going by hifi engine. Who sold Sansui in Melbourne back in the day? I thought my Denon was heavy, this thing is 33kg!
  2. Mine arrived yesterday, yet to have a proper listen.
  3. Just listening to Santa’s gift to me. Nat King Cole-The very thought of you Analogue Productions/QRP. Always wanted to get a premium version of his unique vocals. Just something classy to have in my collection.
  4. Brother had a pair of these back then also, massive sound, easy to drive. These would be perfect for shed or garage set up.
  5. Watched also, hoping Ric might have been able to produce a a last gasp chase at the end........however........have been watching F1 since Webber days, would have to be THE most boring race I have witnessed! Commentators Brundle and Lloyd were even having a dig at it being a procession. Certainly was. It is just an awful track as a spectacle, it gets a gig as the demographic are not short of coin in promoting it. Bring on '21
  6. I went from an elys 2 to a 2M Bronze then upgraded to the 2M Black. Very satisfied. Have a RP3 form 2013, modded with Groovetracer platter and subplatter, Edwards audio little belter, Isolation mods, does me fine. Bought a TTPSU a few years ago then recently had modified/improved by Will @ Factory audio in Canberra. Like with all rega tt's, depends where you wish to limit your upgrades. Otherwise, have your P3 for a period of time, and when interest may come, step up to an P8/P10.
  7. Ortofon OM5e is around that price, others might suggest something, Ortofon are credible.
  8. Just curious, with all these sales on just after some info, I know a Bluray player cant play 4k DVD's. Or would I have to replace all of my Bluray dvd's (with 4k DVDs) to reap the benefit of 4K. Thanks, Matt
  9. Sad news indeed, would drop in their occasionally back in the 90's and 00's. Would be up for a chat and peruse over his Teac VRDS cd players etc, (Not the garden Kmart variety) of the time, all premium Japanese gear. His Amber components and Counterpoint speakers. Remember buying Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run on the Sony "Super bit mapping" edition in the hardcover booklet type format. Last time there bought my Grado headphones.
  10. Forgot to mention, Feb, 2018- The War on Drugs -The Forum, effing great show.
  11. Some ripper memories from everyone, obviously not too much "critical listening" with some of the bands mentioned, particularly ones from the 70's. I wasn't even a teenager until 1980!! @Batty mentioned Status Quo at the Hammersmith in '75. Is that the one which was a live album? If so, my elder siblings had that album, I remember some great guitar listening to that in late 70's. Well, memorable for me: 1st ever concert, Waverley (VFL Park) December 1980, "The hottest band in the land.........KISS!!!!! Well its any wonder i didn't have permanent hearing loss after that, geezuz!!
  12. Received today, sounds brilliant, considering a GZ pressing. Matt Berninger-Serpentine Prison Just a great sounding record, well engineered and arranged.
  13. Hi all, Brother has had this turntable for several months, seems chuffed with its performance, however after some research the 2M white Ortofon cart that it comes with is, well, hardly in parity with the value of the TT. Its a $100-120 cart!! Anyone recommend something better up to $400-500 (system: Amp: NAD C375BEE and Rega Fono MK3) Cheers
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