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  1. Previously had a 3050A purchased back in late 90's. Still going, elder brother uses for another system in his house. I had it when it was driving Richter Excalibur speakers, did the job. Very good phono stage. Great amps for the money.
  2. 2nd red flag cost Ric, was holding Stroll and Albon at bay prior to Stroll crash.
  3. They don’t want to come out and play tonight, they’ve heard a whisper they’re being bullied online!! 😂
  4. So have I. These were around the 3K mark back in the day. As already stated a bargain. Great features and sound.
  5. Geez, when I saw the article, I thought this could be interesting...….10 thousand gorillas!!!! Being a satisfied owner of the "standard fare" PMA2500 I would've thought for that kind of coin you would get something of similar spec that they sell for the Japanese domestic market. For example maybe 120 watts carried down from their SX11.
  6. Danny Ric, 2nd row @ Spa. !!! Great effort.
  7. Just googled and discovered X5 price in UK 6,300GBP. Be interesting to see what they land here at. Classy looking bits of kit.
  8. Remember reading articles about these speakers back in the day. Considered to be very good. First time i heard of t/line speakers. The boxes are in pretty good nick for their age. Whatever happened to the company ?
  9. https://www.devialet.com/en-kr/expert-pro-sam-ready-speakers/legend-acoustics/kantu-8/ Found this article, mind you, may not be in the range or type you are after.
  10. Trying to think, no, had Born in USA, which came out in '84. Elton John- The Fox was my first vinyl purchase. Boys and Girls- Bryan Ferry also bought during this time. Still have all on vinyl, and sound marginally better (read: a lot) on my current system.
  11. Chilling out to some ‘Minds - Once Upon a Time Ahhh, memories, year 12, 1985. Remember buying it. Lived on a farm, 25 kms out of Ararat, decided to ride our farm bike(Honda XL 100- ah, no licence, unregistered bike on public road, well I was wearing a helmet though!) to a neighbour’s farm halfway towards Ararat. My Dad was helping out at this property. As I had my P’s borrowed Dads Ute. Into Ararat. Only had $10 in loose change, got Ararat records and tapes, album is $10.99! Drove up to nannas, “just wondering could I have a dollar thanks?” Back to AR&Tapes. Yes, baby gently bought it back home. Had a sports bag to carry on the bike with my knees keeping together to stop album flying out. Was a slow trip home...... anyway put on my sisters Pioneer system. Rest is a great memory........ “Stay until your love is Alive and Kicking”
  12. Audio Principe in S.A Peter Graves. Have several of his cables, well made and does custom lengths. Will facilitate your request without issue www.audioprincipe.com.au
  13. Bit of Michael Kiwanuka great arrangements and layers, easy on the ear.
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