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  1. I've got a pair of Proficient AW525 speakers, do the job pretty well, with adequate bass and go loud. Don't know if you can still get them. Driven by Pioneer SCLX73. Matt
  2. Currently Spinning

    I'm hearing ya ABG, is a fantastic sounding album. Just googled some info on it- won best engineered album -non classical in 2015, which i'd heard. Mastered at Gateway Mastering- Bob Ludwig (low profile engineer, only works with pub bands!!!!) Google who he has worked with......EVERYONE. Lacquer cut at Bernie Grundman Pressed at Pallas........enough said.
  3. Blade Runner 2049

    Crikey!!!! received notification saying mine being released on the 17th Nov. Oh, by the way the site is called Music Today.....oops. Matt
  4. Yeah, should have asked for Khe sangh or Twisting by the pool!!!
  5. Agree, normally I would have, my own fault. My point being that he had never heard of them. Not here to slag, but couldn't believe the response at the time.
  6. Asked one rep, "got War on Drugs' latest album....nup, never heard of 'em. Ahh, Dead can Dance...... nah, don't know 'em.... I just walked away.
  7. Just be perusing few 5-6 pages of gear, just want to say what brilliant photos there are. You guys need to state what camera you have taken them on and settings, seriously they are great looking images. Geez, I thought my 2M Bronze and RP3 looked cool, some of these carts are "sick bro". Good work people. Matt.
  8. Currently Spinning

    Speaking of Elbow...... Suppose I better get out the vinyl and listen to it on my new Legend Kantu 9's !!!!!!!!! Got them on Wednesday, thanks to CAV for getting them delivered to me direct. Yes, Mirrorball does sound allright. Decided to get the Fuji XE2 and take some reasonably better snaps than my phone......special event. Thanks to fellow netters for advice, very satisfied. Matt
  9. Bought 2 tickets to see them @ The Forum, Wednesday 14th Feb. Playing 13th, couldn't get tickets. Matt.
  10. Plenty of advice given, and with credibility. Listen to what advice you're given from these "Obi wan Kenobi" hifi enthusiasts. As you've got 10k, me, I just put a deposit down on some Legend Kantu 9's from Carlton Audio Visual. Received a reasonable deal, they also have a shop demo pair 8i in stock. I've procrastinated for months. Got info from other contributors on here and was appreciative of their suggestions. Looked at PMC and ATC, but just far too over my budget. That Denon SACD player from Tivoli would be right on my list also if I required one. Look at Osborn Speakers as well. Just my 2 c. Matt
  11. Blade Runner 2049

    Just purchased "limited edition" CD from "music store". Tried googling a vinyl release, however only this CD so far. Don't know what is so special about the LE. States only 2049 copies, (mind you, first edition sold out, now have another edition) Cost $20.49 USD. Should keep it sealed and see what sort of condition it will be in 2049!!!!......... I'll be 82!!!!!!!
  12. Have one myself, a very good receiver, plenty of grunt. Menus, as always take a bit of working out, but if in doubt, read the manual!!!
  13. Blade Runner 2049

    Saw it today in Ballarat, good show. Concur with generally everyone's views. I thought Ryan Gosling was good. As stated, great cinematography, and Hans and his offsider Benjamin Wallfisch, as always, great soundtrack. Matt.
  14. F1 2017

    Just discovered there's no more F1 coverage on free to air (CH 10). Have sold/lost rights to Foxtel. Wondered why Malaysia wasn't telecast on 10 as it normally would have been. Well, there's goes my interest in F1. I don't pay moronic and rogue broadcasters to watch TV!!!!! Sad really, will have fond memories of my son sneaking into the bedroom at 3.55 am prior to Canadian GP in the Mark Webber years at RB. He would whisper "Dad....Dad, the race is about to start". Matt
  15. 80s music - was it really that bad.

    Reading some of these posts, yes, some music was average, but there were exceptions. I did my HSC back in '85. I remember reading Smash hits magazine, yep that was around then, and mentioned about Simple Minds releasing a new album. Being a 'Minds fan, I took interest in what it said. Going to be produced by Jimmy Iovine and Bob Clearmountain. I, back in my youth, took notice of sleeve notes on albums and had knowledge of those two. I went, you beauty. Hence, when released it had heavy bass and drums, ie: huge production. That's what I love about that album. pompous, bombastic, I didn't give a toss what people thought of it. It left an indelible impression on myself and those at my school at the time. Don't worry. we were all into Dire Straits, U2 and the like. Lloyd Cole got plenty of airtime in our common room. Chicks loved Duran Duran and Japan. Geez, it was a great time to be 18! Then you had from the mid 80's on. Talk Talk, T'pau, Psuchedelic Furs and U2's Joshua tree, which since then they have been just! Also, I'm not the only one who got Enya's Orinoco Flow back in '88. Another one was YES-shoot high aim low.....play that loud....great track. Matt