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  1. If I had 20k to spend on speakers, I'd be having a chat to Stuart Ralston @SGR Audio, Rod Crawford @legend speakers, and Greg Osborn @Osborne speakers. Only international brand I would consider (if I had the coin) would be some TAD reference models, bit over budget, geez the sounded alright at a show few years ago when Andrew Jones was affiliated with them. Red Spade, Equinox. others to consider, don't know if they do equivalent to 20k. My 2c
  2. Pleasure to watch, great to see everyone contributing, yes, S Smith has no fear. Interesting stat mentioned during the course of the test, he has averaged 100 in the first innings, in Test Cricket, for the last 6 years !! Has the 2nd highest average in Test Cricket at the moment, behind Sir Donald. Commentators are very good also, Athers, Nasser, Gower and Botham all very knowledgeable and don't dramatize. Just glad Healy and Slater aren't there commentating. Our pace bowlers didn't give them anything, averaging mid 80mph pace on a 5th day pitch is remarkable. Testament to their ability and fitness, yes, they are professionals, however its always the inevitable, (trying to survive) and eventually succumb. Siddle and Pattinson deserved a wicket or two. Nathan Lyon just had to be patient, and sure enough the ball would land and turn in the right spot. Good to shut some of that moronic crowd up.
  3. Price Range: $2000 to $5000 1. Lenehan Audio ML-1 $2,800 in 2014 2. Kef LS50 Wireless $3,495 3. Paradigm Prestige 75F $3,999 4. B&W 603 $2,699; 703 $4600 5. Magnepan MG1.7i - $3,790.00 with Elac Debut S12EQ $1,300 (cannot recommend the 1.7 without a subwoofer) 6. Spatial Hologram M3 Turbo S $4290 7. Focal Aria 926 $4500 8. Krix Harmonix Mk2 $3,000 9. Golden Ear Triton 7 $3000 10. Proac D2 $4950 11. Dynaudio Special 40 $4,690 12. ATC SCM 19 $3,999 13. Osborn Eos Elite $4000 14:Monitor Audio Silver 500 $3900 15: Legend Acoustics Kantu $4990* *Thought I'd better add mine.
  4. Peter Graves - Audio Principe. Terrific bloke to deal with, will make custom lengths if required. Makes an excellent product. https://audioprincipe.com.au/
  5. Silverstone, (140k people there apparently)
  6. Jason Roy should've been given LBW first ball. Staggers me this review system, fair enough if it doesn't pitch in line, it fulfilled 2 of the 3 criteria, in line and hitting stumps, and comes down to umpires call, what a crock. Guptill should have been yelling at Boult to catch and throw to him, and yes, the 4 overthrows didn't help. As I've read on various forums about the game, England didn't win it, they were awarded it. Just have another Super over. Games of cricket are usually decided by how many runs a team scores. Gutted for Guptill, hadn't faced any balls, yet he's got to hit 2 runs of the last ball!
  7. Here what you say about a couple of duds, however like their previous albums, take a few listens. The vocals on "Not in Kansas" are very well recorded, suppose Ive never taken much notice, since having a far superior system than 5 years ago, and what good electronics can reveal. "Hairpin Turns" , great track. Bryce and Aaron Dessner are great producers and writers. Check out their recordings they performed at the Sydney Opera House - Utzon Room(Not live concert), tracks from last album. May have to get on vinyl.
  8. Had the Groovetracer Acrylic platter, so I thought might as well get the subplatter. Gave the Tangospinner and the glass RP3 platter to my brother for his RP1. To be frank, you will read on other forums, the subplatter makes quite a significant difference compared to the stock Rega one. Just made increments in modifications when funds would allow.
  9. As stated above, had a cheaper alternative prior to getting mine was a Tangospinner Astor.
  10. Not one filler on this album, I rate this album his best.
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