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  1. 1. Subs are THE number 1 priority in any home theatre consideration for me. i would get two of the best subs you can get as they will add the most fun factor to any HT experience. You could get away with only one really good one if that's all the budget allows. Movies can have a lot of bass content that normal loudspeakers wont be able to reproduce. I had a couple of 2400 JTR Captivators which were incredible. You will only need moderately good mains, centre and rears with the subs doing all the heavy lifting for both movies and music. If you can build your own this would save a lot of money in this area. You need to spend a fair bit to get a sub that can do the job otherwise. I imported my Captivators at a cost of about $3k each so probably a bit too steep. If i were going to do the same again i would get one jtr orbit shifter which would be about $5k by the time it lands here. Otherwise something from svs would suit the budget and could probably afford two for around $2k if buying secondhand. 2. A good separate power amp and preamp is what I would recommend that can give the dynamics needed to light up the action on screen. I had a cary cinema 11a and an elektra power amplifier. probably a better preamp around now but that combo was awesome. Great for music too. The power amp wont date but the preamp features will. That combo would set you back around $2k. I would look for 5.1 or 7.1 and keep it simple to start. Otherwise an avr will do it all but may tapout when pushed. Hdmi output is all you need to get the best out of bluray so an older preamp would do the job. Emotiva umc 200 is another to consider and can be had for a couple hundred dollars. 3. Speakers. Get five or seven. I had both and didn't notice much difference between five or seven. go for something small but make sure they're matched. Should be able to get something for around $1k. With dual subs you wont need big floorstanding mains so save your money here would be my advice but get something good. Not sure what to recommend but ive had klipsch and have always liked them. The kg series which are older but never fail. Others might have better suggestions on this. 4. Bluray player sony bdp 370 at less than 50 bucks is great. there you have it in order of importance. Good luck. adam
  2. is the Cambridge dac magic an option? Pre outs?
  3. I'd be happy to forgo sub for now so burton looks good. Locally made too which is a plus. Timekeeper amp could make the Bryson redundant but will depend on price I guess.
  4. Okay after reading your review roger that I will give chrome cast a go. On the hunt for a preamp dad now. Cheers. adam
  5. Thanks again everybody for the great info here.
  6. Okay after reading some reviews about chrome cast I'm not sold on the idea. Sounds like audio dropout is a real issue. As somebody else suggested I'm going to keep the bryston as it's such a sweet sounding amp. So how do you use spotify if chrome cast isn't in the chain? Is spotify connect the only option? I would still be looking at around $1000 but would using a device which supports spotify connect and has preouts be the best way?
  7. So have I got this right? Cheap Streamer (Chromecast) DAC (Audiolab,Cambridge DAC Magic any others? NAD?). I would even get a very cheap DAC and a more expensive one just to see the difference. What's a good really cheap DAC? Integrated (looking at Cambridge but would consider others looking at around 100 Watts per channel minimum into 8ohms. I love the Bryston but it's 50W limit isn't enough for me even with my efficient Klipsch speakers). That's all I will need.
  8. Reckon I'm leaning toward the integrated and DAC. The Cambridge looks pretty good and a DAC streamer, maybe the Audiolab? Thanks for the suggestions.
  9. Okay great. I will keep my eye out. I have already got a Bryston 2B LP amplifier but no sub option and not sure if it could work in my system anyway (unless I go a passive sub which means I would need a preamp). Will be putting this up for sale I think and put proceeds of sale towards next purchase. Lovely amp though....
  10. I'm thinking dedicated two channel.Yes like NAD products.
  11. Thanks for the replies here plenty to think about. Blybo what would you suggest for an amp, dac and chromecast audio streamer? Would more than likely all be second hand to get better value for money. I had a separates setup in the past with elektra and cary components (multichannel). I understand that my budget wont get me that now.
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