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  1. Thanks for the lengthy reply and the reminder about SWWLTBO I will pick up an ipod dock and appropriate cables to plug it into the new amp...if she reminds me. I'm actually awaiting the final piece of my starter hifi to arrive. I picked up a Cambridge Audio Azur a340 amp for around $200 second hand, which seems to work very well. I've been using some Bose noise cancelling headphones and it just sounds superb. After doing a failr amount of listing in castle hill and also eastwood hifi (Dural) I ultimately noticed a pair of speakers that my friend had which I hadn't really looked into: Boston Acoustics A26 and I thought they sounded great. Very nice bass but without a compromise in clarity. Seemed suited to rock music. He had a much better amp but I did some searching and ultimately picked some up from a shop in Melbourne (Elite something if I recall). I did try the locals in West Ryde (again cant remember the name) but they had no stock and they werent very helpful about availability and price discussions. Came to $340 delivered, so all within the initial budget. I'll evaluate whether I need a sub woofer in due course, and then potentially a cartridge upgrade and a better slip mat.Not sure where to begin on those though. Assuming the speakers arrive in the next day or so, then I'm all set for the impending Led Zeppelin and Mars Volta vinyl reissues.
  2. sorry, i don't quite follow. So there would be no difference using Australian Q Acoustic 2020i's (e.g.) or American Q Acoustic 2020i's through an Australian sourced Amp?
  3. any reason why the speakers cant be sourced from the US? (non powered ones) will there be any issues with compatibility? Amps would obviously have different voltage.
  4. OK, this appears to have moved from the introductions bit to another bit so I'll add where I am with my search. My key intention is to start fairly basic and then ultimately build up, assuming I can get some clandestine purchases pushed through under the family radar. I have a new turntable and I am now looking at getting the remaining components, and I'm looking to any members of the forum to provide some guidance, or relay experiences, with any of these pieces of kit and if at all possible, throw in some options. Turntable: DONE - project carbon debut (with OM10 and not the 2M cartridge, as appears to be the case on all new Australian versions) $450 in castle hill hifi, just supporting the bricks and mortar stores. Pre-Amp: DONE - Rega (unsure of model, though its brand new with USB output too) $150, again castle hill hifi. Amplifier: My initial research has led me down a ridiculous rabbit hole of choices, avenues, dead ends, decisions and general bewilderment! I'm probably really looking at around $350 or so for the initial one, and if it takes I'd ultimately upgrade. I'd provisionally narrowed this down to the Cambridge Audio Azur A340a (second hand presumably) or maybe a Marantz 5004, Rotel RA04 are there any others that people might recommend? Help!! And another curve ball: My wife has expressed an interest in the ability to just put the radio on, or plug in her ipod. We currently stream things through the home theatre, and it involves a number of steps to get going. Can this functionality be incorporated into an amplifier, or do I have to break the bad news to her, that she must wait a bit longer. Speakers: if the sheer volume of amps isn't overwhelming enough, then speakers are like its bigger brother. There's simply a phenomenal range of options even at my current price point (which again is around $300-350). Again, I think have narrowed it down to a range of 'thumb-in-the-air guesswork' contenders, which are as follows: Wharfedale diamond 9.1 (if i can find some), Cambridge Audio S30, Q acoustics 2020i, Dali Zensor 1 (perhaps, though probably a bit much), Usher s520, Mordaunt-Short Avant 902 Do I need a subwoofer? So in conclusion: I'm after amp and speaker sets for initially no more than $600-700, or so, that will play well together, and will do some justice to Led Zeppelin on the new turntable. Happy to buy second hand or new. They will be in a the dining room (probably about 2.5m x 4m) for the time-being, until I can secure myself a study with a chesterfield sofa and some red wine.
  5. Spurred on by the impending Led Zeppelin box set releases, I have decided that a new turntable and hifi is required. Initial internet research tells me its a big big world of components out there and I'm hoping to get some guidance! I've just bought the Project Carbon Debut and a Rega pre-amp, now Im hunting for the rest... edit: and a typo on my first thread title. off to a great start
  6. I'm pretty sure that if they took out everything that was not gameplay related it would fit on to a 1.4mb floppy disc: cut scene - move across a room - cut scene - turn around - cut scene - think about pressing a button - cut scene - actually press the button - MASSIVE cut scene - open door - cut scene you get my drift!
  7. i recently ordered Silent Hill and TR2 from Amazon.de Shipping was awesome but neither of the discs contained any extras. The menu items were Pause/Scenes/Setup - but both allow english 5.1 (though when you select this they automatically put on the german subtitles - no dramas though) I might be up for another order, I will have a look and see if there's anything
  8. apparently not: No plans for BD Drive for 360
  9. I think that just means that you can no longer buy it, it should hopefully still ship. Having said that I wouldnt be surprised if someone has snapped up all the copies for resale. Seems to be the way at the moment.
  10. No planet earth but they ahve lots of heroes, BSG, mummy returns, waterworld, big lebowski, out of sight, riddick, van helsing, holiday, miami vice, etc etc etc all the usual warner and universal titles basically (not going to type them out) they have run out of shelf space and have set up a new table specifically for the purpose. Their original statement about price matching JB Hifi has turned out to be pants. They are generally 12.97 114.97 or the ones you already have for 9.97. Enjoy. I'm spent.
  11. Funny topic. Nice to know I am not alone. I had a morning where I thought 'should I jump ship or should I take advantage' - I already had an HD 360 drive and about 8 discs. It was the 360 drive at 45 dollars that did it for me. Then it was the JB clearout - 24 discs On line ordering - 32 discs EZY DVD - 15 discs so far with more to follow. and how many have I watched so far.....one. They are in a rather impressive tower arrangement in my lounge but have yet to be watched! I know they will, but at the moment watching them is secondary to hunting out all of the bargain discs. it can cause confusion though because I ended up with Under Siege and Dreamgirls in one transaction. I had to pull out, regroup, collect my thoughts, amend my tactics and begin again - lest the same mistake happen twice.
  12. assuming the 360 HD add on would still work with the hardware, that would solve my "where do i get a dual player" issue
  13. Did you order any additional DVDs or just the one? They are shipping from overseas and it would have said the shipping amount before you hit the submit button
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