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  1. The thing weighs 60kg, my giddy aunt, I thought my PMA2500 was heavy!
  2. Just ordered also, CD 3 pack. Have listened a bit through Spotify and You Tube.
  3. One weighs just under 10kg, the other just over 17kg. Both similarly priced, google both and have a look inside. One has two power supplies, twin heatsinks, apparently a very good DAC, headphone socket, very good MM/MC phono stage and is engineered and built in Japan. Would have little trouble driving your Dali's.The MF has features, however there is a fair bit of "air" under the lid.
  4. Just my 2c Oz, That amp may have a bit of difficulty driving them that is satisfying, specs show those Dali's are a 4ohm impedance, to which you may want to peruse the market for an amp that may have a bit more grunt. As others will say, look at the classifieds, something may show up, brands such a Musical Fidelity and the like. Myself, I've just invested in a Denon PMA2500NE of which, on paper, may not have ludicrous amounts of power (watts), however does have a significant amount of current. Not cheap, (set myself in saving for one) however, my Legend Kantu 9's love it. Put it this way, I had Parasound P3/A23 pre/power, of which the Denon sh%#s all over it. Denon has a little brother model PMA1600NE, which from all reports punches well above its weight. Marantz's premium models would also suffice (PM14S1 or the new Ruby series), however, they are a bit of coin also. Set a goal, go from there.
  5. Well, finally can disclose this is, what everyone says. "end game" purchase. Have had for several days and can bluntly say, it craps all over my previous gear, mainly Parasound P3/A23 combo. Huge presence, can give you all the clichés you like, but this is on a different level. Its no Luxman, Mcintosh, Accuphase, Esoteric, etc etc however its a fantastic piece of equipment. I think Denon might know how to engineer stuff. Go onto their Japanese website, even have more premium gear exclusive only to that market. Partnered with my Marantz SA8005, Rega RP3 with numerous modifications, and completing the signal coming from Legend Kantu 9's. Spoke to Rab Turner and the SN hifi show who convinced me this would be a perfect fit for the Legends. No more external phono stages, just direct into the amp, and yes, I'm no phono stage expert, its sound very good. Been playing everything from Dead Can Dance, Roxy Music (Avalon SHM SACD), Peter Gabriel (US 45rpm vinyl, last track "Secret World") Agnes Obel, Patrick O'Hearn, Tears For Fears , particularly "Badmans Song". Purchased from folk at Carlton Audio Visual, who have been tremendous to deal with. Thanks for reading, Matt
  6. Nice looking spinner Jay, why, have the later 8005. Must get a GP album one day.
  7. Mercedes 1,2 on the grid, gee whiz who would have thought. Was hoping Bottas would get pole. They will lapping cars within 10-15 laps. Oh well.... come on Dan. Lets hope its not a procession.
  8. Gasly....oops. Don't think Red Bull want one of their cars eliminated in Q1. Dan was lucky.
  9. http://www.eurostar-ostrava.cz/files/logoHFN_Denon-PMA-2500NE_lowres.pdf Something to consider, maybe. May not to be everyone's tastes, probably not enough horsepower, however seem have pretty impressive dynamic power into low impedances. Looking forward to getting mine soon. my 2c
  10. All the best for a compliant and healthy recovery (ie: everything gets strength and movement back). As a 51 year old and being riding MTB's for just over 2 years, have had a few hairy moments. Rocks and trees don't float my boat. Get back on it and ease your way into again. As a few posters have said i'm a bit sceptical of E-bikes. May be like hitting the ol' powerband of a YZ80, of which some mates had back in the 80's.! Jokes aside all the very best. Matt
  11. Yes, did see that, always the way......anyway. These will suffice.
  12. My “Daughter’s” System this Morning. After purchasing the Music Hall T/T was able to source some Subsonic XB2’s. Liaised with Rod Crawford at Legend, and Krix. Both politely advised they had no 2nds stock. Have set up with my old AMC 3050 amp and Denon DCD615 player. All works, just got to give the CD tray a bit of a tap to slot back in properly! Speaker wire from Audio Principe and not so old Chord Signet interconnect. And bigosh, once set up, sounds very good. Maybe trial and error with set up but this is the best I could conjure. Playing some “Audiophile” Crime of the Century. She can play her Agnes Obel, Santa got her for Christmas. Be no dancing with the TT going! I’ll advise her she can dance with CD’s. She has already asked where I get my vinyl from! So, all Australian brand speakers in the household. Legend Kantu 9’s, Richter Excaliburs and now Subsonic XB2. Cheers.
  13. Off to see Roger Hodgson this Saturday night at the Palais. Does a few tracks off this apparently.Should be good.
  14. "Captain Kremmen of the Star Corps and his assistant Carla"..... Their pilot shows would not see the light of day now, ahh memories..... Do vividly remember seeing Dire Straits on his show performing Skateaway
  15. Check out one of these. https://www.selby.com.au/electronics/turntables/turntables/music-hall-mmf-2-2-turntable-configurable.html Just recently purchased one for my daughter's 13th. Interest sake, set up on my system, very good sounding t/table. Doesn't feel cheap, yes, arm and cartridge not elite, however will do the job nicely.
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