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  1. mattd2308

    No more riding for me

    All the best for a compliant and healthy recovery (ie: everything gets strength and movement back). As a 51 year old and being riding MTB's for just over 2 years, have had a few hairy moments. Rocks and trees don't float my boat. Get back on it and ease your way into again. As a few posters have said i'm a bit sceptical of E-bikes. May be like hitting the ol' powerband of a YZ80, of which some mates had back in the 80's.! Jokes aside all the very best. Matt
  2. mattd2308

    My System this morning

    Yes, did see that, always the way......anyway. These will suffice.
  3. mattd2308

    My System this morning

    My “Daughter’s” System this Morning. After purchasing the Music Hall T/T was able to source some Subsonic XB2’s. Liaised with Rod Crawford at Legend, and Krix. Both politely advised they had no 2nds stock. Have set up with my old AMC 3050 amp and Denon DCD615 player. All works, just got to give the CD tray a bit of a tap to slot back in properly! Speaker wire from Audio Principe and not so old Chord Signet interconnect. And bigosh, once set up, sounds very good. Maybe trial and error with set up but this is the best I could conjure. Playing some “Audiophile” Crime of the Century. She can play her Agnes Obel, Santa got her for Christmas. Be no dancing with the TT going! I’ll advise her she can dance with CD’s. She has already asked where I get my vinyl from! So, all Australian brand speakers in the household. Legend Kantu 9’s, Richter Excaliburs and now Subsonic XB2. Cheers.
  4. mattd2308

    Currently Spinning

    Off to see Roger Hodgson this Saturday night at the Palais. Does a few tracks off this apparently.Should be good.
  5. mattd2308

    Currently Spinning

    "Captain Kremmen of the Star Corps and his assistant Carla"..... Their pilot shows would not see the light of day now, ahh memories..... Do vividly remember seeing Dire Straits on his show performing Skateaway
  6. mattd2308

    Entry Level Turntable Advice

    Check out one of these. https://www.selby.com.au/electronics/turntables/turntables/music-hall-mmf-2-2-turntable-configurable.html Just recently purchased one for my daughter's 13th. Interest sake, set up on my system, very good sounding t/table. Doesn't feel cheap, yes, arm and cartridge not elite, however will do the job nicely.
  7. mattd2308

    Anyone familiar with March Audio?

    Impressive looking gear, he, Alan March, has an impressive resume too from what I've googled. Was at Rolls Royce in the UK. Reasonably priced also.
  8. Fair call, hence highly likely put my coin down on a PMA 2500NE in the coming months, as my previous Parasound P3/A23 "became ill". To get repaired was going to be just below 2K. No thanks. My 18 year old PMA 1500R is filling the void, very well I must add, heaps better low volume listening capabilities. The Legend Kantu 9's don't mind current.
  9. What, current Denon gear not very good ya reckon!
  10. mattd2308

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Yes, Pat Cummins is proving to be a legitimate leader, as stated in an article in The Age. My son is 14 and plays cricket, of which I had the pleasure of mentoring him in junior cricket, and in senior grade (C grade, my twilight days, now 51, knees don't like it anymore). Just remind him he (Cummins) is grinding it out and being accountable, even though his team has crumbled. I remember when he snagged 6 wickets in South Africa in 2011. Has Kholi's measure to just to add. Loved the reaction of Hazlewood and Starc after he got his 4th wicket, cameras were on them and you could lip read Hazlewood saying "4 for 2" in a jovial manner, of which they all had a chuckle, great footage. Be fantastic if he could get his ton. Matt.
  11. Hi all, Hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas. Anyone have any views on these particular models, as considering going to an integrated as my Parasound gear became ill, bit of a story. Need to drive my Legend Kantu 9's. Filling the void admirably, I must say is my old Denon PMA1500r. Thanks, Matt.
  12. mattd2308

    4K on a budget

    Check out Aldi latest catalogue for Saturday, 15th December, have 50" 4k on sale for $399 !!! Fair chance they'll be popular and be a queue.
  13. mattd2308

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Good to hear Tim Lane again. Damien Fleming adds a good bit of humour, Slater just keeps on talking incessantly, nothing changed there. Been a great start, fielded and bowled very well. Starc's 1st ball of match, 144kph, nice loosener!
  14. mattd2308

    Floorstanders with inbuilt active subs

    Audio Physic is another brand to consider. Pymble Hifi and Sydney Castle Hill Hifi stock them.
  15. A Bridge Too Far.... Had every known actor you could think of from the mid seventies. I was 10 when it came out. Big brothers must have taken me, crikey seems a bit young when I think of it.