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  1. You could consider Legend Speakers - Rod Crawford designed ex-Linn. www.legendspeakers.com.au/ The "Kama" model may suit. Has a distributor in the US going by website: Knowledge Resources Corporation 4621 Abiline Circle AURORA CO 80015-3903 USA P: 1 303-519-9076 E: LarryO@KRC-us.com
  2. Suppose I better put these bad boys in. Legend Kantu 9 . Fed by Audio principe speaker and power cable.
  3. Just cranked up a bit of JMJarre Oxygene 7-15 from ‘97. First time really I’ve cranked it up, sounded alright on the Legends. Would sound alright on evilc ‘s Hulgich’s, Joz’s SGR’s and Yamaha Man’s TAD’s and I apologise for other members outstanding speakers that don’t mind a few db’s. Track 1.
  4. Had the Acoustimass 5 series back in the early 90’s. Great size when renting back in the day. Not too concerned about “timbre”, “ soundstage”, “ depth” etc etc. All I know is sounded bloody alright for my means and didn’t mind some db’s when having the odd party or three! Impressed my housemate uni friends of the time. Oh, hope this passes the test with some, driven by a plebby NAD 306, accompanied by a Japanese made Yamaha CDP. (Still going) Had for approximately 5 years, then moved on for some Richter Excalibur’s. Served me well.
  5. Check out Michael Fremer’s tour of Optimal. Dodgy backyard setup!!! Seriously though, an impressive looking and functioning establishment.
  6. Probably get howled down.......Denon PMA 2500NE.......love mine.
  7. All very good, obviously model increments over the years, and may have marginal sound improvements. Had my 1500r for approx. 15 years, Decided to try pre/power combo of Parasound, however the versions were not JC (JohnCurl- Designer) prefix models, and were considered basic. Bit the bullet on PMA2500, as this will do me for a long, long time.Not hugely powered in the watts department, however all models have 2 x power supplies which supply plenty of current for dynamics. All made in Japan and not lacking in weight.
  8. Noticed this amp is 100v and only available in Japan. As a previous owner of a venerable 1500R from early 2000's, as previously stated, will have no issue in driving inefficient speakers, pending what type. Personally have a PMA 2500NE, now, where would like me to start!
  9. Darren at CAV (Carlton Audio) fitted a 2mm spacer to RP3 couple of weeks ago to cater for a 2M black stylus. Upgraded from a Bronze, rips more signal, very happy with Black
  10. Thought I'd check in on cricket, Kiwis 4/20 odd! Geez, would like some form of contest, think they would rather go home now. Hoping Blundell or Latham might have stepped up again. Simple fact is, Kiwis don't have the bowling arsenal of what Australia has. (Series overall) Tosses have determined pretty much the outcome of each test. Kane W in hindsight would like to have that call again in Melbourne. Was hoping a fit Boult and Ferguson may have been able to take it up to Warner and Co. Can't dispute Marnus, he values his wicket every time he goes out to bat. Davey W... have filtered what I think of him.
  11. This would drive them easily: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Denon-PMA-1510AE-Integrated-Amplifier-with-Remote-/372830392965 Rated "only" 70 w/channel, however have some serious juice to give them.
  12. Have just recently had installed as well. Was fortunate to be part of the Vic Solar Rebate scheme. Had a 6kw system installed (Fronius inverter and 23 x 275 watt Suntech panels) Being in regional Victoria has its benefits with having credible installer/electrician perform the installation. Was recommended by work colleagues, who stated he is VERY experienced with Solar Panel installations. Terrific bloke to deal with, he arranged all paperwork following the completion. Notifying Powercor/CitiPower, and our retailer, Lumo Energy (who have been quite helpful) to convert and calibrate the smart meter for PV. Has supplied and installed a few thousand and well over 20 odd thousand panels. Stated has never had an issue with Fronius or Suntech Panels. Fronius, as others have stated, are probably the best inverters going around (Made in Austria) Even the Inspector, who assessed his work for compliance stated he has never had any issues with this electrician.
  13. Have had a listen to new releases from Elbow, Beck and Van Morrison on Spotify.......well wont be parting with any coin in either format with those. (listened to several times). Elbow- meh (bout one song I can get into) Beck- out there (as above ) Van Morrison- same as last several albums (ain't no Avalon Sunset, Enlightenment or Hymns to the Silence) My 2c
  14. As previously stated check out his appearance on Jools Holland. Slick and tight band.
  15. Check out Love and Hate album, also very good. Have a look at his latest single on YouTube on "Later.... with Jools" Jools Holland show.
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