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  1. Hi Chris. Unfortunately not so I can't say other than everyone says they are excellent. So much so I've ordered the parts for the Clonenote kit - another DIY project to keep me busy
  2. As the DAC will have a high output voltage it’s more of an issue of interfacing to the power amp as mentioned in the posts above. I’ve tried passives and actives over the years and have settled on a TVC as the best for me. I’ve got a grid choke input and it matched to the TVC better than others for me - bass is not an issue. I’ve transformer coupling at every stage and for me it works. The problem i guess is that active pre’s have a lot of topologies to drive power amps whereas passives are pretty limited to resistors or transformer. resistors can be a cheap experiment before spending a lot of money. Ladders have been the best for resistors. If possible I would try friends actives against a resistive pre and see what you think. It would be handy if a mate has a TVC To try as well but they tend to be expensive to DIY compared to resitors/pots. if you’re in the SE suburbs I’m more than happy for you to plug my TVC in to see what you think. cheers Steve
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